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Found 9 results

  1. There had been some trolls in the game teaming up with Jason and telling Jason where you are or the counselor blocks you from going into a room or placing bear traps near the windows. You should be able to go right through the counselor when you walk into them or when a counselor is in Jason's personal space for a long time he automatically kills you unless you are running away from him.
  2. I know everyone hates when Jason has helpers ratting out others locations and helping jason with kills so i thought i would share a match i had where you see Jason and his friends cheating and how i get them back.
  3. I love this game, but I absolutely cannot stand when in a game I'm dealing with loud, aggressive, angry trolls. As Jason, having people taunt you and scream laugh into their mic is incredibly jarring and disheartening. I'd almost prefer to just interact with the character's in the game and forget I'm playing with actual people. As a counsellor, I've seen people complain about annoying Jasons ruining immersion by speaking. Now, personally speaking, I enjoy friendly banter...but... ****I AM TALKING SPECIFICALLY ABOUT TOXIC PLAYERS WHO ARE SORE LOSERS/WINNERS AND TROLLS IN GENERAL.***** Please devs, just give us an easy to push Mute all button *IN GAME.* Not before a match... IN-GAME. As a fail-safe. F13 has quickly become my favourite online game, but I just had an evening of fun ruined by one idiot who wouldn't shut up at the end of the night. Please consider this option as an added feature that would ONLY EFFECT YOUR EXPERIENCE OF THE GAME. Meaning, you push *MUTE ALL* and it only mutes all other players for YOUR GAME, not EVERYONE ELSE'S GAME IN THE MATCH.
  4. We need a single player for counselors. I'm too tired of trolling. People helping Jason, others using the car as a murder weapon against other counselors, and the ones that take important escape items and hold them to do nothing with them. I like the game but hate the trolls. Single player for Jason is fine but the counselors need one too.
  5. I for one am so fucking happy they got rid of team killing. However I've heard of other ways people are pissing off other players and I'm getting really sick of trolls trying to ruin everyone's fun. What other ways have you been trolled, and should these trolls be punished for their behavior?
  6. Hey everyone. I've had a couple games in the last few days where every house was thoroughly checked and items like gas, battery, keys, or propeller were not anywhere to be found. Has anyone had experience with trolls possibly hiding these on the map so that people cannot find and use them? It's an interesting dynamic to the game but these parts could simply just be hiding in plain sight.
  7. The name of the player's PSN profile is shown at the very end of the video 1:30 I know there is a patch on the way but I still feelplayers like that should be punished. Entering his PSN profile I saw videos of 'him' trolling other players as well.
  8. With the right perks, Trolling Jason is too easy. For example i can just run around a table and he cant get me, his throwing knifes can be evaded simply by crouching behind a chair. His shift is just a matter of getting him stuck on terrain or a quick turn and to throw in some giggles, stun him when he gets annoyed and doesn't expect it. It's far more fun to get a Jason running around a table than escaping. He also cant trap inside. I have counted 9 rage quits by Jason players. Get a good Jason player and you can still waist his time long enough for everyone else to either escape or to get enough fun out of the troll. I don't even bother trying to escape anymore, it's uneventful in comparison. Councillor Perks can easily out tier Jason's abilities. If you would like proof of just how easy it is i can do a video in ANY game.
  9. Well, during a recent match, I was fortunate enough to spawn as Jason (part 6) and began hunting around. I nabbed one counselor before I suddenly heard a pair of counselors with Mics actively trying to get my attention, namely with both of them saying "hold up a moment. I'll let you kill me if you grab this asshat in that room first." I hesitated for a moment but figured I'd play along. Turned out that the other counselor was actually causing problems via attacking the other counselors, purposefully trapping them, taking parts and not using them, etc while also smack talking them, so two of them decided to sacrifice them themselves in order to get the other guy out of the game. In what could only be called a Benny Hill sequence, jason and 2 counselors were chasing one other counselor around. After a knife and some obstructions, eventually performed the skewer grapple to the griefer, much to the cheering of the witnesses. I was perfectly willing to let the guys run off and re-hide but they insisted that I kill them, so I hung one dude up on a tree and tried to find another environment kill but couldn't find anything. Still, let this be a warning; if you act like a putz, your associates can easily sell you out and will cheer your demise. And if either of those players happen to frequent this forum, the round was a laugh and I so regret I didn't have a mic.