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Found 37 results

  1. As it stands, it's PRETTY obvious when Jason lays down a trap for his victims. Why is a large pile of leaves better than seeing the trap there? It's supposed to be "hidden" under the leaves, but the leaves are quite prominent. Suppose the traps were MUCH more difficult to see -- to where they allllllmossst blended into the ground? I think that would help with immersion. Right now, we're all on the hunt for leaf piles. The counselors in the films wouldn't be. They'd just STEP IN THE TRAP! Of course, there are at least two schools of thought on this: Immersion/Helplessness - Not being able to see the traps Jason lays would make the game a scarier experience, knowing we could get trapped anywhere at any time and have to deal with it as best as we can, just as a counselor would. Making Jason Too OP - many would argue that the balance already leans too far in Jason's favor, and this would only make matters worse and greatly lessen their chances of escape/survival. So, what do you think? Improve (make the change) or Worsen (fine as-is)?
  2. Pranks, fun things to do while waiting to be brutally murdered. These aren't ideas to change the core mechanics of the game, just fun things that could be used to add items and interactions to the world of F13. Not all of them are meant to be pulled on Jason, some are for counselors to do to each other. One in particular might require a lot of work, and could effect balance but maybe it's worth discussing anyway. The Classics - Pranks from the movies, others that everyone knows about from pop culture. The Bucket Prank This prank doesn't hurt the person that it happens to, a bucket or open paint can is suspended over a door so that as it opens the edge of the door tilts the bucket and dumps the contents on the person entering through the doorway. For this prank to work your counselor must collect the paint can or bucket, and the hammer/nails. Then find a cabin and get to work, the first person to walk through the doorway by opening the door gets covered in paint or water, annoying to be sure but not really harmful. If this happens to a counselor and paint was used/added, maybe they would leave marks behind when climbing through windows. I don't think it would be necessary to do that level of work as Jason has sense, and doesn't track by any form of trail. If Jason hacks down the door the prank is spoiled. The Spider Prank This one is lifted straight from a movie, with a Rubber Spider and thread/fishing line a counselor may booby trap a closet. This is just a cheap jump scare, makes the counselor who finds it scream and step back, then they can hide in the closet. Finding the Spider in a drawer could cause a jump scare too (someone else suggested this, but not sure who off the top of my head). Ted's Jason Costume Part two in the camp fire scene, the prankster Ted appears to scare the counselors in training, he's dressed as wild man Jason with a spear. It could be cool if some closets where open and had costumes your counselor could put on by going inside for a few seconds. Not all counselors would be able to wear all costumes, this costume seems appropriate for Chad or Adam IMO. The spear could be used as a weapon but would have very low durability, or break after a single hit, with a very low chance of stun. It would be cool if the first time you approached another counselor or counselors, the Jason music played, making the players believe he is coming for them, the music would end when you see the prankster. The Tow Truck Prank If bots are ever permitted to be summoned into QP or PM, I'd like to see a tow truck. This is how I picture it working, first you need to find the business card for the tow truck company in a drawer or on a table. Then you need to get to the phone house, it doesn't matter if the cops have been called or not, the phone has to be in working order. If you're carrying the card in your quick select slot that is the number you call, (other numbers could be added later, ambulance could be funny). The tow truck would drive into camp ignoring the goings on and simple drive up to the two seater (four seater if the two seaters not available). Back up to its front end, the driver would get out and set the wheel catchers. Spend about half a minute raising the car up, then walk back to the cab and drive away. This prank could actually be useful as while the bot is out of the cab, you could steal his truck. Which is running and ready to go. Jason could find and kill the driver if he so chooses or he could just let him drive away with one of the escape vehicles. The driver ignores all attempts to get his attention, other than attacks he will defend himself. (This doesn't mean you can't kill him, that is an option) The Tow truck has an extra gas can and battery, on one on each side. This could allow you to repair the car if the driver is stopped from taking it. If an ambulance is summoned instead the paramedic will use health spray to heal up the counselors but the ambulance itself isn't