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Found 2 results

  1. Many of you dont know me but I have been playing since about two weeks after the initial release. I know I have played with at least a couple of people on this board, and I used to be much more active here awhile back, but life happens sometimes. Anyway, this game has always been special to me, getting me through some really hard patches the last few years, and it still offers me a lot of enjoyment when I hop on and play. From the get go I had wanted to do a song about this game since it meant so much to me, as does the original source material. I finally made that happen and figured I would share it with the community because I know some other people love the game as much or more than I do. This is a thank you to the guys and gals I have played with...to the developers for facing the hardships they face in such matters to even make this thing possible....its almost two years later and I still have no intention on leaving the lake! Gonna post a link to the song on soundcloud and bandcamp. SC: https://soundcloud.com/deadnettles/never-going-to-leave-the-lake BC: https://deadnettles.bandcamp.com/track/never-going-to-leave-the-lake
  2. Hi guys, "Night by Night" is my a tribute song to Friday the 13th Part V and the sound of 1985, of course especially to Pseudo Echo's song "His Eyes". Let's travel back to 1985 together and remember Roy Burns aka "Imposter Jason". Shock Wave 85 is meant to be a project with horror-themed songs in the sound of the mid-1980s with lots of synths and melodies. There's more to come... I hope you like it. NIGHT BY NIGHT Nightfall - now it's getting dark There's a party by the lake A loud scream tears the night apart Like a deadly twist of fate Don't move - don't turn around He's closing in - don't make a sound Night by Night He's got his eyes on you You can't hide his fatal rendezvous Night by Night He's got you in his sight It's too late - cause he is out tonight Night by Night He's got his eyes on you Time to fight because you know it's true Night by Night He's got you in his sight No escape - cause he is out tonight Tonight Close call - running for your life And you slam the cabin door Who will die and who might survive Cause he's coming back for more
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