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Found 10 results

  1. I feel it would be a fun idea to interact with the community and the Devs to share our ideas and personal thoughts on what we would like to see for the game, this doesn't mean were asking for all of these, but as a way to keep our imaginations in mind as we wait for more Fixes and ideas! Please share your thoughts below for what could be some cool additions to the game! ❤️
  2. So We all know tiffany cox right ? The flirty girl with the off the shoulder top, and the booty shorts. Shes Great at Running and being stealthy, though shes terrible at repair. One thing has always crossed my mind. Tiffany is mainly looked at as a selfcentered "popular" girl. But I see more than that. In my head, yes she would flirt with everyone and wear flirty clothing. Yet she wouldn't be egotistical, she would be nice and friendly. What are your thoughts?
  3. I am curious. With the DLC for Jason X or as many people call him UBER JASON coming out soon. I just want to see some thoughts about this. I for one am excited for the future update, but there are still questions. Such as: what are his strengths and weaknessess, how is the map going to play out, etc... I think the map should include different methods of gameplay. Such as calling the rescue pod crew instead of police, using escape pods as replacements for the cars, possibly having the android or Brodski as the 'heros' instead of Tommy Jarvis. Also they should add the virtual simulation from the movie in game aswell. So the map plays out as normal in a camp, but it is static like and much smaller. What are other thoughts about UBER JASON. I posted my kill ideas for Jason X on my other Lead of NEW KILL IDEAS aswell.
  4. What if they only make Grendel available for single player challenges? I know they haven't said anything about the map since the virtual cabin teaser, but considering the difference in setting, I was wondering how exactly they'd get the setting to work in a multiplayer environment. What is the community's thoughts if Grendel only turned out to be a single player challenge map?
  5. Alright, so I will be posting the characters in order of who I think is the best all the way down to the worst. I did this with the Jason's on a previous forum post so feel free to go ahead and read that if you have the time and are bored. Know I am only writing this stuff as tips and advice for players who play the game and my friends. If you want to share anything or just tell me your own opinion on the characters feel free to do so in the comments. --------- Deborah Kim ---- Stats : Composure - 5/10 Luck - 3/10 Repair - 10/10 Speed - 4/10 Stamina - 3/10 Stealth - 9/10 Strength - 1/10 Personal Ranking : 1/10 So when playing the game I find Deborah to just be all around one of the more overpowered councilors to actually survive with. She has high stealth, below average speed, and really high repair. Which those 4 stats being the things I think a player just kind of need's if their play is to repair and escape. Which is a large portion of what people try to do. So in my own personal ranking I would say she is the best character in the game just because for what a lot of people aim to do, she can cover all those things and not get spotted. -------------- A.J Mason ---- Stats : Composure - 7/10 Luck - 1/10 Repair - 7/10 Speed - 4/10 Stamina - 4/10 Stealth - 10/10 Strength - 2/10 Personal Ranking : 2/10 Now A.J is probably my favorite stealth character to play as. She has a similar feeling to how Deborah plays, just with a little better stealth for the lack of repair (Which is like only 1 or 2 more buttons to press). Not to mention she has higher composure so if you are playing against a Jason who likes to linger around and stalk this can come in handy. A.J had a good chance at being number 1 in my own opinion, but Deborah just covers the field players play the game to do much more. ---------------- Tiffany Cox ---- Stats : Composure - 3/10 Luck - 4/10 Repair - 1/10 Speed - 6/10 Stamina - 9/10 Stealth - 10/10 Strength - 2/10 Personal Ranking : 3/10 Tiffany is a character that a lot of people under-rate because of her booty shorts and sex appeal. However how her stats actually work is the perfect run and stealth type play style. If you are aiming to survive, then she is very good for this. She can get away fast and if you have the time to distract Jason with a pocket knife or fire cracks, you can hide really fast just so he can lose you and go to someone else. However, what she does lack is that need to get out fast. She is not the smartest character, so she can't really repair anything without Jason noticing without some practice and even then it takes so long that if the Jason forgets to check on the area he kind of deserves the lose. --------------------- Kenny Riedell ---- Stats : Composure - 5/10 Luck - 5/10 Repair - 5/10 Speed - 5/10 Stamina - 5/10 Stealth - 5/10 Strength - 5/10 Personal Ranking : 4/10 Kenny, this was another character I was thinking of ranking higher because of the fact if you have perks you can build him however. Sadly, that is why I had to make him lower is because to fit your play style, you need to give him perks. He is a really good character for people who are just trying to do everything they can to stay alive, escaping, killing, or