useful for escape as it gets a flat as soon as it stops moving. Don't want to give the kids to many advantages at one time. The paramedic won't leave the ambulances general area, he's scared of Jason getting him. Savini's Trick Shot Only doable at the archery range, your counselor interacts with a bow and single arrow that has been left out on a hay bale or railing. Hit an X prompt to pick it up and aim it out over the archery field, your counselor can then shoot it at a target, fellow counselor, or Jason. After the victim suffers a tiny jump scare stumble the shooter yells "Wanna see my trick shot?" I added this one because of the movie but really it isn't the best idea, don't shoot arrows at people, it's a bad prank. The bow and arrow don't have to be added as weapons it could work like a turret, locking you in place till you shoot or back out. The SledgeHammer (Vietcong surprise, by @Redcat345) Using the hammer/nail and fishing line you suspend a weapon above a door like the paint can. The door is left open as a trip wire is used to set it off, this has a chance to stun Jason but at a decreased percentage, it can also injure counselors who run through it. This prank can be deadly in real life but in the game it should do minimum damage, so as not to be a troll favourite. Playing Possum with Fake Blood A kit that lets you quickly make your self look like a body and lay down. In the drawer it would be a tube of fake blood, after finding the spot you want to hide at you activate the quick slot and your counselor squirts the blood on themselves and falls to the ground. This lasts until you use the prompt to get back up, once back on your feet you can't lay down again without another tube. It uses your counselors stealth stat to determine how long you can go without being sensed, rage negates its ability to hide you from sense. If Jason is close by you still have a chance to give yourself away using the same system as hiding under a bed. Mostly this would be to freak out other counselors, by standing up when they think you're dead. Fire Extinguisher This prank makes use of the fire extinguishers that are placed around the map, working similarly to Jason kill points they can be rigged to make a smoke cloud that Sense doesn't work in, but dissipates quickly. The effect should last for about twenty seconds or so, and require a trip line to activate. This doesn't stop Jason in anyway, he can still move fight and grab, it's only good for running away or surprising other counselors. Item: Bucket or Paint Can, carried in your weapon hand, see above. Hammer and Nails, occupies two quick select slots, for securing objects. Spool of Thread, occupies quick select slot, heavy black thread that can be used as a trigger line. Fishing Line, occupies a quick select slot, can be used in the same way as the thread. Rubber Spider, takes up one quick use slot Fire Extinguisher, if added as a weapon it could blind or if a Co2 extinguisher it could slow whoever it is sprayed on temporarily. I would actually really like this as a weapon, it should be fairly close range and have three uses. If sprayed Jason moves at slow walking speed for five to ten seconds, enough time to save someone but not enough to piss anyone off to bad. Drawers - The drawers my need to be modified so they don't close when you leave something behind, that way counselors can just glance down to see what's inside them. It never made much sense to me that counselors take the time to close drawers after seeing a map they don't need in it. This is one of those ideas that need to be tested to see if it has unforeseen consequences. It may not be easy enough to see what is in a drawer, if the power is out or some other effect like lens flare interferes. The drawers could also be modified so the item sticks out after it is left open. I have a few ideas for the battery or gas but using these in a prank/trap might be to unbalanced, even if you can take them out again, the time lost would be annoying to a lot of people. If anyone thinks I should add them anyway let me know, this is getting a bit long, so I might added more later.
  3. Hi all, I purpose that Jason's Trap System is overhauled to work like his knife system. I would like to see the system modified so that Jason can either find new traps to add to his inventory (example old traps laying around wooded areas, etc) or give him the option to pick up bear traps in counslor cabins that were not used by players. To prevent abuse of this system make all Jasons start with the same number of traps (suggested 3 or 4) and make all traps a one time use so that after they are set up they will be not available for futher use (if Jason or a player sets a trap it should be final and not reuseable). This will encourage players to use traps wisely or run the risk of Jason getting more to use against them. This could also help counter the 7 to 8 knives that are spawning for players in the game to help balance gameplay. Others please share your thoughts on this purposed change. Other suggestions also welcomed. Thanks.
