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Found 4 results

  1. When GUN MEDIA made Sony and Microsoft remove Tom Savini off their own stores, how will they give you the right to get his 3 new weapon kills if they removed him? They said that they would give every Jason 3 new weapon kills so how exactly would they do it to Savini if no one can get him any more? Now does it make sense to bring him back?
  2. Hello all! I have started an online petition for the goal of having the DLC (Savini Jason & Counsellor Pack) brought back out of early retirement. I've never been a huge fan of limiting/exclusive DLC for video games; DLC should be accessible for everyone at all times in my opinion. Hopefully, you're someone who believes so too. Please sign the petition if you're open to the idea of not limiting DLC for this great game! Again, this forum thread and petition is intended only for players who want DLC to not be limited. I'm aware there are others out there who are perfectly fine with it being exclusive. Petition can be found at the following: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/f13-game-dlc Thanks for your support!
  3. I have purchased and downloaded the Tom Savini Jason, but it is not appearing as one of my unlockable skins. Background: After installing both game and pre-order DLC from STEAM, I encountered a .dll error. The system recommended uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Which I did. After reinstalling the game, it issue still persisted. I did resolve that issue by updating the C++ on my system. However, the Tom Savini Jason that Steam confirms that I have downloaded is not appearing. I have just started playing and have not leveled up high enough to unlock all the other Jason skins. Is that a prerequisite for seeing the Tom Savini Jason, or is there a need for further support? It does appear that the clothing options have appeared, albeit locked due to insufficient level.
  4. So as I'm stoked to actually play this game since the beta, I naturally wanted to ensure I got what I ordered while backing, and while I got my game activation code, the e-mail I got for my Savini Jason was also sent... except it was exactly the same as my game activation code. I therefore tried to enter it (said it was claimed) and then I went into the game and went through the available jasons and.... No Savini Jason. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it still being worked on?
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