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Found 19 results

  1. so i watched FoldingEnd's video on Labeling players as trash or garbage. And I agree what he said in this video. Has the toxicity gone too far for the f13th community in general? It makes me laugh that some players, rather it be Jason or a counselor player still call others Trash, Garbage, Trash bags, etc. With all the hate that's going on, its driving some players experienced or casual away causing them to not play the game anymore. People need to calm down and have fun, not make other players online experience miserable.
  2. Id like to hear some of your finest revenge stories against trolls and cheaters! Heres some of mine! 1. I managed to slam the car into the side of packanack hard enough to kill a cheater who stuck himself under the house. Felt amazing, after he spent 10 minutes spamming the N-Word. 2. In my first ever experience with a roof glitcher, I managed to use the Jason rage glitch to get him on the roof, satisfying as I slammed my spear into his head.. 3.I somehow once managed to run over about 5 trolls. They were all teaming and doing stupid shit like holding items, stealing cars, and other things. Jason was their friend and they all were shouting slurs and shit at me. Funny enough as they were running down a road, I managed to knock every single one of them under my tires, before I picked up the other (good) person in the lobby and escaped, all happening before jasons eyes, as im guessing she didn't have a morph ready. Felt amazing.
  3. Much of this game, I actually like. Glitches and all. Sometimes the glitches simply have me ROFLOL. However, I thought it would be cool to make a thread about what YOU would do if you created the game. What things would YOU do to make the game better? For me, I would NOT allow duplicate counselors. This would make Jason much harder to kill (gang-up kill) and for people to accomplish the objectives. Having 4 LaChappas to put cars, boats, fuses etc together is clearly problematic. Add a "Prestige Mode" - Some players are simply losers. They spend all their time in life getting to 150 rank then start team killing with the car or teaming with Jasons. This is a total dick move. It's not even trolling it's just you being an asshole. A Prestige Mode would reset all of your stats and unlocks and give you a badge for going through the process again. You would have to go through earning badges and everything all over again. As a reward, reach 150 again and get a different award to go prestige again. Maybe even award a Savini Jason for Going Prestige X amount of times. Only allow 1 Savini Jason in a Lobby - This should be a no-brainer. Truly randomize fuse house, Tommy's radio and other item placements. I think many of these things can be done without issues with the lawsuit too. They'd really be "tweaks" and not additions to the game. What kind of changes would you make to the game if YOU were the developer?
  4. Sometimes people team up with Jason or make a deal with him. Now that we can't physically kill each other any more people instead kill you with the cars just for fun. It should be when people hit someone with the car the car should break down like it would when you hit Jason with it. It's not just me getting tired of it, it's a lot of people getting tired of these trolls that have no life. Thank you for reading
  5. As an avid Friday fan, I am beginning to lose hope. I have played F13 for about two months now, and at first - saw a game thats everything Ive always wanted. Seriously, its an amazing concept, and almost all of it was incredibly well put together. Yes, there are some minor bugs and things occasionally float, but its safe to say that has happened in every game and does not ruin a game, at least not for me. I can deal with small things like that. What I can't deal with though, is why there is currently no Host transfer protocol if the host leaves. And why there is no report function in game. I dont know what it is about this game, but you dont have to read far in the forums to hear similar complaints to mine - this game has attracted some of the worst the gaming community has to offer. Trolls. And Im not just talking about the backstabbing idiots that follow you around opening doors that you lock, or the counselors that work with Jason to kill everyone else, or getting run over by a team mate. (Which should have a FAR greater negative repercussion than it does. There is literally no reason for them NOT to, 200- exp? seriously? they make that up in the same game) No, Im talking about trolls that are even worse than that. Ill use todays experience as example. Early afternoon, log on, excited for a free night of gaming. Game #1 Get spawned as jason, kill 3 counselors - one of which was host. Host leaves, game destroyed. Game #2 Host leaves before game even loads in. Game #3 Okay, lets try that again. Things are going well - get spawned next to keys, gas & the car. Its a miracle! Now all we need is the battery. After searching a few minutes, I spot the battery on my map. As I'm running to it, a team member picks it up first. Does he run to the car? Nah, he runs the opposite direction to the corner of the map and logs off, destroying the battery. Okay, well - I guess I'm not getting away in the car. Time to call the cops. Get cops on their way and 10 seconds til they arrive, guess what happens. The host leaves! Game #4 This time, I get disconnected with a generic message. Who knows if the host left, or if it was just another random server issue. Game 5# Spawn in, have bad luck finding anything of much use, decide to run to jasons cabin and make a break for the sweater. Get there & discover he is afk. People slowly leave the match out of boredom, I run the clock down and finally finish a single match. An hour. It took me an hour to complete ONE MATCH. Now I get that bad luck happens some days, but this is bordering on absurd. After the last game, I was so frustrated and disheartened at finding a legitimate match I quit for the night and am now on something different. It boggles my mind to think that so many things were done perfectly in this game; yet there is no report player feature, there is no host transfer protocol. Until you fix these issues, your game is destined for dust.
