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Found 27 results

  1. Ready up: One thing that’s a problem is everyone waiting on 1-2 people who won’t ready up. Either 1) Allow people to roll for perks but not attach them while readied up or 2) Make majority of a lobby able to ready up or last 3) give a 15 second timer on people’s screen that says “after 15 seconds you will automatically be readied up, however, if you need more time hold down “x” to cancel being automatically readied up” that way we’re all not waiting on someone who’s just messing around on their phone or etc. As for xp I think everyone who’s not already level 150 will agree it needs to be changed. Specifically, when we earn our xp. One reason is when the server breaks and kicks everyone and no one gets any XP at all despite how far they were in the match. Second, the manner for reporting is too difficult by making us take up large gbs of storage and then upload to YouTube and then post on this site etc. So instead, when people are cheating or Jason is letting his friends live until the timer runs out at least let people earn their xp as soon as they die or escape. If this affects Tommy in any way that is another problem that should be addressed since I have already had countless matches where I was chased/injured by Jason countless times to just fix a generator and call Tommy only to see that the person chosen as Tommy left immediately upon dying so we never even had a Tommy. Thus, there should be a method that elects another dead person to be Tommy when the person selected left the game within 15 seconds of being Tommy.
  2. Ok to make it short these were my original movie inspired methods to kill Jason but with a twist! and mostly these are with the help of Tommy Jarvis only. Chaining Jason Voorhees to the Bottom of Camp Crystal Lake: This inspiration is from Part 6 but with a twist which would be needing a huge team effort of someone fixing the boat, calling Tommy, and having Tommy being the only one capable of finding the chains and tieing them to a rock near the boat which will have a cinematic moment of the counselors pushing it on the boat BUT here is the twist! the female counselors would need the sweater to quickly stun Jason which would allow tommy to place the chain around Jason neck in which a mini-game will be needed and if the counselors screw up they would die instantly from failing and Yes the mask must be removed as well because it would be to easy if his mask was on. Jason X Kill: Having either Tommy or Brodski being the hero at the end will be fine since one would need to locate the suit and have everything repaired from fixing power boxes and with a last-ditch effort having Pamela's Sweater/Mask Off while he is near a certain airlock should it trigger a sequence that will either kill both or just kill Jason in a cinematic effort and with this Jason and the hero would compete to finish the mini-game to see who lives and who dies.
  3. 2 Gameplay Ideas Tommy AFK System One of the more annoying things in the game is when another person is picked to be Tommy, only to be AFK. An idea I had is when someone in the lobby was AFK during the game, they can't be picked as Tommy, or, if Tommy spawns and doesn't move for a certain amount of time, Another person takes control of him. Create your own Jason or Counselor I doubt this would happen, but I think it'd be cool if we could create a Jason or Counselor with an avatar maker type thing. For the stats, the player could add stats freely, but can only have a total of 35 stat points. The player would also get an option for a random avatar or random stat generator. If having stats become too OP, there could also be a rule that players can't have too much in one stat if they already have a lot in another. I feel like adding something like this would really add some spice to the game, as well as some more player involvement and creativity.
  4. I like that we can kill or incapacitate Jason as is. However, I wish there was more variety in killing him. So far the only way to kill him is through Tommy. But there is another way we should kill him in my opinion that is underrated. The final girl should be able to kill him. There are many specifications for this to happen, so it's not as easy as 1-2-3. The only female counselors that can kill Jason are those with 5+ composure stat. To kill Jason: The mask needs to be off. Tommy needs to be called, arrive on the scene, and then defeated! There needs to be only one girl left in the match, with the exception of only 1 other guy( due to the nice guy trope). Jason must be stunned first, and brought to his knees. you don't need the sweater. The counselor has to be well composed, meaning that cannot kill him if they are hysterical with fear. Only the frightened stage and above. The prompt is randomized and only appears once in the match, signaling when Jason is vulnerable. If you miss it, you miss your chance. You must use a bladed weapon. The Final Girls were also a force to incapacitate Jason. I feel this should be an alternative way to killing Jason that is not only very specific, but different, refreshing, and also makes sense.
  5. I wish all the counselors that were based on characters from the films entered the game like Tommy; basically, they only came into the game as 2nd chance playable characters that, with the right conditions, could defeat Jason. There should be up to seven released, and counselors only get to re-spawn as the film characters once during the game. The first player to die (or escape) comes back as Tommy. The second person to die (or escape) comes back as Fox. The third comes back as Sheriff Garris. The fourth comes back as Dr. Crews. The Fifth comes back as Ali... and so on with other characters. Everybody would get the chance to defeat Jason (or escape a second time), just as long as somebody had gotten to the ham radio.
  6. So i had this idea similiar to tommy getting called in when you call on the cb radio for help, tommy spawns in from someone who escaped or died. The idea is when you call the cops, not only does the cop car spawn in at the exit but a cop would also spawn in at one of the exits as a player that died or escapped already. So this cop that spawns in job would be to help other counselors escape. The cop himself wouldn't get xp from escaping but only get xp by doing stuff like fixing things or hitting jason or actually escorting players out of the map as tommy can escort players out. So here is the thing by taking away the xp or need to escape for the cop he will be motivated to help the counselors. You see tommy often just spawns in and runs off and hides and tryes to escape. So I would also suggest that tommy gets no reward for just escaping either only for helping and escorting so he will be motivated to help counselors. Id even go further and say tommy and the cop can't escape unless escorting conselors out or they are last one to leave after everyone else died or left as another possible option.So thats the idea to make the game more interesting. Also I suggest they add a tommy character and police officer character into your conselor lists as an added idea and give them diffrent clothes to pick from to custimize their looks only you wouln't be able to choose them as starting characters only if you spawned in as them. I'd even suggest maybe two or three cop models, short fat, tall skinny, middle of the road cop. What ever you pick you spawn in as if your the cop.Also you wouldn't be able to add perks to the cop or tommy spawn in as the perks from regular conselors would carry over to them. I think this idea could make things more interesting. Maybe add a couple boxes of doughnuts around the map and if the cop gets one from a counselor or finds one he gets and extra power, energy,and speed boost. I don't know if this has been discussed before as I'm newer to the game.
  7. I've noticed since the new update you can't pick up Pamela tapes if you have them all, which is good. However, I found out today I also can't pick up Tommy tapes. The counselor just shuts the drawer like they already have it before you can pick it up. Anyone else get to experience this joy?
  8. I know everyone hates when Jason has helpers ratting out others locations and helping jason with kills so i thought i would share a match i had where you see Jason and his friends cheating and how i get them back.
  9. I think if you have all the Pamela tapes and you pick up another Pamela tape, it should become a Tommy tape. Or, only Tommy tapes should spawn in drawers if you already have all the Pamela tapes.
  10. So I can't exactly remember where, but either on the F13 game website or one of the loading screens in-game, there's a sentence along the lines of "Having difficulty escaping Jason? Unlock the priest in the graveyard by finding the secret Pamela (or tommy but I think Pamela) tapes" Anyone have any info on this? I've scoured the internet with no avail. Maybe they removed the feature? Haven't seen it on a loading screen in a while either and I can't find it on the game site anywhere or in the forums
  11. So we've all been there; you fix up everything, call the police, get Jason's mask off, and get killed. You know you've done everything you possibly can to help your team, and thankfully someone calls Tommy! What happens next? The guy who died in the first two minutes gets Tommy and uses him as a second life to run with the cops. Tommy Jarvis is a huge game changer for the counselors and in the right hands can save an entire team, however, he is something that should be earned. This isn't a 100% guarantee to fix the cowardice in Tommy players, but it will definitely reward players who do deserve to play as him. When two players die/escape, the game should measure out who has the most score. The player who has the most score will return as Tommy; as that player has worked harder or done more. I personally am sick of AFK players coming back, or seeing Tommy be killed with no idea on how to play the game. Thoughts, suggestions? If two players have the same score, then it can just do it randomly like it does now. Can we please get Gun Media's attention on this, as this is a pretty simple way to vastly improve Tommy.