  4. Wouldn't it be neat if Counselor objectives were pre-trapped in addition to Jason's starting traps? It's kind of a no-brainer when you play as Jason to go around trapping all of the Counselor objectives first. I mean, in theory Jason already destroyed the Fuse box and cars - right? What if he also trapped them all before the start of the match. Cars = 1 -3 Chance for the fuel tank, engine, and/or drivers seat to be trapped. Fuse box = Trapped. Jason's Shack = Trapped. This gives Jason more time to focus on his objective and perhaps it will off set the extra health sprays and pocket knives. Just a random thought.
  5. To prevent counselors from tanking traps so quickly, there should be a QTE mini game to escape the trap. Traps currently can be escaped within seconds that they mostly serve as alerts for Jason. Also it makes the bear trap perk useless. I’d suggest a QTE similar to someone with a 6/10 repair and if they have the bear trap perk it can help make that easier for them. Strength could even play a role in how difficult the QTE would be. This would give the strength stat more purpose. Also there needs to be a change of how traps appear on Jason’s map. I suggest making unactivated traps Blue and triggered traps Red.
  6. The car: Drives too slowly now Jason can grab you from the front of the car, even if you're running towards the back Sometimes after exiting the car, your counselor will not be able to use weapons or items If Jason places a trap in front of the car and you step in it, the same button used to get out of the trap is the same as to enter the car; God forbid you step into the car with the trap on and then be forced out of the car just to finish getting out of the trap - or become glitched into the car permanently with the trap attached to you. (Should make the button to access the car door disappear or have the counselor only be able to interact with the trap, once set off) Gains acceleration and easily veers off into random objects with the slightest lag spike Will crash into invisible trees Traps (counselor placed): Now disappear if disarmed (why?!) Some traps now spawn in already activated Jason: Still can't break down a door without encountering problems Part 7 Jason needs a revamp - It's ludicrous to give him Sense as a strength and then give him shift and can't run as a weakness. What's the point of being able to see people more but not be able to catch them?! Morph is horrible, it should send Jason where Jason wants to go, not 30 feet away Counselors: Voices are off - you will often hear them portray each other's voices when screaming, yelling, or dying. This also affects Tommy Jarvis Skills Check/Repair Wheel: Occasionally when the 2-seater spawns at Stillwater on Higging Haven Small, the Skills Check for the gas will push the counselor back once started and do so multiple times, basically until you get lucky and it allows you to finish Allows counselors to back out of the wheel repeatedly, until a 'good' one is found. (Not really complaining because I do this all the time, but it's kind of nerfy for Jason. It'd be more challenging if when you back out of the wheel it alerts Jason as a failed attempt; as technically that's what it was) Items: Too. Many. Shotguns. (mainly on small maps) Too. Many. Pocketknives. (mainly on small maps) Not enough items spawn on the Jarvis House map, for how big it is. (Literally checked a whole section before on that map... only found melee weapons and one health spray; at the start of the round) Windows: Still are a safe-haven for counselors - Jason should be able to grab a counselor out of the animation Exploits: On the Jarvis House map, there is a glitch in the water near the bridge on it's left side at Fire Branch that makes counselors invincible to Jason. The counselors are standing/swimming, it's similar to the old rock glitch on Higgins Haven These are just what I feel should be fixed or altered
  7. I think Jason needs more traps. With all the pocket knives, and med sprays now, having three traps is a joke, 5 is minimum to be useful. I think all Jason's should have their traps up by 2. The bad trap Jason's have 5, regular have 7, and sack head has 9.
  8. Played a offline game with bots and wasn't able to place a new trap on an old triggered one. It worked pre patch in online matches. Is this only in bot matches or also online? Have the traps been nerfed even more?
  9. is sacrificing a pocket knife the only way to deactivate a trap? I feel like they should make it so you don't need a pocket knife to deactivate a trap especially when you have those jason's who put 2 traps at the phone fuse, and a trap at each of the cars making it almost impossible to escape.
