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Found 3 results

  1. So, I've set a new challenge for myself. Starting today, I will (attempt) achieve at least one solid rank up on my PS4 profile per day and document it here. I'll do so until I reach rank 113 and unlock weapon swapping. As of this post, I'm at rank 77. Ranks to go: 36 This means roughly 36 days. Meaning July 5th will be the last day I do this and actually get the unlock level. Hey, by then, they might have some of those glitch patches out, right? And maybe, just maybe, an alteration to the weapon swap unlock rank.
  2. I really hope with the weapon swap we get additional weapons along the way and are not limited to what is already available. How cool would it be to play homage to part 7 by shredding down doors, windows, and counselor faces with a Weed whacker! Or smashing a guitar into the head of a Chad like in part 8. Other ideas like a syringe, chainsaw, and flaming machete (Freddy vs Jason homage) have came across my mind as well. There may have been another thread about this already that I couldn't find, so if that's the case I apologize. What do you guys think? Think about your favorite kills and let's hear some of your weapon/kill ideas!
  3. With the release of exclusive weapon kill packs I assume a weapon swap feature is never returning. Why is this though? Wouldn't it add more variety if every Jason could use every weapon? Is it fair that kills are locked behind SJ just because you can't equip a pitchfork? We see part 3 using a pitchfork here as well as a pickaxe. Part 2 is even using a spear. This was obviously a feature at one point. Why was this scrapped when it creates more possibilities for interesting matches? This is a real missed oppurintity imo. I was hoping at some point it would return but with paid weapon exclusive kills it's looking like a pipe dream.
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