running. However because of all this, he had to be put down lower since his overall chances of survival are actually pretty low when you are playing without perks on him. ------------------------ Adam Palomino ---- Stats : Composure - 7/10 Luck - 2/10 Repair - 6/10 Speed - 5/10 Stamina - 4/10 Stealth - 3/10 Strength - 8/10 Personal Ranking : 5/10 Adam I was going to put higher on the list similar to Kenny, but I did not because in terms of survivability it is just not there for him. He has average stamina and speed, with a low stealth. In terms of attempting to both repair stuff and kill Jason, he is most likely your best choice. However saying that, in terms of actually surviving and making it out are very low because of how easy it actually would be to spot Adam and chase him down as Jason. -------------------------- Eric Lachappa ---- Stats : Composure - 4/10 Luck - 5/10 Repair - 10/10 Speed - 3/10 Stamina - 2/10 Stealth - 8/10 Strength - 3/10 Personal Ranking : 6/10 Now, a lot of people would probably ask why Eric is so low when Deborah is ranked at number 1. Which I did stop and think about this one for a moment and said, "These two are pretty much the same". The only real difference I saw was Eric is slower, has less stamina, and is a little louder then her. In exchange he can help kill Jason faster then her, which its not even that helpful. So with that in knowledge, I do not think I would rank someone who has a similar play style to Deborah be higher along with the fact the extra benefit he gets is fighting Jason and trying to survive the hardest way possible. ---------------------------- Vanessa Jones ---- Stats : Composure - 3/10 Luck - 6/10 Repair - 2/10 Speed - 10/10 Stamina - 9/10 Stealth - 1/10 Strength - 4/10 Personal Ranking : 7/10 Vanessa is a very strange pick for the simple reason she is super loud and the only benefit to her is she runs faster then everyone else and gets stamina back fast. This is why she is closer to the bottom, in terms of survivability she is just to be a pest to Jason, to just constantly keep on running and running from him until someone most likely calls the Police. Reason I say that is when she starts running toward the car, Jason is most likely going to be behind her, making people just bail. Vanessa's goal is mainly to just hope someone calls the cop's so she can just run all the way there without a care in the world. ------------------------------- Brandon Wilson ---- Stats : Composure - 4/10 Luck - 2/10 Repair - 1/10 Speed - 8/10 Stamina - 8/10 Stealth - 2/10 Strength - 10/10 Personal Ranking : 8/10 Brandon is in the same situation as Vanessa except for the fact that he has the ability to kill Jason. A big issue with this is, Adam can get the mask of just as easily as Brandon can. Brandon has the same purpose as Vanessa and that is to wait for the Police, but he comes with an extra bonus of what he can try to do and that is kill Jason with his level 10 strength. If you can get some perks to help you fight or stay alive against Jason, I feel he would be an amazing pick and personally is one of the funniest characters to play if you build him that way. However in terms of surviving, he is an 8/10 in my opinion. ---------------------------------- Chad Kensington ---- Stats : Composure - 1/10 Luck - 10/10 Repair - 2/10 Speed - 9/10 Stamina - 4/10 Stealth - 6/10 Strength - 3/10 Personal Ranking : 9/10 Now we are starting to hit the two bottom of the barrel characters in my own personal opinion. Chad has literally no benefits that someone else does not have. He has the highest luck, which increases durability and gives him small stat boosts to everything else, which is not even a lot. Increasing weapon durability is nice for fight Jason, but his strength is so low he will die before getting the mask half way off. Chad is just a character there for the jokes, hence there is so many jokes about him. Such as being a momma's boy, being the type of person to leave everyone, etc. --------------------------------------- Jenny Myers ---- Stats : Composure - 10/10 Luck - 8/10 Repair - 2/10 Speed - 3/10 Stamina - 5/10 Stealth - 6/10 Strength - 1/10 Personal Ranking : 10/10 We finally have reached Jenny Myers. Like Chad, she has high luck which in my own opinion means nothing without strength which she has less then Chad. However her highest skill is Composure, something to get rid of fear and break free from Jason's grasp faster. However fear is pretty simple to get rid of and prevent from happening to you naturally. Then getting outta Jason's grasp before he uses an instant killing execution is very unlikely. Combining all those together, she just does not have anything that benefits the player in their attempts to survive that other characters have. ---------------------------------------- Anyways, that is my opinion on all of the councilor's within the game. Feel free to talk about it below on who you like and why. Also remember that this was posted on 6/28/2017 just incase any updates came out and you want to tell me how wrong I am on this stuff if it changes in the future. Anyways feel free to also leave down below what else you want to see me write about I have plenty of time and I love to research and dig deep into games, I have even found out a few things apparently not a lot of people know. Bye!