  10. I couldnt find a thread on traps so I will. Lets say with part 2 mostly im trying out and thinking of unorthodox trap placing. I was thinking the best way to get trap kills by themself. How about early game double trapping in front of cabin doors two in a row. Are main houses good for kills? Ormaybe double trapping windows? any other spots or high traffic areas besides car n phone for easy kills? And then whats some good ways to bait traps? Like the idea about trapping the window by the phone. Any other good creative baiting spots would be appreciated. Or what about letting the fuse get fixed then stalk waiting in the cabin by the phone, like in the bathroom or close enough to get thembefore they get off the phone.
  11. Allow me to preface this topic with the fact that I absolutely love this game. After giving it a quick rent to get a feel for the volume of the player base, it was an immediate buy for me. My gaming sessions since have been largely composed of portraying and evading the iconic hockey-masked killer. Even when I tried out the similar title Dead by Daylight, I couldn’t but feel a preference to load up the former game. That being said, this criticism comes from the intention of further improving what I believe to be a thoroughly engrossing experience. So, to the subject at hand, I realize that this has been a topic of debate for some time now, but I’m going to throw my thoughts into the discussion in the hopes of contributing to a solution. Let me start with a brief anecdote of my experience with the issue: Having started as Tiffany Cox (not quite my main, but variety is the spice of life or, as I’m sure you’ll guess to be the impending case, death), I successfully hid from Jason (Part II) in a cabinet despite a high fear level (He cut the power!). Feeling pretty good about myself, I ventured out into the night and found the sabotaged power box. Upon taking a deep breath for confidence (Tiffany being the mechanical savant that she is), I set to work making the necessary repairs to restore power and---success! Continuing on my way, I came across the phone box and, not far away from that, the fuse! Wow (what was her luck stat again??)! All the while, I had managed to avoid further harassment from Jason. Making my way toward the phone box, however, my learning curve kicked in. I decided to look for traps near the objective. Sure enough, my investigation paid off! Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Blackwater34, did you have a pocketknife that you could use to disarm the trap?” Sure did! But here’s the kicker: There were three traps all neatly arranged in proximity to the phone box and lovingly covered with fallen leaves to await the ankle of a frantic and unsuspecting counselor. What could I do? I wanted to keep my knife for when Jason inevitably showed up. I had to trip the traps one way or another (I mean, admittedly, I could have abandoned the objective, but…really?) and I DID have a med-spray with 2 charges (Gotta love that perk). Here goes! SNAP...spray…SNAP...spray…JASON MUSIC…Combo “Murdered” into submission. Now, from that story, you could probably identify my criticisms of the systems in play for Jason’s traps: 1. Having to use a vital inventory item to thwart a resource that, admittedly, isn’t quite as vital to Jason. 2. Having no recourse in a situation where an objective is positively inundated with traps (when executing certain stages of said objectives requires a decent amount of legwork on the part of the counselors). 3. Jason becoming alerted even when a trap is disarmed without the introduction of hapless ankles (admittedly this wasn’t in the story but this is what I understand to be the system in play). 4. Jason knows where these objectives are, so peppering one with traps is as quick as game-start-morph. So, at risk of being remiss in my criticism of the issue, I propose my solution: Let counselors disable Jason’s traps as with any other bear trap. I do not believe this would in any way mitigate the lethal nature of the resource save for the aversion of rendering objective locations absolutely inaccessible. They are already camouflaged decently well (in exterior environments) and are easy enough to overlook. If a counselor is cautious enough to check for them at vital locations, he or she should be rewarded for his or her better judgment with the opportunity to crouch (thereby avoiding a dead giveaway interaction icon for anybody just wandering about) and disarm them while, at the same time, remaining vulnerable to Jason in taking the time to do so (just as with the other traps). Well, my 2 cents become 20 bucks, but I think you get the idea. I would thoroughly enjoy constructively discussing this topic with anyone who has been likewise been affected by the issue or who is a genuine advocate of the mechanics in place. If you read this far, thanks for taking the time! If you’re looking for the tl;dr, scroll a bit more: tl;dr : Jason’s traps at times render objectives inaccessible to counselors despite the pocketknife disarm system. Possible solution: Allow counselors to disarm Jason’s traps in the same way they would any other bear trap.
