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Found 4 results

  1. With the release of the Roy update, came a de-buff to the amount of pocket knives available per match. (3 or 4 if Tommy Spawns.) This nerf effectively created a more balanced game, (based on the majority of the communities perspective on the balance) which caused more Jasons to quit complaining over the imbalance that the counselors have the edge in the game. Now you may be wondering, why did I bring this up? Because my point is that there shouldn't be a reason for Jason to start going merry-go-round with their Meat Cleaver or Axe. Even though the update fixed balancing with too many pocket knives, there are still Jasons who still use their blades to hack people to death. I understand that one of the reasons why Weapon Strength might be a thing is because sometimes Jason can get teamed up by literally everyone and get constantly bullied and stunned over and over, but it isn't fair when I get chased by Jason as Deborah for 7 minutes straight, and I'm at a state where I'm out of stamina thanks because he can have the ability to run, except, I have 1 out of the 3 knives total in the map, and he can reward himself with a very easy kill. It's really not fair and balanced from the view of a counselor. Let's also mention the fact that if you go through a broken window once and get hit by their weapon, you will instantly be in the limping state, same applies to getting hit by a throwing knife and going through a broken window. To solve this problem, just simply remove weapon strength but give him a weapon strength buff when 3 or more counselors are within 6 meters of each other and nearby Jason. This criterial buff will apply to ALL Jasons in the game. This solves the problem with the easy unfair rewarding kill potential that Part 3 and 4 Jason's can receive and the counselor's ability to harass Jason. -Qcici
  2. When jason is inside a house he can use shift and he will dissapear and shows up just in front of the counselor, thats a bit unfair because counselors have a weak stamina, they barely can run and jason can teleport everywhere very easy HE IS NOT SLENDERMAN he is Jason, he cant dissapear when he is inside a house, its better if you see him walking to you and there is more suspense. Also when you let the doors open and Jason uses shift ability for get inside fast it would be an invisible wall for him in the door frame. Thanks for reading. Offtopic: the shift + grab should be removed by making a cooldown for grab when he finishes the shift ability, and that would happen with all his abilities, cooldowns for all skills when he finish one of them.
  3. A Jason in combat stance completely negating all of my bat swings, flares, beartraps and other offensive + defensive items is extremely annoying. He shouldn't be able to completely stop flares from stunning him but perhaps shortens the length of the stun same for other attacks on him.
  4. Hi devs, I strongly suggest that you get rid of Jason. He's way too strong and everyone I've spoken to agree. It's like he's this unkillable killing machine. How is it fair that we can't kill Jason with one swing of an axe? And his shift grab... I mean come on. It's totally unfair that he can shift and grab me when I'm doing my best to run in a straight line. I mean, I wait for the VHS effect and then make a straight shot to the woods and BAM! Grabbed. So OP. Just take Jason out of the game so me and the rest of the counselors can fix the car and escape every match. Everyone keeps telling me to zig zag when Jason shifts but PFFFFT... ain't no one got time for that. I have keys to look for. Jason shouldn't be killing off most of the counselors. Everyone always escapes in the movies. Please go and rewatch them so you can learns. Thank you.
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