  6. Now, before I go into details on the Jason's and my own thoughts about them, know that Savini Jason will not be covered as I do not have him sadly and cannot play as him. If I knew of the game sooner I might have bought and supported everything as I am a big horror fan, but I did not. Also know that these are my own personal opinions on each of the Jason's and my thoughts on them. I do not expect many people to read or care for this, but I just wanted some where I can write this information down to show my friends a little more easily or to just talk to people on streams when I do them about it. (If people join my stream). Anyways, now that it is all out of the way, please enjoy what I have to say about Jason and what you may not know or already know about them. ---------------------------------- Part 2 Jason ---- Perks : "Can Run" : Moves faster when pushing the L3 button in. "More Traps" : Gains 3 extra traps compared to other Jason's. "Morph Speed" : Can teleport around the map much faster. Weaknesses : "Slow Shift" : Shift recharges slower (Also you move slower while in it) "Lower Defense" : Has less HP and a lower block chance. "Slower Water Speed" : Moves a lot slower inside of the water. Personal ranking : 2/6 When playing as the Part 2 Jason, your main focus is just securing every possible way the councilors can escape. By taking advantage of your "Morph" speed increase, you can get to all of the objective area's really fast before they can fully repair anything. Not to mention with your increased amount of traps you can easily trap all of these locations as well to prevent them from leaving without you knowing. His weaknesses are not even that bad either. Besides the fact "Shift" has a longer cool down and you move slower in it compared to other Jason's, the other two perks are not that bad. Very rarely will people get into the boat because of how risky it is to be instant killed, not to mention its very easy to cut off. Then the lowered defense does not really matter if the people have 0 clue how to kill you or you can kill the person who gets the sweater or tommy. The main focus is when you are playing this Jason is to secure the area, before you attempt to kill. You are not fast, even if you have the ability to run your low "Shift" up time will mess you up when catching people. Do not focus on the players first, cause this is what will get you killed or them to escape. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3 Jason ---- Perks : "Can Run" : Moves faster when pushing the L3 button in. "Weapon Strength" : Killing players takes 1 less hit. (From 4 hits to 3). "Grip Strength" : Breaking out of Jason's grip is much harder. Weaknesses : "Not Resistant" : Can be stunned a lot easier and longer by melee weapons. "Short Sense" : Sensing where councilors are has a longer cool down, shorter duration, and shorter range. "Weak Stalker" : Stalking has longer cool down and duration. Personal Ranking : 5/6 This Jason is basically designed around for people who are new to the game. The Jason's main play style for the whole game is to just focus down on killing those they spot in an instance. This can be backed up by the fact he has 2 methods of easy killing, both swinging is stronger, and grabbing is hard to break out of. Then he has the ability to run for people who are low on stamina. His weaknesses are pretty bad, but they are understandable. This Jason was designed to just kill people he personally spots or can hear, hence his "Sense" weakness and "Stalk" weakness. Losing his "Stalk" is not even that bad since a majority of people know Jason is around already. However the Stun resistance is a major hassle to deal with as Jason can be knocked on the ground fast by more experienced players. All around, with this Jason you want to just hurry up, kill the player, then move onto the next one before someone stuns you and gets out of the range of your sense making it hard to find them. It is a good Jason for new players, but overall he is just not that great. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 6 Jason ---- Perks : "Throwing Knives" : Jason has 4 extra throwing knives when he spawns. "Sense" : Sense cool down is reduced along with increased in duration and range. "Shift" : Shift cool down is reduced along with moving faster while in the form. Weaknesses : "Lower Defense" : Has less HP and a lower block chance. "Cant Run" : Has a reduced speed when pressing the L3 button in. "Reduced Morph" : Morph has a longer cool down time. Personal Ranking : 3/6 This Jason along with Part 9 Jason play very similarly so it was hard settling on who was actually better as it is more around play style preference when it comes to how their jobs are done as they both do their job effectively, which is to hunt players and never let them go. With Part 6 Jason's throwing knives he can easily dish out some early damage, as with the knives in his shack he has a total of 6, meaning he can slow 2 Councilors or kill 1 with just knives. Then you have his increased Sense and Shift where he can just find you and travel toward you in pretty much an instance. His weaknesses however can be a major downside to you as well. With his reduced defense it can make killing him easy, as his mask comes off much faster. The fact that he cant run will make it take a longer period of time to kill one person and giving them chances to climb through windows and such much easier. Then the fact you cant teleport around the map as often to ensure people are not doing stuff or to prevent vehicles from getting away is a major pain. With this Jason, you just want to kill people. You want to find them and try and kill them quickly as you have the tools to do so. You cant underestimate people or be distracted for to long however, so if someone is taking up your time just injure them and move onto the next group of people. