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Found 7 results

  1. Hey. Ive had this idea for a while now. Similar ideas may have been suggested but thought I’d mention it. It regards Tina Shepherd. Now if I remember right, the developers mentioned that the physics and balance would be ruined with the inclusion of Tina and her magic mind. So my simple idea to include her would be to have her only as the introduction to a multiplayer game. It could start with her raising Jason from Crystal Lake, then with her fainting in the boardwalk. I had an idea that a game mode could revolve around the councillors protecting Tina as she was passed out on the couch/bed in her house. With 2 objectives for the councillors. 1. Roam the map to collect ‘bait’ which could be Pamela’s jumper etc to lure him to a building they have rigged to explode (details are sketchy) 2. The councillors need to protect Tina moving her throughout the map to refuge points. These points take Jason longer to break into. Now the player being Jason would as usual need to kill the councillors but he would gain more points if he finds and kills Tina. He can’t sense Tina or any councillor carrying her. The house/ cabin rigged to explode can kill Jason triggering a cool ‘movie moment’ cutscene however I was thinking that he would get a chance to survive, possibly by passing a skill check event and walking out of the flames. (I know, badass right) If councillors win then a cutscene triggers where Tina wakes up. I know there are a ton of issues with this rough idea so I’d be interested to get peoples views and opinions.
  2. Poll: Tina vs Carrie

    So we all know who Carrie White is. She’s been making kids afraid to bully that weird kid in class since 1974( original book release). Carrie is perhaps the most tragic character in horror due to being a victim of both school bullying and child abuse for sixteen years. And just when things finally seem to go well for her on Prom Night, the pig’s blood scene happened. We all know what happened next. Tina is Carrie’s Walmart Great Value ripoff, but she’s still quite the badass and had quite a troubled childhood as well. But she put Jason through quite a lot of pain and brought her dead father out to finish him. So who do you think would win? Keep in mind that while Carrie in the 1976 only burned down her high school, the original book and 2013 versions wasted her entire town along with the school, and has a body count of 473.
  3. Hey been mentioned by a few people but I'm here to add some details please tell me what you think of this and if you'd like it implemented. We all know Tommy now, if you have a well oiled team of only 3 pros you can kill Jason easy, so what if they add a new thing into the mix. You use the CB radio and either Tommy or Tina shows up now. We all know Tommy has 10/10 stats etc he's a pain in the right hands, Tina though let's talk about her. Stats wise she would be mostly 7s and 8s shes not stupid and from part 7 she can run quite well, her strength being an exception of maybe 4 at the maximum. She'd start like Tommy with health spray and a knife but instead of a shotgun she'd have a 20 to 30 second telekinetic push ability to knock down Jason like a shotgun does, using the triangle button like the sweater (well get to that later) hence the lower stats too. Now killing Jason here's where it gets fun, hard and not really different but enough to shake up the game for a bit of *difference* Tommy: mask off, sweater, bop with a bat, axe or machete for TomTom Now Tina: almost the same but more tactical to pull off, mask off, Jason be stood in shallow water stream/river/shoreline etc (I know they aren't deep but this just wouldn't work in proper out in a body of water) smack him down as usual Tina like Tommy gets an X prompt or pc/Xbox equivalent then her dad rises up and drags Jason down with him like the movie. I think it's pretty easy to implement and would require teams to change up tactics depending who came with the CB radio call. Oh edit: the triangle or pc/Xbox equivalent to use her knock down this prevents Tina from using the sweater so she can't somehow pull all this off by herself!
  4. I think it be nice for a boy next door counsler to choose. A male counterpart for Jenny I think Nick From Part 7 Friday The 13th would be a good choice. My guess for his stats in game "Edited" Composure - 8 Luck - 7 Stamina - 5 Speed - 5 Stealth - 3 Strength - 5 Intelligence - 2
  5. Tina needs to be in the game, perhaps as another option for coming back when you die or escape early besides Tommy. Her psychological powers would seem to be cool in a video game to fight against Jason. I think Reggie would be a interesting addition to the game as a counsler. He's different because of his age. I think he'd have high speed & stamina, decent composure & luck. Perhaps even repair skills judging from the movie.
  6. Since the release of Jarvis tapes I've been wondering if they could make tapes about Tina and what happened to her after part 7.
  7. If I make a repeat topic can I delete it? lol