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Found 4 results

  1. Didn't see a topic for this when I searched, but I think this game would be waaaayyyy scarier in first person and even more so in VR. The virtual cabin 2.0 gave a small glimpse of what it would be like and it was lit AF. Thoughts on this?
  2. So, I'm about to get a PlaystationVR and I was wondering what games should I get? I don't want to get the games as a decision for myself, and I wanted a community to help me, so I chose this community. Leave game ideas below. -Panda
  3. When I start F13 from steam, it also boots up steamvr. If I close steamvr F13 also closes :-S Anyone else bothered by this bug?
  4. 1 WEATHER - It would be scury to have stormy weather with lightning!!! Maybe lightning even striking jason back to life? Snow! Fog! AND MORE!!! 2 DIFFERENT MAPS - the cruise ship from chapter 8 (fixing a life boat instead of car), space ship (fixing escape pod), VOORHEES MANSION MAYBE? 3 ITEMS - lots and lots of items to make a game go OOF!!! MORE THINGS TO ATTACK JASON WITH - electrocution, fire, hand gun, and more!!!! Wearing Pamela's blue sweater to control Jason. Wearing the necklace from the remake to confuse Jason. 4 MORE GAME MODES: COPS LOOKING FOR JASON LIKE PART 6 - See if the cops can take jason out before he takes them out! The dagger from jason goes to hell - find it and stab jason to make demons grab him and send him to hell!!! Swat team from Jason Goes to Hell. ETC. 5 LAST MAN STANDING - In every friday the 13th movie, the last person manages to have a furious battle with Jason. Let's bring that into the game! The last man standing can get more weapons and items for a more intense final match! 6 MAKING LOVE - to increase health and stamina but, at the same time, Jason can since this! 7 JUMP SCARES - make the game 10x scary with horrifying jump scares (with the jump scare sound bits): Example: Maybe dead bodies falling from the trees, cats jumping out, etc. 8 MELEE - I know that it's impossible to take on Jason but it may have its benefits: helping your friends escape, distracting Jason, etc. I know it will probably be like that guy in chapter 8 on the rooftop but dang it, sometimes I just want to stop running and punch Jason in the face or kick him in the nuts! Could be a good laugh or could be a good sacrifice. P.S I'm surprised that you can't get 'kissy with other campers' Jason can smell that from a mile away! Also, WHERE IS THE SONG, "THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK"? by alice cooper.
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