  12. I'm lvl 101 and been playing for a few months, but ever since the trap nerf I can't put 2 traps on the phone without 1 being useless and not catching counselors when they are repairing the fuse box. Can someone take a picture of how they trap the phone?
  13. You all ruined Jason take him back to b4 the patch he sucks atm and it's a really no fun to play him atm.
  14. I understand that it's your game and not ours, but this "minimum trap distance" is an unwanted, unneeded, and pointless "fix" for something that wasn't broken to begin with. How much fun and enjoyment do you think players get when someone fixes the fuse-box in the first 60 seconds and a 20 minute round turns into a 5 minute (or less) round? Where is the challenge when you cripple a game mechanic so severely that moving vehicles and completed calls to the police in the first couple of minutes becomes the norm instead of the exception? When a change causes as much resentment, disappointment, and backlash as this has, it's no longer the solution, it's the PROBLEM. Please change the traps back to the way they were before this update.
  15. With the newest patch and change to trap placements, it has given an advantage to counselors and made traps not as effective for jason. I am fine with having the stacking of traps removed but as jason, he should be able to place traps side by side to block off the fuse box or car objectives. As many people know, counselors can avoid traps at objective points by standing the furthest point away on the side with the action prompt showing and will allow the counselor to complete the objective and completely avoid the trap.So if traps are going to require spaces between them then Gun/Iffonic need to fix the raidus from which a counselor can start the action prompt for repairing items so that they can exploit their way around the trap.If Jason has a trap right in front of the fuse box (the spot where a counselor crouches to repair it) then the counselor should not be able to stand off to the side and complete the repair while not hitting the trap. Just my thoughts.
  16. 10.25.17 PATCH FEEDBACK: A Now-Broken, Counselor-Favored Mess That We Must Fix Intro As a person who has over 400 Hrs. in this game and has played it from launch, I have genuinely enjoyed this game, and want it to stay that way. We have a problem; The number and severity of complaints coming from the preferred-counselors is causing Jason to be weakened such that the game is breaking. The movies feature 1-2 survivors per movie and the game should average that. An F13 game that cares enough about the movies to base the levels on blueprints of buildings from the sets would be remiss to neglect on kill count similarity. Survival should be earned and valued. There are too many others, however, who just want counselor survival to be too easy, and in doing so, are not only defeating the purpose of the game (survival horror), but are breaking it and creating an environment where they themselves (human nature) will soon become bored and leave it all together as there will be no challenge left for them. This cannot be allowed to happen. We must push back against this, especially we preferred-Jason's, as this is becoming a pattern that is genuinely ruining the enjoyment of the game for too many preferred-Jasons. First it was - Jason can no longer block flare guns and firecrackers (Shotguns and bear traps I can understand) Then it was - Jason can no longer use combat stance on doors without issue as there is now a hit-detection issue with doors that is still present and has been since the small maps patch where Jason hits the top of the threshold to no effect on the door. (Using the standard animation forces Jason to leave himself vulnerable to a stun once the door breaks) Now it's - Traps are useless as they can be beaten with a single pocket knife, and can no longer alert Jason as multiple traps is not an option, counselors know where everything is located except for spawn, and Jason gets NO buffs to compensate for any of this. Jason is being made weaker and weaker and it absolutely must stop. Sometimes I think that these incessant nerfs are trial balloons being sent just to see how much we Jasons will take before there's push back; Well I'm there. Before donning your hockey mask and performing the Head Punch on me, please hear me out as I come with solutions to many of the problems I am seeing in a game I am enjoying less over time, but really want to stay in love with. Again, let's keep it civil so this thread doesn't get closed. 1. Counselors leaving/suiciding not FULLY solved yet Giving Jason credit at the beginning of the kill is a step in the right direction, but it's not enough: A. Counselors can and still do leave when being grabbed but BEFORE execution, and even when being simply pursued. Evidence: 1. Quitting During Grab 2. Quitting Before Grab During Slash (Ignore Podcast Audio) B. Counselors jump out of second story windows to suicide and cost Jason the kill. C. Counselors repeatedly cross broken glass windows to suicide and cost Jason the kill. