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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is meant to gather all suggestions for improvements that are not related to gameplay balance issues. This thread is for small tweaks and minor suggestions that Gun Media have probably already considered. Do not post big ideas, highly conceptual fantasies, or anything that would require lots of work to get changed. That means DO NOT talk about the following here: Shift grabbing Grab reach Instakills Perk changes Complaints about how one side is more balanced than the other Ideas for new weapons, props, items, or anything Weather effects (This is expensive to make work with indoors/outdoors, character clothing, footsteps, etc. It would be amazing but this falls under the fantasy category and is not appropriate for this thread.) Changing Jason VHS effects or showing Jason which trap has been sprung on minimap. DON'T post stuff like this; it directly affects balance. I'll start with a list of examples of what we can talk about here. These are things I've noticed other threads about, but this thread will gather them all in one place. I'll try to edit this post to keep it updated with reasonable requests. Let us type to each other after we die - text chat is pretty important to online games. Doom 2016 has a major problem with its lack of text chat and its multiplayer community. Let us change our perks after we die (if this won't overload the perk servers). There is never enough time to change perks in the lobby since making the start timer only 30 seconds. Change Tommy so he only says "I've gotta get out of here" when he is the last one alive - not as soon as he shows up. Consider a very small penalty for those who leave immediately or before they die. Many players do this when they aren't given Jason, and having fewer counselors makes the game harder for the rest. We don't need to ban them for half an hour or something ridiculous, but if they can't join a game for 1 minute afterwards they will probably stop. Or it could escalate with more games they leave in a row. 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 being the very maximum, and resetting to 0 as soon as they play til they die. This does not penalize somebody who has something come up or who quits a toxic game. Make it so the window kill breaks the window even if its open - it's kind of strange to see blood spatter the windowsill when a dead body flies through an open window. Fix what currently happens when somebody ragequits mid-kill by Jason Rotate which Jasons are shown on the main menu. Let us rotate through fixed angles of all the dead counselors The camp cameras are all but useless Increase the angles from which Jason can grab throwing knives or change how the button displays. The button will sometimes display but it won't work unless you stand to the left of them. Can we change the car radio station too? E has us step out of the car, but maybe holding E... (Hey! that's just like the portable radio) Alternate end scenes - people have proposed showing counselors huddling under police sirens when the majority escape. Or having Jason silhouetted in the background as an empty canoe drifts by would be neat. Mother's head and voice is getting tiresome. We definitely need one for when Jason is killed. Let us randomize our kill choices with Jason! If we leave a choice blank, it should randomly select a new kill every game (or even better, every kill). Same for perks and clothing 6/11/17 Stats on scoreboard at the end of the round - time escaped, XP earned per player 6/11/17 Post game MVP vote for 200 XP 6/11/17 Stop having counselors say "Is that a dead body?" If they witness a kill
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