  12. Is there anyway to tell the difference between a Tommy tape and a Pamela tape before you pick it up? I ask because I found a tape in a drawer, I have all the Pamela tapes, but it didn't give me a Tommy tape. If there is a way to tell the difference, I'd like to know, so I'm not taking Pamela tapes I don't need from people.
  13. I've searched and I didn't find anything, in case somebody reads that as a "new-player", before joining a lobby with no idea. I do see a lot of people who saving their own life as Tommy Jarvis or Slayin around with Jason or even open every cabin and leave them open. of course, everybody could do whatever he wants but maybe somebody reads that it be useful for him/her. Counselor: If you play as a Counselor, first make sure to AIM yourself. Whenever you go into a Cabin/House just LOCK up the doors and OPEN the windows . If you do not lock up the doors, it's a pleasure for Jason to join your Cabin. Also if you being chased, you can jump into the Windows and Jason cannot! If you found a part: Battery, Fuel, Fuse let others know where it is, that somebody with a high Repair-State can take it. Or take it to the Car/Phone and drop it there, if you can't fix it, cause of low repair. Communication is very useful, sometimes. Protect other Counselors while somebody is fixing the Car/Phone! If you have fixed the Car and got the Keys, make sure to pick up some other Counselors, in case you can. Do not run them over or leave them alone, if you have the chance to pick them up. Tommy Jarvis: If you're chosen to be Tommy Jarvis, make sure HELP all other Counselors! You're not suppose to leave the camp until all other Counselors are save! You're the last guy to leave the camp! Don't be a Tommy Jarvis everybody hates, cause saving your own life or running like a pro anywhere in the map, while others being killed. Jason Voorhees: So you gonna be Jason Voorhees. Make sure to NOT slashing around like a pro. It makes no fun if you slashing around. Use your Skills and grab people! Anyhow, thanks for the attention. In case you want to add something, feel free to write whatever your mind is up to. About the Sweater/Mask: If you got Pamela's Sweater, make sure to stay alive and do not use it on him just for fun, if Tommy is in the Game as well and do have a Machete, get with other Counselors together and prepare for killing him. Whenever it is time, use the Sweater and the Mask while Tommy killing Jason. Stay Together. Additonal: VOICE CHAT while Jason is around you You may not talk about where you go, where somebody is something doing right now, while Jason is around you. He can hear you and may destroy your plan. If you want to joke him, you can of course talk something's which is not true. I heard somebody today: He is in the house now, get out. So I didn't even got in the cabin and expected him at the window, where he died.
  14. I have seen people discuss this in regards to the fuse but something i was thinking about to make the game a little more challenging would be if all items/collectibles and weapons spawned randomly all over the map. Rather than having the collectible tapes being solely found in drawers it would be cool to find one just laying on the dock or on a bench by a tent. Same with the repair items/health spray/weapons, i think it would create for a more fun and difficult match if you never know wether you will find an item in a cabin or along the path in the woods or near the dock.I personally think that with the current way that items spawn it becomes more often than not predictable for players to know where they need to look for items to escape just minutes into the match. I hope this is something that devs consider for a future update
  15. Hi! I was talking with a friend about how Jarvis is now way better than before but still lack of personality... he said he had the feeling to just play a full stat counselor instead of Tommy fu**ing Jarvis. So we had this crazy idea of giving Jarvis kind of a special power : a Taunt ! With a cooldown time of course, but this taunt could force Jason to only be able to sense/ear Tommy and no other counselor for a period of time, giving the others a chance to escape or hide while Jason can only focus on Jarvis. What do you think of this little idea ?