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. Give Jason credit for a kill if/when someone leaves the match while Jason is within Music range, irrespective of stalk silence, grab or execution. 2. Make it so jumping out of second story windows and climbing over broken window ledges reduces your health, even to the minimum, but it will not kill you, making so that those who try to suicide are merely gimping themselves and making themselves easy prey. 3. Program the "Leave Match" option with an irreversible 20-second countdown timer where the counselor can no longer move, allowing Jason to finish killing the counselor if a person tries to quit. 4. Tag counselors with a 30 minute cool down for leaving a match with Jason within Music range. Increase the cooldown by 30 minutes for each subsequent quit within a 1 week period for a maximum for 24 hours of cool down if need be. 2. Trap Radius Renders Jason Traps Almost Useless A. Jason can no longer properly protect objectives or receive alerts. This works in synergy with visible items to make Jason's job too much harder without any compensating buff for Jason. Have a look: Trap Issues Suggested Possible Solution(s): Restore previous trap function. Simple as that. 3. Grab Distance Was Problematic Enough with Lag Issues A. Period. As it was, skilled counselors were able to stay out of the range of both weapon slashes (Dear everyone, stop complaining about slashing, period.) and grabs. Skilled counselors could kite a Jason for days as it was. Bad ping and connection issues naturally nurf grab as it is. I've missed counselors after two and three grab attempts if the ping is high enough. Suggested Possible Solution(s): Reset full grab distance, at least until dedicated servers are in place. 4. Change Item Visibility on Maps A. This is far too powerful and easy as it is. Even as a counselor I feel as though I am cheating, and I've noticed myself and others being far more reckless than before and still surviving. The first match, we got both cars started very quickly and everyone escaped. The match even ended when I spawned back in as Tommy because there was no one to save. This was a private match, the Jason was frustrated, and we didn't blame him. Consider doing one or a combination of the following. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. Getting rid of it all together, thus forcing counselors to communicate as before. Don't rage, it's makes the game much more immersive. 2. Counselors with fear level below X amount can see items on their minimap and/or large map however, as fear increases, items further from the counselor either begin to fade away and/or disappear all together as the counselor loses track as he/she panics more. Item visibility comes back somewhat if fear is decreased. This would make Composure and related perks more relevant. 3. Only counselors with walkie talkies can see items (simulates communication). Can be used in conjunction with #2 where fear screws with visibility even with walkie talkie. Jarvis would naturally be able to see all items from the start as he spawns with a walkie and no fear. 4. Tommy Jarvis is the only person who can see all of the items while no one else can, by virtue of the fact that he is Tommy Jarvis. Limiting this ability to him only would enhance his status as a "Hero" class. Can be used in conjunction with #2 where fear screws with his item visibility. 5. Only items spawning back into the match from counselors who have left are visible. 6. Only items that haven't been picked up in 60 seconds or longer are visible. (Prevents trolls from hiding items) 5. Un Movie-Like Counselor Cockiness/Carelessness especially near Police exit. A. Counselors do not fear Jason like they do in the movies and even engage in a tactic called "bullying" where counselors can gang up and stun Jason in a chain. Have a look: https://youtu.be/QDZlHze4TpA?t=588 B. This cockiness is especially bad near the police exit where everyone decides they want to use up all of their guns, flare guns, and pocket knives on Jason for EXP. This is when Jason then becomes the punching bag as counselors get away anyway. Suggested Possible Solution(s): 1. When Jason is knocked on his back, allow him to build rage faster based on how many counselors are standing within 10 feet of his body, the more, the faster. Instead of tea bagging, counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. Jason would get pissed if he was being taunted. 2. When the police arrive, Jason gets Rage if he doesn't have it already. Jason would get pissed by police arrival. 3. In Rage, increase stun resistance and reduce stun time by a sensible percentage. 4. When Jason is knocked on his back, make it so there is a %chance (based on proximity to rage) he can quickly reach up and strangle-execute a counselor standing above him. Counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. 