  6. I like that they tried with the last update to make Tommy more heroic but there’s still many Tommy players that just screw around waiting the timer out while all the other players are either killed/already escaped. I’m suggesting that if Tommy is the last player left, the match automatically ends. He has no purpose if there’s no counselors to save and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been in a match spectating where Tommy ignores the cops and just hides or messes with Jason for 10+ minutes. What do you guys think?
  7. I read on here on a daily basis that there is a problem with this game and it's the new trap nerf or grab nerf. These new aspects of the game do make it more challenging but it is not the real issue. I read posts of people saying how easy it is to kite Jason and they will spend "x" amount of time running away and dodging him and so on. How do you all not see that you are the issue? I understand there are going to be games where you have a subpar Jason because you are a good counselor and it makes for bad play, but how is your solution to make the match take a full 20 minutes trolling him? Do you just want to prove that there is an issue? Yes, there is an issue and it's that it is only that persons 5th or less time being Jason or even that someone was so used to the old stuff that they haven't played Jason enough to adapt yet and they are used to their old strategy. Kiting Jason and trolling and doing dance emotes and mocking Jason does not make you cool and is annoying to watch. You aren't proving anything. Just escape if you're SO good and lets get a new Jason and maybe they will be better. I played multiple matches last night where I would escape super quick because the Jason was a level 5 or 3 legitimately never having played before and then you have counselors level 80+ trolling him. Dodging, smacking him with a wrench and dancing on him with emotes... The cops are called, I'm sitting next to you in the car honking telling you to get in so we can end the round and they just sit there. I run across too many players like this when I play. If you ask me, it's not the recent patch or all the things people complain about on here that would ever make me stop playing(I'll always try to adapt and be better) but instead it's these toxic people that will eventually make me, other long term players, and even newcomers stop playing.
  8. These are some counselors I have came across in this game, what about you guys?
  9. I literally just got out of a game where a person had all 4 people in the 4 seater. Just started casually driving around the map, "claiming that they are distracting Jason". They then Run over anyone else they see and then they also run anyone over who gets out of the car. It was pretty dumb. Not only did I repair that car fully, i didnt even get the escape bonus. I come back as Tommy just to get ran over again. People should still be able to get banned for doing that. It isnt right, and it isnt fun.
  10. Suggestion for the cars; once someone has unlocked the car, the other player can enter the passenger seat because it's ridiculous (yet hilarious) the amount of the times people will just drive off or stop up ahead and beep like they are gonna let you in the car. A lot of the time I've also found they'll eventually let you in and reverse to Jason so he can pull you out. Can we have a quick escape from the car so you don't just await death patiently? The chases around tables boy, do these get tedious. Can Jason have the ability to flip tables or something please? Or have throwing knifes do considerable damage because this again, after an X amount of time waiting for a game, to then have the host quit eventually get into a game is rubbish. Then, if you either do finally grab them it's either a pocket knife to the neck or they quit. I don't know all the answers nor am I claiming to but I would like to see the community work together on a punishment system for those who help Jason. Is there a video post section of the forums? I'll check but it would be good to be able to post videos of cheaters and trolls to name and shame them. Again, just ideas. Thoughts?
  11. As you know, Team kill was completely removed from public matches in the recent update, you may thing this is a good thing for you and a bad thing for trolls, but in reality it is a good thing for trolls, now you will not be able to stop them! My solution is here: If someone kills a counselor he becomes a traitor for the entire team, he will be marked as a red dot in the map so the other counselors have the option to kill him and take revenge. This will give the player who killed him some extra XP. On the other hand for the teamkiller (traitor) he will lose all his XP just like before. What do you think?
