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Found 3 results

  1. So I was thinking today of how awesome it would be to somehow do a Freddy vs Jason scenario with Friday the 13th: The Game, and it dawned on me. The basic premise of the game will remain the same. Camp counselors trying to survive, except instead of just fighting off Jason, they have to fight off Freddy, too. The scenario would work like this: Opening cinematic would be of a girl counselor sleeping, having a nightmare of Freddy, and in the dream she grabs him, and wakes up with him in her bed, he kills her, and all other nearby counselors run. Cut to Jason, who can have an opening scene similar to one he already has. Now for the gameplay. Basic scenario for camp counselors remains the same. Jason's mechanics should remain the same, with the exception that he can be killed by Freddy based on an amount of damage dealt. Now for Freddy, he should have a certain kill formula akin to what Jason has when against camp counselors. For example, for a camp counselor to kill Freddy they must first knock off his hat, a specific counselor (Nancy) has to be in play, and they have to kill him with a certain weapon. Jason can of course kill Freddy by dealing massive damage. Now here's the good part. Since it is Freddy VS Jason, there has to be some competition between the two. The competition is whichever killer gets the most kills wins. I know this is probably never gonna happen, but at least I can dream, and at least I can share my ideas with you. Thank you for creating a very fun game, and I look forward to what all you will do with it in the future. Thank you for your time.
  2. Freddy Krueger has been announced as a new Killer in Dead by Daylight, and with Micheal Myers and Leatherface also in the game it’s getting harder and harder not to compare these two titles. The horror movie icons have moved out of film and into our video games, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. So It’s a simple question, which game do you prefer and why? Also open to honest discussions as to why either game is better than the other or why you prefer one over the other. Lastly, what could either game learn from the other? In my opinion, DbD has the balance issue down. Whereas F13 keeps messing up the game balance with every update. Yet, F13 at times seems a lot more fun to play and has more to do when you’re playing as a counselor. You can actually fight back against Jason if you know what you’re doing. In DbD you really don’t stand a chance against the Killer once they have you. The community is the biggest difference here in my opinion. F13 is filled to the brim with trolls and other toxic players, DbD has a pretty good system set up to discourage and eliminate that kind of behavior.
  3. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees Vs Michael Myers RapBattle

    Who won this rap battle??