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Found 28 results

  1. Here is the most recent response to being asked about dedicated servers, paranoia mode, the next patch, single player challenges etc...
  2. While we wait for the next patch, i have been contemplating what the next patch will bring. Will it be just a bug and balance patch or will it be a mix of bug/balance and new content? Either way i don't have high expectations considering the track record that has been set. As i have mentioned before i am honestly expecting to have a repeat of what happened with an expected patch in Nov to be told at last minute that we will not be getting one until Dec. I can honestly see us getting an announcement on Jan 30th or Jan 31st telling us there will be no patch for Jan (Real good timely notice) and will have to wait until Feb. I have been thinking as to what else could possibly get worse for Jason with the next patch? Since Randy said on his stream that Jason is just fine and counselors have gotten better leads me to believe that it is just going to get worse for ole J. So i am gonna list some things i think could be implemented to tip the power even more in the corner of the counselors and castrate Jason even more. 1. Longer cool downs for all Jason's abilities 2. Jason can no longer grab counselors but counselors can now throw pocket knives at jason which stun him for 5-7 secs (don't worry guys, it was a glitch. we will fix it "soon") 3. Jason cannot place traps around any repair items such as the car, boat or fuse box 4. Counselors can de-mask Jason in 1 hit no matter with what. )Yes even a pot) 5. Jason's sense ability can only sense counselors within a 3 foot radius 6. If Jason goes to slash a counselor near a cabin/car/tree and it hits those objects Jason is stuck for 10 secs in an animation where he has to dislodge the weapon from the object 7. Stalk stops working after 2 uses. I know these are outlandish and extreme but hey, going by the dev's attitude and the track record of Jason's nerfs anything is possible. what would you add to this list
  3. Curious to see when everyone thinks the next patch will drop and when they will tell us about it. I think that either on Jan 30th or 31st we will have a post update telling us there will not be an update this month and maybe some vague information about stuff but that is about it. i honestly think the next patch won't arrive until mid to late Feb. I think the sp challenges demo might show up with the next patch but most likely will get delayed, and we won't hear anything about dedicated servers either. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the next update was solely a balance/bug fix patch and no new content will be included with it. I think we will see new content either in march or latest April. What do you all think?
  4. So you can't play offline on pc, because each time I try playing against bots without internet connection the game gives me a fatal error, in any configuration, and, in any map... I tried restarting the game and playing it with Steam set to offline mode, same error, I tried unplugging my ethernet cable, same error. The only way I could play against bots truly OFFLINE was by starting an offline bot game mode with internet, and then unplugging the ethernet cable.
  5. I just realised that its coming today. Will someone come back here about it? I don't own the game, and due to personal reasons I never will. I do have a board game of this and I am looking for useful info on consuelors (srry spelling). I heard that there is some kind of computer that gives you info. Would someone be kind enough to give me some info about that and what info it gives? And what else is in the update?
  6. So I've spoken to a fair number of players who want things like town maps, hospitals, police stations, more indoors areas etc. Well I think a small town map (think part 6) would be perfect after a pinehurst map! I decided to draw out an example (it's really basic I'm in no way an artistic person). It shows the sort of layout these maps could have to maintain the gameplay we already have. For the purpose of Jason's shack and making car escape difficult I included a small forest area, but in reality about 70% of the map would be town focused. You venture into the forest area to gain items from the 1 or 2 cabins or to repair the car which then requires passing the narrow forest roads onto the town roads to then proceed to escape (Makes the car escape less easy).All the buildings i.e hospital/police station would be about the size of packanack or jarvis house and maybe one could be three stories as the main hub. But it would really add some variety to the game and some new objectives could be added to escape with them in mind! So here's a basic drawing of my map idea... Don't judge my drawing skills again
  7. Hello developers. When we can expect update for xbox one x? Thank you.
  8. Tonight I saw Jason die 2 times in one night, including a case where the counselors were hunting down a fleeing Jason. Have a look: Not exactly like the movies, is it? How am I supposed to be fear Jason when he is this weak? Another Jason saw me with the sweater and ran! The counselors are now over powered and Jason must be reverted, both grab and traps, or he must otherwise be made more powerful to bring the correct balance back to the game.