5. When Jason is stunned, make it so there is a %chance (based on proximity to rage) he can reach and grab a counselor standing near him, only to have the counselor in hand where normal rules apply. Counselors will want to stay away from Jason as they would in the movies. 6. As counselors build fear, their pocket knives have less of a chance to fire when being grabbed by Jason. This will stop counselors from letting Jason grab them near the police or for free EXP. 7. Bring back a modified, LIMITED, friendly-fire mechanic, for ONLY when Jason is nearby. (Hear me out). When Jason is within 20 feet, counselors can accidentally damage each other with weapons and must now be more careful when hitting Jason back-to-back as opposed to all at once. This will also bring back the need to aim carefully when shooting Jason if Jason is holding a counselor. The 20 feet proximity requirement is meant to protect counselors from team killing since there is no reason to be swinging a weapon if Jason isn't nearby. For those who are worried that this would be exploited for team killing,... it would require that someone work with Jason, which is a ban-able offense anyway; Record, report, ban. 6. Fast Paced Maps (Fast for everyone except Jason) A. 40% Smaller means faster objective completion for counselors. While there is less space for Jason to hunt players, there is less he can do about the faster objectives as abilities build at the same rate. It's not balanced for Jason. Suggested Possible Solution(s): Reduce the amount of time Jason's abilities are gained to compensate for this. I recommend by 10%-40% depending upon what would be most balanced according to an objective analysis, not whatever easy-button preferred-counselors want. Above all else, stop making Jason weaker. Know that for every counselor buff, there must be an equal and opposite Jason buff. This last patch is a doozie where counselors are stronger while Jason is weaker.
  17. they seriously gotta make it so you can deactivate traps without pocket knives https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterFineDelicataWoofer
  18. I get Jason has to plant them and they are 'hidden' but surely if you notice them you should be able to throw a stick into them or set them off without getting caught. For me, I have the med spray and use a med spray twice perks so I don't normally mind but it's always so annoying seeing apart 2 Jason picked knowing the fuse box is gonna have up to four traps placed at it. When I say annoying, I'm going off my partner, friends, and not so much myself because of my perks. It's hardly game breaking and not a major issue compare to others but thoughts?
  19. When the Jasons were first shown off Jason 7 was the one I wanted to use most. Awesome look, uses the machete, lumbering part skeleton man going around chasing counselors. Sounds great, right? Sadly in game his stats just do not allow him to do enough. Oh his hidden hearing and boosted sense let him see everyone. I guess that's ok? When you can't catch up to people because you're a zombie Jason and the main mode of transportation for said zombie Jasons has a longer cool down, slower speed, shorter distance traveled, and shorter duration, you're screwed. The car is impossible to catch. It's also impossible to deal with the car before it gets started because you only have 3 traps. I really hope you guys are looking in to completely reworking his stats. I don't mind if he's a slow Jason. You could ditch grip strength and sense (both are useless because you can instantly kill counselors when you grab them and sense can be turned off early to cooldown when turned off), and replaced with boosted traps and stalk. Then you remove his trap and shift weaknesses, swap them with defense or stun resistance, and he'd be viable. Perhaps a strength that makes him get Rage really fast, called Enrage? That's just me brain storming and not in any way something to take consider as a fix. I'm just a guy who wants Jason 7 to be on par with the other Jasons but his tools just do not allow it. I don't feel like a menacing threat as Jason 7, I feel like Jason from the first movie drowning while the counselors stand on the dock and laugh. Whatever you do, please please please rework his stats. At the very least get rid of the penalty to shift. No Zombie Jason should have a weakness to shift. You guys are working hard to fix various bugs, make new content, but you've never once mentioned tweaking the Jasons stats. Everyone feels 7 is by far the worst due to no movement options, strengths that really don't benefit his lack of movement options, and weaknesses that just hinder him further with his lack of movement options. Yes I know some people can kill 12 out of 8 counselors with Jason 7 because they're just that badass, but the simple fact is he is undoubtedly the weakest Jason and the hardest to catch people as. Not asking that he be the best, just on par with the others. As is Jason 7 is a sad boy. You don't want poor ol' Jason 7 to be a sad boy, do ya?