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 7 Jason ---- Perks : "Sense" : Sense cool down is reduced along with increased in duration and range. "Water Speed" : Moves much faster in the water. "Grip Strength" : Breaking out of Jason's grip is much harder. Weaknesses : "Can't Run" : The player moves slightly slower when pressing in the L3 button. "Less Trap's" : The player has 1 less trap compared to other Jason's. "Slow Shift" : Shift recharges slower (Also you move slower while in it) Personal Ranking : 6/6 With this Jason, I personally feel that he is the weakest, but obviously has perks when the situation comes to it. His grip strength is still there, making it so grab killing is the obvious focus for this Jason. He also has increased sense so he can actually find out where the players are to kill them a lot easier. Then he has increased water speed making the boat literally the worst option of escape (If the boat is on the map). His weaknesses however, are a major hit compared to all the other Jason's as each one of these will badly effect the player. You cannot run making it so for players with high stamina characters you have to spend more time on. You have very few traps meaning you cant exactly secure the map that well. Then you have a slower and longer shift time, meaning if you want to try and catch those fast players, you get one chance before having to slowly walk toward them like an idiot for the next like 30 seconds. All around this character was made to screw over whoever try's to fix up the boat and to just grab people and instantly deal with them, because if they were able to break free fast, its going to take a while to catch them again. The character is still manageable but compared to the other Jason's there is no real point in playing this one besides the looks. ----------------------------------------------------- Part 8 Jason ---- Perks : "Water Speed" : You move a lot faster in water. "Destruction" : You can destroy doors in half the time (3 hits instead of 6). "Stalk" : Stalk duration is increased and cool down is reduced. Weaknesses : "Sense" : Sensing where councilors are has a longer cool down, shorter duration, and shorter range. "Cant Run" : Has a reduced speed when pressing the L3 button in. "Grip Strength" : It is easier for players to get out of your grip. Personal Ranking : 1/6 The main reason I personally think this Jason is number 1, is for that perk called "Destruction". The only other Jason with it is the Savini Jason (Which I sadly do not have). This perk is a monster of a perk as housing is the only way for players to actually feel safe and he just completely busts through everything early on giving players close to no time to rest. His other two perks are nice, being a threat if a boat is on a map and hiding his presence, but they do not compare to how good and effective "Destruction" is. His weaknesses are bad, but manageable as well. As I said before with "Can't Run" it means you have to spend a lot of time on the players with higher stamina which can be a major pain. Your weaker grip strength can make it so players who have high composure can easily just get out of your grip before you get in the right spot to kill them. Then your short sense will make it so if they do get away its going to be a pain to find them again. All and all however, because you have the Destruction perk, your reduced speed makes sense. You give players 0 time to rest, making it so even without speed you are going to waste their stamina and catch them a lot faster then other Jason's with this weakness. Your reduced grip strength can be easily countered by using stuff like "Choke" which can be used anywhere (Cause its a bitch move). Then not being able to sense players is not that big a deal so long as you have a rough location or you just watch the vehicles. ---------------------------------------------------------- Part 9 Jason ---- Perks : "Shift" : Shift cool down is reduced along with moving faster while in the form. "Stun Resistance" : Stun duration and chance is lowered. "Stalk" : Stalk duration is increased and cool down is reduced. Weaknesses : "Can't Run" : Has a reduced speed when pressing the L3 button in. "Less hit points" : Has less HP so loses mask a lot faster. "Less traps" : The player has 1 less trap compared to other Jason's. Personal Ranking : 4/6 This one was a tough call with comparing it to part 6 Jason, as the two have a very straight forward play style of being able to hunt down players then leaving when ever they want to handle other important situations. With your increased shift perk you can easily catch up to players to remove them and if they try to stun you with flare guns, shotguns, and other weapons, you can shrug it off in pretty much 0 time. Your stalk although there, is not the best thing when it comes to this. Yes, like other Jason's your walk speed will prevent you from catching some targets. Then you have your lack of traps which gives you less map control compared to some other Jason's making you need to be more alert and focused on some of the escape methods. