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Found 6 results

  1. What's your funniest surviving against teamers moments? On Xbox One, For Me, I'm playing on Higgins Small, being Vanessa, finding out a Chad and a part 3 jason were Teaming, I survived the whole game against them and after the game ended, they both left the game after I got on the mic and told them they were trash. The chad player was in party chat telling the jason player where every player was. But he escaped, didn't run over players.
  2. People who play quick play, do you have any videos of you or friends getting revenge and taking down teamers? Share in the comments? Even though I don't do this to anyone else, I had to share this. this match was from last night, finding out two vanessas were teaming in a previous round, so I messaged the jason from this match and he had friends do the same to them. They left after the match ended. Tommy player finds out that Jason and his friends are teaming with me, suicides at 11:04 to avoid death.
  3. What is your immediate reaction when you kill the host player in a non dedicated server game? Playing Jason, this as happened occasionally. Do you laugh it off, move on or message them saying they cant take a L, you trash?
  4. Have you played matches were you're either jason or a counsoler or got called and called others Trash? I've gotten called trash for slashing, getting on the roof as jason killing glitchers, etc.
  5. I've been a victim of this a whole lot and gotten revenge as Jason and counsoler.but honestly what leads to teaming? I personally think it's ruining the game and the fact Gun Media is not banning these people is what is making people pissed? It's making people not play the game anymore.
  6. These are some counselors I have came across in this game, what about you guys?
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