  20. I'm certain these have all been mentioned in other threads and I apologize in advance if I've missed these threads as I didn't feel like checking through each and every one posted. But these are my personal suggestions for changes: 1. A reporting system for players on console that could include a "create a clip" option if you're in spectator mode. There have been so many instances where I've wanted to report people attempting to or successfully exploiting map glitches or someone purposefully leading Jason directly to other counselors. Obviously, this won't stop someone that could be in party chat calling out locations of counselors if they're dead and spectating as well or not walking Jason directly towards a counselor, but there have been many times I've encountered a counselor sticking by Jason's side as they lead them to others. 2. A reporting system on consoles in general that might have safety measures implemented so it cannot be abused.. such as not allowing a single account to report another more than once. 3. I have seen this mentioned and commented on other threads suggesting a "vote to kick" feature. This would be very handy, especially if made so the vote cannot occur until after the round is over so it wouldn't be abused to just kick Jason and receive free survival XP. 4. Something i haven't seen suggested yet- I have pretty trashy internet. Not bad enough that it affects me playing in other lobbies where the host has more adequate internet, but bad enough that I'd rather NOT be made a host of a lobby when I'm trying to find a match to play in. I'd love the option to opt out of hosting a lobby. I feel like this could make it easier to find lobbies with open spaces rather than being put in a lobby alone where I am host... 5 times in a row. I understand it could make my matchmaking experience take longer, but I'd be willing for that wait in order to avoid having to re-queue every time I need to close a lobby where I am made host.
  21. I've heard before that when you set traps as Jason that if they go off and get stepped on the little red icon on the map will dissappear is this false? I've played tons of matches and have yet to figure out where the trap went off at and ended up at the wrong area because the icon didn't go off and I had to guess where it came off at? I've heard Youtubers that say it will show where ect but maybe I'm doing something wrong here.
  22. Hey everyone, so it just popped into my head and I think this would be a great element to place into the game. I think that there should be some traps that are fatal traps (traps that kill the counselors) that Jason can place besides the bear traps which injure and stun. Some examples could be like hidden death pit, a spiked road barrier that can destroy the car, hidden poison gas. I think this would add some variety into the game and also make Jason have some more deadly threats besides his weapon, bear traps and throwing knives.
  23. Disclaimer: I am excited about the new emotes, and smaller speed maps. I am excited and proud that the devs have and continue to add more content. I cannot wait for single player. I have 200+ Hrs in this game, am level 101, and have been passionate about it since I learned about it. That being said, dear developers, please, please, please, focus on fixing any/all bugs glitches and exploits before adding any new content. While the new content is appreciated, it's like adding new rooms to a house with a leaky roof. We have to prioritize. While there are more bugs than this, these are the ones I see the most: 1. Counselors making Jasons Traps useless by body blocking them. This is an exploit that needs fixing. 2. Perks that do not work when equipped. 3. Having the option of looting a map from a drawer even if you have one equipped as a perk. There are more, but fundamentally, I think the bugs need to be ironed out before further content is added.
  24. On multiple occasions, I have trapped the phone box and 4 seater, only to have the cops called on me or the car fixed. I check the minimap, and my traps haven't went off. Are counselors able to do the combat stance through traps exploit or were my traps disarmed and the map just doesn't show it?
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