  9. Sooo whenever we received the, Friday, October the 13th Update, wasn’t everyone supposed to get the Bloody Jason skins??? Or am I wrong??? I’ve been backing the since Kickstarter, basically the beginning, where it all began, but anywho, just a question, do us backers get the Bloody Jason skins??? I thought everyone was getting the skins, or do I gotta buy a Disk Copy of the game, get the code for the skins, download the codes, and take back the game to get half my money back??? The skins shouldn’t be only for the people who just bought the physical copy of the game released on Friday October the 13th whenever us backers who originally preordered the game day one shouldn’t have to wait, I preordered the Physical Machete Steelbook Edition REV 2, and won’t receive that til next week due to shipping issues or something like that said in the email Randy Greenback sent us, but I feel like the skins should be an update similar to the Retro Jason update. I don’t think that I want and have to wait another full week to receive the skins, if the skins are in there with my copy, whenever there free now. That being said I just feel like all us backers should receive these skins now instead of waiting for our physical copies since we don’t have ours.
  10. Hi ! I'm a french Youtuber and I must Say that I'm totally disapointed about that update coming out from nowhere on Thursday the 13th. De prepared a short Movie to announce a giant live stream for the update happening on Friday The 13th and so on. Finally my hype is gone. That very big day will just become as others. Welcome to Thursday the 12th. A disapointed fan.
  11. Will they really make out the "Jarvis House map", "Jason Part IV", "New counselors", "New kills" & "New clothing" before HALLOWEEN ????? You honestly believe that ?
  12. So, is the virtual cabin part of the single player update that we all already paid for? I bought this game on backer kit, and distinctly remember single player being part of what I bought. It is of course a free update, right? RIGHT???
  13. just had to chase tommy around a cabin for 5 mins he used a broken window like 5 times...
  14. It's out on PS4 U.S. I'm so excited
  15. Just went to fire up the game and there is an update for Xbox! Wonder what it is? Downloading it now.
  16. I know that there are other more important things going on with the actual game. I was just curious if there would be any more updates or if the Cabin is considered finished. I read about the new Jason and there is obviously no room currently in the showcase room in the cabin for more Jason models. So, it doesn't seem likely, but I really enjoyed it and hope there might be a few more updates somewhere down the road.
  17. So the last update as fun as it was new maps it was a bit lacklustre it was only smaller versions of the maps but this update could be everything gun media has announced a new Jason,hard copy,bloody Jason,new map,2 new counsellors new counsellors clothin options,emotes,new kills, new clothing pack I don't care if gun media delays the update to make it a huge one because it would be awesome and who knows maybe update after that we get single player please gun media amaze us with this update -lego
  18. To those who have problems. Btw this also had an effect on PS4 systems in my house, not just the game. After the patch was installed my internet went wonky. The consoles were refusing to hold connection. To fix the problem we turned the consoles off and did a hard reset of our modem. Now everything is back to good. Try it and see if that helps.
  19. I'm loving the new update. The new smaller maps are great and am thankful for some bugs and exploits getting fixed. i also like the way team killing was handled. So great job all around! I have four minor things to suggest and mention: - Suggestion: Options for "Random-Small maps" and "Random normal maps" alongside the Random option for all maps. Right now I'm assuming the Random option is a catch all and will cycle all 6 maps but sometimes you're in different moods for one type or another only. -Suggestion: A timer displayed during Private games. Unless I have been missing something, as far back as I can remember there is only a timer displayed in Public and not Private matches. -Suggestion: Move the "Welcome message" back down near the menu where it used to be. The placement looks awkward now and covers the nice Jason model on the main menu. -Bug: While in a Private game and playing as a counselor I entered Jason's shack and my character stumbled back when she saw Jason's Mother like she usually does but there was not the typical music or crash that occurs when she sees it. Instead, it just went silent. It should be noted that Jason's music was softly playing, as he was somewhat near. Thanks and nice job again on the new update. Looking forward to many fun matches with the new maps and fixes in place.
  20. You can not join or create team ! You can not search party ! We lost all of our badges ! I have the feeling to be back to the launch of the game !!!!! I continue ????? !!!!!!! @GunMedia_Ben
  21. We lost our badges !!!!! Badges that we took a lot of time to do!
  22. Well, discord again. I assume he wasn't supposed to give out that info but I'm glad to hear it'll be coming just around the corner. Unless it's not held up in cert. Edit: just saw the time that was posted. It does seem fishy to me.
  23. Hey campers, on our YouTube channel we've been making faux update videos for games, so far including Rust and PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. We thought this week we'd have a crack at Friday The 13th. Hope you enjoy.
  24. Im big fan of the game im level 43 and i read why we not getting update bc if failed microsoft aproved but are we going be able fix game for xbox one? Also we be able do double xp this week? If you cant get work for xbox one mybe us xbox one users can get pre order jason skin at least that dlc works at the moment.