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Found 6 results

  1. https://findingmontauk.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/jason_dancer1.gifDoes anyone want to see this in the game as an emote
  2. Hello Everyone! I made this topic, because I am curious to know if other people agree with me on this one. Vanessa is (In my opinion) considered to be the best character, when I don't play with a proper team. I can just sprint with her as Jason follows me, her stamina barely runs out when sprinting. The big houses are good to avoid Jason for a few seconds to regain stamina and then repeat the same step, whenever Jason is chasing me. I'd only run with her, if Jason was shifting or if a window is near by me. I just find slower characters to struggle living for 8 mintues staight on their own, as Jason is chasing them.
  3. Let's use this thread to vote on and discuss what we believe to be the top issues with the game. Hopefully the addition of a poll can give the devs/mods and Gun a clear indication of what it is the community sees as the biggest issues that need to be addressed. I've added a few choices of Top Issues to vote on for the time being. Please feel free to nominate other issues for consideration. If a few people agree, we'll add it to the poll. Please also discuss/explain what you voted for. Hopefully mods/devs can pop in and let us know which issues they are / aren't aware of or can ask for clarification on the issues we're seeing as players. I'll get the ball rolling with Jason's Grab / Hit Detection. I think this has had a greater negative effect on the game than anything else...I think it has compounded and exposed several other issues. But it's the reason why I'm just not having fun with the game right now. You spend time getting into a good lobby (server issues), finally get a round as Jason (balance issues), and then you don't have a good time playing as Jason because so much of the game is buggy or the host quits (server issue, Jason's grab/hit detection, bugs/glitches), and then you get trolled by people in dancing in Halloween costumes (why are they still around?).
  4. Hello all. It would be amazing if Friday the 13th could have a new additional game mode called "Realism" or "Hardcore" mode where Jason is a very scary threat and surviving as counselor's is a satisfying challenge. It's been something my group of friends and I want so bad for this game, and it would be the one mode we would never get tired of playing! We don't like how frustrating and clunky it feels playing as Jason now, while also being a little too common to survive and escape with counselors. This mode would be absolutely loved and incredible for the more hardcore players! New Realism / Hardcore Mode: (New Game Mode for F13) Minimap for players on the bottom right is disabled Any perks equipped to counselors are disabled and not active. You will not be able to tell who is dead or not when pulling up the player scoreboard (death screams in game will still be heard) Pulling up the map will not update what objectives have been complete or are currently in progress. Counselors can no longer check their map to find the location of Repair Parts that have been dropped. Music sound queue for Jason is disabled until you (or someone) spot him or see him in your sights / screen visual radius Fog will shift in and out during certain areas making surroundings slightly more ambiguous. The closest power generator to the phone now needs to be ON or repaired in addition to the phone box in order to call the police. When counselors "stumble", they now lose 10% of their stamina. Counselors can no longer escape the main road exits with the car when driving in REVERSE, and must turn around and go forward with the car to successfully escape. The car now permanently breaks and cannot be used after FIVE times of Jason smashing the car. Throwing Knives by Jason can now head shot counselors which will put them instantly in a crippled state Throwing Knives by Jason are now unblockable and cannot be blocked by a counselor that is in combat stance guarding. Please vote if you agree there should be a more challenging mode to play with friends and other like minded players!
  5. So I've noticed that despite this games faults the biggest thing that ruins the game is trolls and cheaters. I apreciate all the work that has been put into this game and honest even with the goofy glitchest this game is original and awesome.....atleast until people come and ruin it....but I have a solution....Vote kick and or public rooms. Now i realize that this is mainly a console issue as im sure pc has this already via steam. This really doesn't take much explanation if you added a vote kick we could systematic remove these people ruining the game. Also I don't know why games all of a sudden rely on match making...what ever happen to public hosting? Then you could just give the host the power to kick and it's done. This is the most simple and easy way to eliminate these issues with exploiting and people who just want to troll people or team up. Thank you for your hard work.
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