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Found 10 results

  1. Would the the sequel and final chapter trophies carry over from the downloaded copy the physical copy of the game? I know once the physical copy is popped in, it brings up a new list of trophies separately from the downloaded version. Or would i have to start 0-1000 games as Jason over again? Curious.
  2. Have a friend who only recently bought the game and confirmed; he'd never played a match as Jason and I had him go into an Offline Bot match and when it ended he did pop the trophy for "First Blood" (Kill 1 counselor), but not "It's Friday the 13th" (Play 1 multiplayer match as Jason), so Offline Bot matches will definitely not contribute to the 500/1000 matches needed as Jason to pop the two trophies.
  3. My friend and I did try to get the 1000 matches with Jason trophy. We definitifly did do over 1000 rounds but he still dosen't have the trophy. So does someone know if some have problems with it?
  4. Finally got the PhD in Murder trophy on PS4! That's all, just wanted to share/brag I suppose. Carry on now!
  5. I'd really like either an answer from the Devs or a link to where they may have addressed this directly. A LOT of people talking about this one but so far all I've found is conjecture. So far there have been many throwing in their two cents on why this trophy is (thus far) unobtainable, and I'd really like an answer from the Devs because there's too much misinformation out there. Some say there's an obscure Environmental/Context kill that hasn't been discovered yet, or that there's one that's glitched and yet to be patched. Some say it's related/required as part of the "Torpedo" badge that was fixed in a previous patch. Some people also ran around telling everyone how to get the "Teddy Protector" trophy that was never even achievable on the PS4, many people have been spreading misinformation regarding Pamela Voorhees tapes and many were spreading rumors that Pamela Voorhees was to be a playable character after a recent patch. Like I said, too much conjecture or plain old misinformation out there, I'd like to hear from the Devs themselves about this trophy. I've maxed out almost all my badges and this is one of the last trophies I need to platinum the game.
  6. The trophy "A Ph.D in Murder" is still glitched on PS4. Are the Devs not bothering to fix this? This is a known issue, even FT13 twitter has confirmed they know about it. The trophy works on Steam. Xbox wise, the Devs said it was fixed in the last update but there are still 0 achievers. @GunMedia_Ben
  7. Gameplay - I believe that the "Face Off" silver trophy is glitched. I have knocked off Jason's mask many times. I have earned the gold star "Enforcer" badge for having knocked off Jason's mask, and yet the silver trophy has not activated. I cannot say for certain how many times I have knocked off his mask, as once receiving a gold badge, there is no longer a tally. Since getting the gold badge, I have continued to try to get the trophy, but I haven't had success. Thank you for your help. I am playing on PS4. PSN ID: Puncheron.
  8. Since there is so many kills and executions, I think a checklist on the menu should be available to keep track of which executions you have completed and which ones you need to do. I thought I had a decent amount done but was unaware of how many environmental kills there really is, I'm at 3% complete lol it will take forever and is impossible to track yourself
  9. On PS4, when you select your trophies, the game's title in the list has a typo. The title reads as "Friday the 13: The Game" instead of the proper "Friday the 13th: The Game." The title is missing the "th" after the date!
  10. Hey Guys, I was looking at the Trophy List on PS4 and noticed that we have a trophy called "Cooking With Jason Vorhees". This is a very, very, very, little nitpick of me, but why is his last name spelled wrong? I know one of the pledge tiers on Kickstarter was Design a Trophy/Achievement, so if a fan designed it, I can understand the misspelling, a little bit. I think it should be spelled correctly whether it was a Fan Trophy/Achievement or not. Unless that person specifically requested it spelled that way, since people constantly spell his name wrong like that. Almost like an inside joke among the community. Okay, that's my two cents. I think I'm gonna change my name to Roy Borns. It's only fitting that I do.
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