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Found 13 results

  1. Hello! I saw in a reddit forum, that devs can look up the number of kills/matches we've completed, if we provide our PSN by messaging through the game website, so here goes: My PSN is NotZach02 and my brothers is maxcap31. Kill #'s and Jason/Counselor Match #'s would be greatly appreciated for the both of us. Been grinding for weeks, man. I'm not sure if bot kills are counting towards the 666/1313 kills trophies either. Every day I tell myself "I'm close! I can feel it!" then nothing. Thx in advance!
  2. There are four trophies/achievements, that are a bit insane to achieve. Camp counselor, Head counselor, The Sequel, The Final Chapter - requirements for these four trophies are needs to be nerfed ASAP! 500-1000 matches are a huge/impossible numbers, especially with Jason! The game won't be live as long as they can be achieved! I think 50-100 the numbers would be nice enough for these trophies. Please devs change the requirements for these trophies! I sepaking the name of many many gamers. Thanks.
  3. I have a problem with two trophies. I just killed all 7 teenagers + Tommy as Jason but the trophies for that would not pop up. At the end of the round it was also showed 8/8. Not all players stayed in the lobby until the end. Is that the reason ? Many thanks for the help.
  4. Who wants to help each other in private matches to get most of the easy trophies and every kill? (yes you can get them in private matches) even 2 players are enough!
  5. So I have a question, that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to, I just want to make sure. Anyways, it's in regards to the 1000 matches as Jason and the counselor. I time to time, play on my girlfriends PS4, so I was just wondering, does the match counter just keep going from where I left off? Like if I played 100 matches on my PS4, then I went and played on hers, would that be match 101? I assume it's a yes, since levels and such are saved to the server, but I just wanted to make sure, so I don't have to worry about the Playstation I'm playing on haha! Thanks, any response is appreciated!
  6. So I just recently came back to the game and noticed there are 2 new kills that require very high levels to purchase. My question is, are they needed for PHD??
  7. Not sure if a topic like this was already made (Sorry if it was), but I wanted to know if Killing bots offline count towards the trophy "Kill 1313 Counselers".
  8. Hey Everyone, Will there be new Achievements/Trophies as the game grows? Also, what's the deal with the badge for completing the Virtual Cabin? The bottom of the award screen says "This badge will transfer over to the main game". I haven't seen this badge anywhere in the main game. By the way, I'm Virtual Cabin Badge Number 154
  9. Looking to get a few players to get some trophies today and get a few games in. Gonna be on from now until late. It’s currently 3.50pm in the UK. (I’m in Scotland)
  10. On PS4, the badge that tracks the uses of first aid sprays on yourself is allocating the uses towards the Public Health badge (use a first aid spray on a fellow counselor) instead of the one used for healing yourself. Therefore the trophy to get 100 heals on yourself is impossible to obtain.
  11. On ps4 and xbox you cannot get the trophy. It doesn't keep your progress. Please patch.
  12. I've been playing a lot of Battlefront and I'm at 71% for trophies. I need three online and the rest are offline so I'm going to take a run at it. Anyone get the Platinum? Any tips for the Survival and Battle offline missions?
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