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Found 5 results

  1. With the whole thing about Part 7 needing a buff,an idea came to my mind,how about a game mode that focus more on the water aspect of some of the Jasons. Here s the idea,let say the game mode is called - Aquatic Rumble - ,basically you have a map consisting of mostly water with a bunch of small islands with one in the middle and the others scathered around. There will be like 2 or 3 boats that need to be repaired,but the parts are scattered all over the small islands,so you will need to swim from one island to the other if you want to bring those back to the boats. Of course,any Jasons with faster water travel will go very well with this mode. This would be a tense but also fun game mode to play,what do you guys think ?
  2. Hey all, I just wrote a lengthy article on ideas/suggestions for improving the game's variety and longevity (can be found here). I'll sum up one idea from it here though: allow the male counselors to imitate young Jason. Female sweaters can steal the sweater (which is great) but the guys can't do much but die and hope they become Tommy Jarvis. By placing one pair of scissors on each map in a random drawer, male counselors can help stun/kill Jason. First, a male counselor must find the scissors. Second, they must find a bathroom/mirror. Third, they must remake their appearance (maybe using a button prompt mini-game like car repair). After all this is done, they've got a one-time shot to paralyze Jason. The scissors will also function like a pocket knife if Jason grabs you, although this does remove them from the game. Anyway, those are my thoughts - wasn't sure if someone else already had the idea (apologies if you did). My article contains other ideas like a Kane Hodder costume skin, a water-dominant level, and more low to mid-tier weapon variety. Hope you can check it out!
  3. Hello, This bug goes along with the issue I reported early regarding the boat. There seems to be a problem with the drowning animation. As Jason when I attempt to drown the councelor the animation starts, the councelor appears to get pulled over, but suddenly is on the shore of the lake and is still alive. This bug occurred on Crystal Lake, near both boat spawns. Pacanack Lodge near the boat spawn closest to Pacanack Lodge near the exist where the police can spawn. Glitches occurred after the councelor was pulled from the boat, and when a Councelor was grabbed when being near the boat, got stuck in Jason's grib and had to be freed by walking into the water.
  4. Water exploit It's a shitty move just to stand there the whole game, hope this get fixed in an upcoming patch!
  5. So looking back on the beta so... so many months ago. I fondly remember the water kill, I love how it's so quick and powerful and a devastating instant kill to anyone ..."lucky"...? enough to experience Jason's loving embrace. But I did find a little bit lacking, I'm not sure if it will be improved on release but here were a couple thoughts I'd had on the subject. 1. Glub Glub! So, aside from a gasp as Jason ambushes you, there is little else to the kill. Being the dramatic psycho our lovable killer is, maybe add a bit more sound to the kill! Like a gurgled scream from under the water, like Sondra's kill from VII that slowly fades before the 'You Have Died' marker comes up. 2. Blood in the Water: Speaking of going with the show, for some a simple drown and you're out thing might be a little too un-showy. Maybe make a second kill option to slaughter your victim under the water. You still go down as you did before, but this time make the water darken in blood. 3. Don't Rock the Boat: This one I'm coming at because we haven't really seen much in way of how Jason would get his victims escaping by boat. In the short, we could see Deborah get grabbed out of the boat, but she's all by herself. Now, is this like driving where the other person then needs to grab the motor and motor? What happens when there's more than one person in the boat? Maybe have it so Jason can bop the boat to try and knock the counselors out all at once, then they have to decide if they want to swim for shore or turn the boat over and try to escape again while Jason's swimming around them like a hungry shark. 4. Such a Cut-Up! This one could work on either side; maybe a way to defend yourself against Jason is by sacrificing your escape speed and timing it so you hit him with the propeller; it could stun him for a few seconds like the pocket knife and give you a chance to continue the escape. Now something like that I think should only be usable once per boat, but still. On the other hand, maybe the boat's motor could serve as a kill too. Like Jason dragging someone off the boat will have a chance to shove that person into the motor, maybe disabling the boat? 5. All Ashore... Now I know it's been discussed that Jason wouldn't have time to drag bodies around the map, but unless he leaves by morph, maybe he could at least drag his drowned victim to the shore. (If he Morphs out the body could just wash up on shore) but it would definitely get the scare factor in to have a face frozen in drowning lying on the shore when people are trying to sneak around Jason. So what do you guys think? Good ideas? Bad ideas? What would improve these ones for ya?
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