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Found 3 results

  1. So; there was already a patch to give Jason more knives. Though, I believe there could be a better balance. There are already multiple knives scattered around the map, and this is quite good enough. Though, I believe that the animation for grabbing the knives as Jason is a bit too slow. I find that I've been avoiding them, as it would just take too much time when I already know where a councellor is. I think the same thing goes for when Jason gets stabbed with a pocket knife. The animation is too slow, and I think it shouldn't take him as long to pull it out. Maybe a better balance would be a slight stamina increase to a councellor when they get out of his grasp. It would make it a little more fast paced, and remove the frustration of just sitting and waiting for him to pull it out; without being able to do anything.
  2. So I've been thinking about ways to make traps and knives more interesting for each Jason. My idea is to give throwing knives and traps unique properties rather than just limitations on equipping them. Part 2 Tracking darts - Darts that hit counselors will allow Jason to track them for a short amount of time, regardless of their fear level. They do significantly less damage. Part 3 Vengeful darts - When Jason is stabbed with a pocket knife, a throwing knife is put into his inventory. Terrifying contraption - Traps raise fear significantly, but do less damage and are easy to escape. Part 6 Deceitful Traps - Jason can create a limited number of fake traps alongside his regular traps that do nothing upon walking over them, but it will be up to counselors to take the risk of finding out whether or not they are real or fake. Part 7 Throwing Axe - Jason throws an axe rather than a knife, but while it's damage is higher, it's range is much lower. Natural trap - Jason can project a trap anywhere within a limited range in his line of sight rather than directly by his feet, but rather than damage this trap is very hard to escape and is intended to halt fleeing counselors. Part 8 Manhattan Biohazard - Jason's throwing knives are coated in a potent drug that when hit, counselors vision will begin to become distorted for a short period. The damage is low, but the impairment it causes will make counselors out in the woods easier targets. Manhattan Waste Trap - A trap saturated in Manhattan's toxic waste, which deals higher damage and makes a counselors footsteps much louder. Part 9 Shattering throw - Jason throwing knives can shatter a counselors weapon if they have one equipped, negating any damage but destroying their weapon. If a counselor doesn't have a weapon they take a lot of damage. See no Evil, Hear no Evil - Any counselor trapped by Jason will have their voice communications heard by Jason anywhere across the map for a significant amount of time. Savini Devil's Daggers - Jason's knives burn with the fires of hell, causing any counselor hit by them to take some damage every second for a short amount of time. Hellish Contraption - This trap deals a high amount of damage and burns counselors the longer they remain in it.
  3. So we all know Jason has throwing knives to injure and even kill the counselors, we also know that the windows on the cars are down, which allows Jason to grab. I think it would be really cool if Jason could hit a counselor in the car with a well placed throwing knife (likely the driver). Needless to say, this would be a hard shot to make if they aren't staying completely still, but would be oh so rewarding if it made them temporarily lose control of the car, or even kill a wounded driver. I'm not sure if this would throw off the new balance for the full game (since it has changed since beta) or if this is already a part of the full game, but I think this kind of situation would be great. "Wait, why are we stopping? What's wrong?" *looks over* "Oh god she's dead!"
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