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Found 4 results

  1. I figured it was better to ask now before the forum was archived; what exactly was the deal with the Japanese voices? I thought it was for an actual dub, but no other languages seemed to have received such a treatment and the very few times I've seen Japanese gameplay, the English voices were used in-game. My best guess is that a proper dub was planned and scrapped pretty late in development, as every character currently in the game has been dubbed. Here's a comparison of a line from Kenny and Jenny in both languages. Edit: I forgot to mention that even the single player cutscenes have dubs as well. As well as the scrapped emote voice lines. Kenny EN & JP.mp3 Jenny EN& JP.mp3
  2. Hello, I'm Richie, and I do silly voices when I stream Friday the 13th. Mostly I do Shaggy or Kermit. if I am Jason I can easily be bribed to let you go with Scooby snacks (Drop your items.) As Kermit, I always say "Hi-oh!" to my victims upon meeting them. And if I happen to be Joker... run. There is no saving you. If you don't mind being on a stream, have a good mic, and don't get so loud that it will make headphone users ears bleed. You're welcome to join me for some games. Or you can just watch me on Twitch. That's fine too. I play on PS4. My PSN is NatsuPodcaster.
  3. The car: Drives too slowly now Jason can grab you from the front of the car, even if you're running towards the back Sometimes after exiting the car, your counselor will not be able to use weapons or items If Jason places a trap in front of the car and you step in it, the same button used to get out of the trap is the same as to enter the car; God forbid you step into the car with the trap on and then be forced out of the car just to finish getting out of the trap - or become glitched into the car permanently with the trap attached to you. (Should make the button to access the car door disappear or have the counselor only be able to interact with the trap, once set off) Gains acceleration and easily veers off into random objects with the slightest lag spike Will crash into invisible trees Traps (counselor placed): Now disappear if disarmed (why?!) Some traps now spawn in already activated Jason: Still can't break down a door without encountering problems Part 7 Jason needs a revamp - It's ludicrous to give him Sense as a strength and then give him shift and can't run as a weakness. What's the point of being able to see people more but not be able to catch them?! Morph is horrible, it should send Jason where Jason wants to go, not 30 feet away Counselors: Voices are off - you will often hear them portray each other's voices when screaming, yelling, or dying. This also affects Tommy Jarvis Skills Check/Repair Wheel: Occasionally when the 2-seater spawns at Stillwater on Higging Haven Small, the Skills Check for the gas will push the counselor back once started and do so multiple times, basically until you get lucky and it allows you to finish Allows counselors to back out of the wheel repeatedly, until a 'good' one is found. (Not really complaining because I do this all the time, but it's kind of nerfy for Jason. It'd be more challenging if when you back out of the wheel it alerts Jason as a failed attempt; as technically that's what it was) Items: Too. Many. Shotguns. (mainly on small maps) Too. Many. Pocketknives. (mainly on small maps) Not enough items spawn on the Jarvis House map, for how big it is. (Literally checked a whole section before on that map... only found melee weapons and one health spray; at the start of the round) Windows: Still are a safe-haven for counselors - Jason should be able to grab a counselor out of the animation Exploits: On the Jarvis House map, there is a glitch in the water near the bridge on it's left side at Fire Branch that makes counselors invincible to Jason. The counselors are standing/swimming, it's similar to the old rock glitch on Higgins Haven These are just what I feel should be fixed or altered
  4. I'm sure this may be something that will be corrected in the future, I keep wondering if a few of the voice lines were simply placeholders for the beta, but one line that kind of makes me wonder if it could be improved. When working on the car in particular when filling the gas, more often than not they say either "Thank god it actually fit" or "I hope I'm doing this right" Now, every time I heard that I laughed, gas is an essential part but having it actually fit or be incorrectly installed in an empty gas tank I always found those lines to be better suited toward installing the battery than putting the gas in. I mean gas is simple A to B, anyone who has worked a gas pump before should know how to put it in. Maybe have them say things like "There. Gas is in." or simply "Got it." or "Filled up" when putting the gas in. Another idea would be to add in lines when they've made a mistake on the mini games: For gas: "Oops! Spilled some..." "I hope that'll come out in the wash" For the battery: "Oh, that's the ground" "Shit! Almost electrocuted myself there." For the phone: "Oh fuck! I hope he didn't hear that!" "Oops!" Maybe thoughts on individual characters like Deborah fixes the phone line maybe she can say "Easy peasy" or Tiffany could say "I hate fixing stuff" more akin to their personality types.
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