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Found 11 results

  1. My mic is plugged into the controller and is on but every time I try to speak, no one can hear me. The sound button is greyed out when I speak. I tried unplugging and replugging my headset and rebooting my Xbox but it still doesn't seem to change. Any tips?
  2. Play as Jason is always fun but hearing Pamelas voice can get played out. there should be an option to turn her voice off who else agrees?
  3. Fixing The Voice Bug F13 Devs, I don't know if this is a bug or if you didn't get enough voice clips. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about. When I'm playing as Jenny and she screams because she see's Jason, I don't wanna hear AJ's or any of the other girl's voices in the game. I want to hear Jenny's voice When I'm playing as Jason and I'm killing Adam, I don't wanna hear Chad's or any of the other guy's voices in the game. I want to hear Adam's voice. When a counselor screams or is getting killed I only want to hear their voices. Please find a way to fix this by the April Update Devs. Thanks for listening to feedback. BTW: If you guys want any bugs fixed that you haven't mentioned I recommend reporting them now so they get patched in the April Update. - Deku Scrub
  4. Hey everyone! It's ghost here again with another challenge. For this challenge you must hold down your mike fore the entire round. You don't have to hold it down with your thumb and can instead just tape it down, but it must be on the entire time. For a bonus, whenever you hear Jason's music, scream bloody murder. Post your vid links in the comments below so I can watch you suffer, and goodbye!
  5. So, this is something that's bugged me for a while now: what's the deal with the counselor voices? All the girls have unique voices, but all the dudes except Chad are using Kenny's voice! I bought the virtual cabin, so I KNOW FOR A FACT that there are supposed to be unique voices for everyone. Why haven't the devs fixed this? Actually, why haven't they ACKNOWLEDGED it?! I'd get if they released a statement saying that it's not their top priority, and that they're focused on gameplay issues, but I just want to know that they are aware of the problem. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  6. Is using a voice changer fun for everyone? Do you like being chased by a Jason who sounds dark? Do you like using one yourself? It seems fun to me.
  7. Hello My problem is, when im recording sometimes i cant hear the voice on the video of 1 of my friends. Ps audio sharing settings are all marked :/ Greets
  8. I am an Xbox One player, and not once have I been able to speak in game chat. I can hear everyone else fine, but my mic symbol doesn't even light up when I speak. I have tried everything that I could possibly think of: I am definitely in game chat, and my voice does work in party chat and in all other games I only have one headset (Skullcandy), but I have tried two pairs of headphones with mics as well (also both Skullcandy, so if the problem is "on my end" then using Skullcandy mics is the only think I think it could be, although it still would a problem with the game). I have also tried a different controller I have tried setting the "Output Voice in World" option to both yes and no, neither work (although I heard that that option has nothing to do with speaking anyway) I have quit and restarted the game multiple times, as well as hard resetting my Xbox As a last resort, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and that didn't work either I was patient with it throughout the week because I saw a thread in which PS4 players were having the same problem and it seemed to be fixed by a patch. So my hope was that the Xbox patch would fix it, but unfortunately it did not. Thanks for any help!
  9. Anyone know of a way to record in game voices on xbox, other players voices only come though headset and will not come though tv so can not record them the normal way, please help
  10. I think this thing should be removed. I don't think in any movie Jason was talking with a Mickey Mouse voice or a 12 years old kid raging and making weird sounds... This thing kills all the creepy feelings..
  11. I'm sure this may be something that will be corrected in the future, I keep wondering if a few of the voice lines were simply placeholders for the beta, but one line that kind of makes me wonder if it could be improved. When working on the car in particular when filling the gas, more often than not they say either "Thank god it actually fit" or "I hope I'm doing this right" Now, every time I heard that I laughed, gas is an essential part but having it actually fit or be incorrectly installed in an empty gas tank I always found those lines to be better suited toward installing the battery than putting the gas in. I mean gas is simple A to B, anyone who has worked a gas pump before should know how to put it in. Maybe have them say things like "There. Gas is in." or simply "Got it." or "Filled up" when putting the gas in. Another idea would be to add in lines when they've made a mistake on the mini games: For gas: "Oops! Spilled some..." "I hope that'll come out in the wash" For the battery: "Oh, that's the ground" "Shit! Almost electrocuted myself there." For the phone: "Oh fuck! I hope he didn't hear that!" "Oops!" Maybe thoughts on individual characters like Deborah fixes the phone line maybe she can say "Easy peasy" or Tiffany could say "I hate fixing stuff" more akin to their personality types.
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