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Found 1 result

  1. COUNSELORS (Teenagers) SHOULD FEAR JASON We all know that our dear Jason has become a barbie no one is afraid of him anymore, nowadays if u are playing as Jason, and in case u are against some experienced players of counselor this is what will happen. 1.Counselors will be provided with an absurd amount of medical kit and stun weapons. 2. Escaping will be a secondary goal to them and Trolling Jason will be the main goal. 3. Jason will be stuned SEVERAL TIMES, over and over again, seconds after the last stun and will continue without stopping. 4. Meanwhile, the counselors will be using the "wonderful new emotes", to dance and troll Jason while he is stunned. 5. In the middle of that, arround all those counselors, if u grab someone, u will be punished with more stuns, if u try to kill someone with M1 they will keep healing themselves over and over again. IT'S NOT FUN ANYMORE PLAYING AS JASON Obviously, there's a chance that u play against less experienced players, who don't have the knowledge of how to turn the game into a hell for Jason, and during those matchs the game is actually balanced, people are worried about running away and not forming a gang to kick jason's ass. My ideas is: 1. Drastically reduce the stamina recovery the longer you are close to Jason 2. It's ridiculous that Jason can be stuneds several times in a row should be a waiting time for two consecutives stuns or more, like 15 - 30 seconds. 3. Emotes should cost a lot of stamina, Emotes should be used for communication or in safe places, NOT AROUND JASON, COME ON! 4. After the police arrive, all pocket knives should become unusable, this would avoid trolling on the road, and i rly think that should be an Skill Check to use pocket knifes the difficulty should be according to your "repair stats", characters like Vanessa they already run a lot, pockets knife shouldn't be good with those fast counselours. 5.The gamen need to be more about "hiding and trying to escape from Jason", than "running in circles around him" One more thing, i would like that one dev play as Jason against the best players here in the forum, just to taste hell for a second ? srry about my engrish :~~ No toxic comments pls, i'm just talking and giving suggestions about my opinions, no one is obliged to agree with me, xoxox ;**
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