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Found 2 results

  1. So I was talking to some of my twitch stream buddies that play this game religiously, I asked them how they liked "Salt Mines" idea. Some loved the idea but most hated it, saying that they don't like to wait around after they have been killed by Jason and feel like its punishing them by making them wait. Mind you I don't agree with that, I LOVE the salt mines idea and think it will only make the game better. However, that got my to thinking about how to make the game better while players are waiting "post-death", me and my brother had a pretty good discussion on some of the things that could be implemented, sort of an action-reaction conversation. For instance I made the suggestion that players could move around objects while they were dead kinda like TITT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) but it was quickly shot down by my bro with the obvious "well griefers would just use it to cheat and exploit to win matches", which I agreed was true. Another suggestion I made was to have the players move around as ghosts in the world post-death, the ghosts could pick up items the other players have dropped and give them to players that were still alive, my brother immediately shot that down when he also suggested that if those same ghost players just wanted to be dicks they could just hold on to the items they picked up for the rest of the game to give the living players a disadvantage. In short I kinda ran out of ideas to throw at him but it gave me the excellent idea to post this in the forums to see if YOU had some ideas that might be good. TLDR: Can you think of anything that might give post-death players something to do while waiting for the game to end?
  2. First of all, I have to admit I love the concept of this game! But c´mon it´s not just the servers or the lack of content here. To be honest, it´s the overall package which makes you feel you just bought an Ubi Soft title. But don´t forget, at least they do look good! Yes, I am disappointed (for now) and it is always pretty difficult to recover after you left such a first impression imho. Pressure to publish... Indie studio whatsoever... I have to get back to the point where I just wonder why is it even possible to release such unfinished business?! Seriously it´s only possible in the video gaming industry. If you are providing a game which is not exactly content rich (only 1 game mode, where worst case you just sit and wait for 15 to 20min / 3maps and the same start/ending cutscene all over) at least you gotta make sure that the product works flawlessly. Specially when you put on such a price tag to it. So whats the excuse right now? With that kind of price tag on it, you have to be aware that ppl judge you due to that approach and that's just fair. I hoped that the devs (in general) learned from the 'no mans lie' incident but here is no lesson learned. For me it comes all down to the film reference when you go to the movies and half the background is still green screen and they say, it will all be fine when the DVD comes out in a couple of months. It doesn´t work like this and I am just fed up with this behavior. So far, in these rare moments when I finally got connected to the servers I experienced after waiting an average of 10 minutes to join a game, frustrating disconnects (specially when you play as Jason), annoying glitches and game breaking bugs (PS4). For my taste it is too little and left the impression of 'not delivered'! I will keep on playing and hope for the best, cause the basic idea had the potential to be a masterpiece, but I felt that needed to be said. So now the companies got our money, obviously more than expected because that was the official reason why servers are down, so show us what you can do with it! I am not hatin' and I am not angry. I am just very disappointed (for now).
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