  12. So F13th has been RAPIDLY dying due to the long months of neglection, but we finaly got a patch of awesome stuff! Yet what does it matter. They completely ruined their game due to the neglecto f adding a PROMISED REPORT system. And instead removed Team killing. Now leaving trolling to FLURISH like never before. I got into the game after patch, and 7 troll games later, i'm putting the nail in the coffin. 7 games, 7 trolls. They hold essencial stuff, and they do nothing with it, or team with jason and troll, or just run around with it and letting jason kill you. As much as i want to love this game, the dev's denial on fixing issues and simply putting half cared denials in to fix it has completely messed up the game balance. The Tking allowed for random fun moments too, a big charm of the game just died and now the trolls are ROLLING in. I love this game, but given it took 4 months or so to do a single patch, i really doubt i'll last another two months of denial and trolls destrying the game : /
  13. Of all the issues this game has, Jasons mobility, hitboxes, crashing... quitters however from the beginning, because people aren't jason, is one of the biggest, most obnoxious of them all. I love this game to death. Played it for days on end. I cannot stop. But during that time I've seen a lot of problems that aren't bugs or exploits. Devs. Please make a ban system where if people quit from the start, give them a ban for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Multiplying depending on frequency. Does it sound rough, some might think? No. Its really not. And I'll explain why. It is, as we all know, extremely difficult to win with few players versus an experienced jason player. Every player lost makes it harder. Losing 2-3 players from the beginning causes some teams to directly leave the whole match immediately. Losing 1-2 demoralizes everyone. We all know it. Jason knows it. Fewer players to search, help, assist, and a much smaller search pattern for Jason players. All of which make playing this game more frustrating than fun. I've noticed over the 66 hours I've put into this that this is becoming far more frequent now. There is roughly a 75-80 % chance that every single time you launch a match, 1-2 players will quit if they are not Jason. Every single match.... We need a system that punishes these players that sabotage the teams efficiency with their selfishness and lack of care. Please consider this. This is a team-based game. It falls apart entirely if people dont care and just quit. Some players will suggest a Jason queue mode. Yes, that could work too, but if that would be too long for some players, they would just continue this due to chances might be higher, or otherwise we'd end up with slower matchmaking because everyone wanted to be Jason. Either way, its deeply troublesome. A ban system is the most effective mean to have players respect the way the game works. Especially if its rough. These people dont care about point deduction. They leave the moment they die in games. Leave before becoming Tommy jarvis, which occasionally results in playerless Tommy NPC's that just hang around the map, afk'ing whilst Jason players are scratching their heads, looking at the scoreboard and everyone is dead. This is a huge problem, guys. I've been in 3 games today as I'm writing this, that all fell apart at the very beginning because 3 people left the moment it began, then the rest just followed because we all realized " We are gonna lose and it isn't even gonna be fun trying not to... " Last thing. Friendly-fire... has got to go. Trolls love it, players on voice-chat with jason players are ghosting their teammates and wound them for Jason to get easy kills. And thats without getting into your average guy who you try to tell not to sprint next to you, playing a stealthy character, resulting in him just getting offended and hitting you before jason teleports in your face and chops your head off. It is a colossal mess sometimes, guys. And the point deduction is utterly irrelevant to these players. They dont care about progression. There is literally nothing at all in place to stop trolls, teamkilling, jason partying and ghosting and quitters at the moment. So at least, remove friendly fire. Please do that. That'll at least prevent idiots from trolling you for absolutely no reason. And it sucks even more when you're really trying to play the game the way its meant to be played. Summarization = Friendly fire = needs to be removed. Troll tool. Quitters = We need a ban mechanic punishing those sabotaging matches because they aren't jason. I hope this will be heard and that other players can support this. Because if these issues aren't handled the quick-play multiplayer will become a troll fest and abandoned eventually for the singleplayer and private matches with friends. And that's just sad, guys.
  14. I don't want to sound like a cry baby or anything, but it gets really annoying when one person decides to ruins the fun of f13 by trolling you. When i say trolling i mean using glitches, shooting other conselours, and people who just being obnoxious. It would be nice to have the ablitity to kick other people out of your lobby if you are the host
  15. So I've noticed that despite this games faults the biggest thing that ruins the game is trolls and cheaters. I apreciate all the work that has been put into this game and honest even with the goofy glitchest this game is original and awesome.....atleast until people come and ruin it....but I have a solution....Vote kick and or public rooms. Now i realize that this is mainly a console issue as im sure pc has this already via steam. This really doesn't take much explanation if you added a vote kick we could systematic remove these people ruining the game. Also I don't know why games all of a sudden rely on match making...what ever happen to public hosting? Then you could just give the host the power to kick and it's done. This is the most simple and easy way to eliminate these issues with exploiting and people who just want to troll people or team up. Thank you for your hard work.
