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Found 3 results

  1. I thought it might be nice to have a receptacle for useless suggestions. @JPops, @DamonD7, @Kodiak feel free to merge worthy topics into this thread, or if a similar one already exists by all mean merge this one into that, or move this, or delete it, or ignore it...whichever. I'll kick things off on the topic: I think the counselors should make digestive noises. Hear me out. While hiding, rather than asking themselves if Jason heard them, their stomach could gurgle, announcing their presence. Belching could be added as one of the new emotes. This could also be a defensive measure. When out in the open and fearful, a counselor could rip a wet fart, leaving behind a cloudy heat signature that could confuse Jason's sense ability, and even stun him if he walks into it. I decided to channel my inner 11-year-old for this.
  2. I find blocking to be useless. I have a better chance running or getting a swing out. This goes for both Jason and counselor. Anyone else feel the same?
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