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Found 16 results

  1. I sometimes like to enter the Virtual Cabin and just look at the Jason models, but there is one thing I wish I could do, and that is remove Jason’s mask. You could just go up to the Jason and press a button on your controller/keyboard and the mask disappears, press the same button and the mask comes back. Now you would not be able to do this on Uber Jason or boy Jason. Reasons being that boy Jason doesn’t have a mask, and the Uber Jason face was never officially revealed even though it was leaked.
  2. Did a search,didn't see anything that had the answers i was looking for.I thought i heard there were secrets to find in the virtual cabin mode...i don't think i found any at all,except the hilarious phone call heard on the walkie-talkie i clicked on it.Other than that,i like it as a museum for Friday The 13th lore,but not liking any of the puzzle-solving/look for secrets stuff that's hidden in there,not really looking for that sort of experiance with this game.I would like a shelf where you could pick up the dvd cases of the movies and read them for the descriptions of the movies,and it's main cast and some movie photos.Maybe a movie poster gallery?Thanks for your time.
  3. I put Spoilers in the title for a reason,if you want to find things on your own dont click on the link,you have been warned... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbiwrn30PIY How to complete the virtual cabin 2.0 steps by steps,by the guys at Slash'N'Cast.
  4. I heard about the Virtual Cabin update, I uninstalled it about 6 months ago, right after the game launched. I found the secret ending where you die at the hands of Jason. I just didn't see the reason to keep it installed. I just recently re-installed it but it continues to launch in offline mode and it looks identical to the original virtual cabin. I checked some Youtube videos out and the new cabin is completely different in design with a second floor and a computer you can interact with. I'm not sure what's going on... the cabin won't update itself to the new version even after a fresh install. I've tried restarting steam and verifying the integrity of the files but nothing. How do you access the Virtual Cabin 2.0?
  5. https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame You can see more Jasons in the new Jason room. Counselors chilling in the new cabin. Better than nothing...
  6. So it's November the 12th when I'm posting this topic and still no virtual cabin 2.0. I don't really care about the secrets ( even though I will still be looking for them ) that much but I really just want to look at the counselor, Jason, and item models on console. Hopefully the virtual cabin 2.0 will be in the next update.
  7. So with single player hopefully being released very soon, I want to discuss the Virtual Cabin 2.0, but more specifically the first Virtual Cabin. Even though I backed the game, I was an Xbox One player so I wouldn't have been able to experience the Virtual Cabin. I thought It would be amazing to bring the Virtual Cabin to consoles along with the 2.0 and challenges. I reached out to Friday the 13th: The Game's Facebook account, and I asked them about considering it before posting here. My message was seen as it had a notification saying that, but no response as of yet, hopefully that means they at considering it. What are your thoughts?
  8. Hey Everyone, Will there be new Achievements/Trophies as the game grows? Also, what's the deal with the badge for completing the Virtual Cabin? The bottom of the award screen says "This badge will transfer over to the main game". I haven't seen this badge anywhere in the main game. By the way, I'm Virtual Cabin Badge Number 154
  9. Upon seeing the new content map released by Friday the 13th's social media iI was wondering whether the "Virtual Cabin 2.0" would be appearing on console as well as PC or just PC? Anybody have any insight?
  10. I know that there are other more important things going on with the actual game. I was just curious if there would be any more updates or if the Cabin is considered finished. I read about the new Jason and there is obviously no room currently in the showcase room in the cabin for more Jason models. So, it doesn't seem likely, but I really enjoyed it and hope there might be a few more updates somewhere down the road.
  11. The virtual cabin has been permanently offline for months now. Has there been any word from the devs on if they're ever gonna bring it back online?
  12. damn i really hoped the virtual cabin would have been on the console versions as an extra..... maybe with a future update?!
  13. hi the my suggestions wloud be more maps, more ways to escape!, more counseler skins more jason skins and maybe give everybody the virtual cabin in the menu to look at there trophies to view kills and maybe put a tv there to play the nes friday the 13th game that wloud be a blast. (yes i am aware licensing but hey doesn't hurt to try) also i wloud like a bot mode and of course looking forward to the singleplayer.
  14. So like probably about everyone here, I'd gotten the Virtual Cabin and just loved it completely. I remember reading something about the cabin causing Gun to close down its server connections for some reason, but I am fuzzy on the details. Will we ever see another update for it? As it stands, the Halloween decorations are still hanging there dating the poor thing, so I wonder will we get any new updates on it, or is it dead in the water permanently? I didn't see a topic on it posted in the game forum so I figured I would ask
  15. I was a backer of the steel case on kickstarter. I haven't really been keeping up to date with the progress/comments so I'm just learning about this virtual cabin. Am I missing something or is this a $15 tech demo that we are being asked to buy? Curious why this isn't free for early backers. This seems like the technical alpha before they release the beta so why are they charging for this? Wouldn't the bugreporting in it be valuable free QA testing for them? Or what am I missing here? Is it selling well?
  16. Hey guys, I Ordered the Virtual Cabin and I still haven't received it. The page says to wait 2-8 hours and its way past that. Can you help please? Thanks
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