  16. Hey there everyone, been on the steam discussions and came up with two ideas that might help improve the game. They are pretty raw and perhaps not that well thought out but still here we go... 1 - Usable canoes and oars that can be used on the canoes or weapons. Have usable canoes spawnable in matches. with the oars have them needed to use the canoes but also can be used as a weapon against Jason. I am thinking of them having good range with okay stun power but they break in like one hit thus making them useless for escape so that gives the players a dilemma, either use the oar to fight off a chasing Jason or protect it to use on the canoe. The canoes can be used by one person or two people. if one person is in the boat the speed of said boat is super slow but if two people are in it then the speed is double that. Also the speed could be variable like walking/jogging vs running but just like with running rowing quickly speeds you up but also drains stamina. Even if there are two people in the canoe rowing quickly though they are still considerably slower than the motor boat. True adding canoes would add more opportunities to escape but even if multiple canoes were in the water going for an escape but with their decreased speed and an attentive Jason with his increased speed could easily catch them. So how would Jason know that people are escaping via canoe? well having an moving icon on the map would be too easy for Jason so I am thinking while they are on the shore they show up on his map but once they are on the water those icons disappear. That will clue him in on it while not spoiling their exact location. Once he is in the water though his ability to sense them is tied to the speed they are rowing and their fear level. If they are rowing slow and Jason is outside their area then they can be invisible to him but if he gets close enough to raise their fear or if they are rowing fast (making louder splashing noises) then that will let him find them easier. 2 - An honors system and lobby kick function for hardcore teamkillers Now this one might be pretty controversial. To me there is a difference between normal game friendly (and lore friendly) griefing and straight up trolls. Like take for instance if two players are being chased by Jason and knowing that one or the other he will catch one player hits and wounds the other, thus ensuring the slower person will probably be the victim while he hopefully escapes. Another one is the sort of player that will take a newly fixed car and just drives off leaving everyone else in the dust. Both of these leaves a chance of survival, the injured player could get mercy from Jason or use a knife or fireworks to elude him long enough to heal, if the griefer takes the car then there is still a chance to escape via other means. In both cases that players behavior is lore friendly cause in 80s slashers there is always that slimy character who would push his mother out in front of Jason if that gives him a chance to escape. Then there are sadly those that either with Jason or with another counselor kills every other counselor in the match before leaving the map themselves. While the former can happen in game and not necessarily ruin the game for everyone else this group can and does ruin the enjoyment of the match for the rest of the group. its the idea of the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, the larger group wanting a fun match is more important than the one or two people that are in it "for the lulz". While the former group still allows for enjoyment of most of the others in the match this group sacrifices the enjoyment of everyone for their singular enjoyment. So how could this be curbed? I think that if there is a way for them to track stats then have a system in place to track the amount of team kills in a match, if player X reaches a certain amount of team kills in proportion to the matches they have been in in lets just say one week he or she is temporarily labeled a potential troll. The level should be high enough to excuse those who accidentally team kill or those who occasionally do it but low enough that habitual trolls are flagged. once a player is flagged his or her name will have a notation next to it for that period that says "USERNAME (is a dead f***)", a nice little nod to crispen glover in F13th Part 4. Then when a user like that enters a lobby for a match others in the lobby can vote to kick the user from the lobby or not, if a certain percentage of players don't want a big time troll in their match then out he or she goes from that match. Heck I wouldn't even mind that there be an option for those trolls to be able to choose an option to where if they are having a hard time getting into a match while flagged he or she can choose to go to a flagged lobby just for the trolls so they can play with other players like them. That way they still will be able to play and have their fun but also ensures that the worst of them don't have a chance to make matches for normal users miserable. As I said this could be temporary though so that if the player decides to get some more matches under his or her belt to lower that match to team kill ratio below the limit he or she is no longer flagged and can then go back into normal matches without the others having the option to kick him or her. Thanks for reading and feel free to point out where you might agree or disagree with my ideas.
  17. So in horror movies, when a "survivor" accidentally causes the death of another survivor, what happens? They suddenly lose their composure, fall into an acute depression, and basically freeze in place with regret. How nice would it be to introduce something like that into the game. Wouldn't it add to the realism. Wouldn't it add to the suspense. Wouldn't it be a great way to shut down griefers?
  18. Made this thread so people can pass over ID's to Gun Media to have trolls and cheaters banned from this game. Just post like this below... Platform: PS4 ID: TimaephieLP Reason: Troll who team kills and stops other players from enjoying their game. This player killed a mate of mine for no reason, he shot him with a shotgun when he was trying to run to the police. He then teabagged and acted stupid thinking it was funny. Please ban this ID on the PS4 Gun. It's already bad as it is trying to find a match with matchmaking. Then having to put up with teamkillers and trolls doesn't help with the experience on this game.
  19. aka Jason in the closet... I remember watching a stream where Jason got stuck in a closet by walking towards it as a counselor jumped out. In this instance he was able to morph out, but the ability is limited and takes time to regen so you could get stuck for a while. This got me think of scenarios that might interrupt gameplay. As far as I'm aware the morph isn't pin point accurate and Jason can't shift over objects. So if somebody took a car and parked it in the corner of a building on a diagonal any one in that area would be safe from Jason. Or if they made any sort of blockade on all sides using vehicles and environment. Am I right? Wouldn't this break gameplay? I had an idea about trapping Jason in a house by blocking both doors but he could morph out. So I don't think that's a problem and it's very time consuming. You could just escape easier. I've been trying to think of other scenarios that might break game but haven't thought of any others yet. Do you have any scenarios that could hinder play and what do you think of this one?
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