  16. Since Tommy’s role as been adjusted, I’m still seeing a majority of players misuse or even abuse Tommy’s role in helping the counselors escape. How often do you encounter players that are selfish when they play as Tommy? What is the most egregious thing you’ve seen someone do as Tommy? I saw someone spawn in as Tommy only to run to the police instead of helping 3 chicks stuck in the lodge on Packanack. That was pretty selfish. I’ve also seen Tommy run past counselors to catch a ride in a 2-seater, leaving 2 people behind to die. For me, the most outrageous thing Tommy ever did was leap into the cabin I was hiding in and med-spray himself as I stood there bloody and limping. He had no visible wounds and opted to spray himself instead of healing me covered in blood and on the verge of death. After he ditched me and I died, I saw him use ANOTHER med spray he had for yet another minor abrasion. So he had not only used a med spray on himself, but opted to not give me his other one or spray me. Complete tool. If I spawn back as Tommy, I make it my mission to help the other counselors at all cost.
  17. If Tommy leaves at the wrong moment his spirit will remain in the game just standing at his spawn point. It does not count as a player and cannot be spectated. Unless Jason kills that spirit the game will not end. New players do not know this and you have to sit and wait for minutes until the game ends because the time is up. This happen often. I should say at least 5% of my matches. Often you can tip of Jason where the spirit is lurking (there are only a couple of places Tommy spawns) but not always.
  18. So this is a thing: Maybe I'm a little late to the ball on this one, but he says it isn't a glitch, and people in the comments are saying it is intentional and that Gun confirmed it on Twitter. Can anyone verify this? Should this be a thing?
  19. It must be the shadowing or something but it literally looks like Tommy Jarvis has no eyebrows.. it's skin colour. I don't get why people find him so attractive in this game also.
  20. I'm hoping to establish a collection of players who play this game for fun and enjoyment. Competitive but not crazy. Frustrated but not raging. +21 and over in spirit. There are some teenagers out there who are perfectly normal individuals. Looking for people who have no problem with how other players play as Jason, who think Savini J is perfectly acceptable and not "pay to win", who work together toward objectives and aren't offended by players who "lone wolf" it unless they try to take off alone after you did all the work, who come back as Tommy with one objective, help out by ANY means necessary, who don't mind spectating, who have nothing against shift+grab, who don't exploit glitches because that's ridiculous, who don't freak out when they die, who as Jason don't rage when counselors escape. I know I'm forgetting some stuff but I also know there's a good bit of you who share these same views. "It's such a fantastic game when it works and people are playing "correctly". I know that's a loose term and there isn't a right/wrong." Post your PS4 id or send me a message and we should be able to get a quality group together.
  21. Not sure if this is even allowed but I'm hoping to establish a collection of players who play this game for fun and enjoyment. Competitive but not crazy. Frustrated but not raging. Looking for people who have no problem with how other players play as Jason, who think Savini J is perfectly acceptable and not "pay to win", who work together toward objectives and aren't offended by players who "lone wolf" it unless they try to take off alone after you did all the work, who come back as Tommy with one objective, help out by ANY means necessary, who don't mind spectating, who have nothing against shift+grab, who don't exploit glitches because that's ridiculous, who don't freak out when they die, who as Jason don't rage when counselors escape. I know I'm forgetting some stuff but I also know there's a good bit of you who share these same views. "It's such a fantastic game when it works and people are playing "correctly". I know that's a loose term and there isn't a right/wrong." Post your PS4 id or send me a message and we should be able to get a quality group going.
  22. I think Jason should be able to smash the radio to call Tommy, or if the power is out you can't use the radio. Give it an extra challenge! What do you think?
  23. Hey guiss just a fast idea for tommy jarvis maby he can have a ability to give counselors hope ps: maby ther can be a new tommy jarvis killing jason that is from Friday The 13Th Part VI : Jason Lives y know. That one on the boat and tommy nearly dies
  24. In at least one out of every five matches or so I end up playing... People radio for Tommy. People die and/or escape. No Tommy spawns in. I'm expecting this is being caused by people rage quitting, and the game wanting to make them tommy, but it can't because they're gone..perhaps?
  25. Apologies if I'm in the wrong section. I Don't know if it's a bug/glitch or a purposeful exploit, but I got into a game with another player who spawned as Tommy 4 games in a row. He kept requesting someone call Tommy so he could come back, so It seems like it might be purposeful. Just wanted to devs to be aware
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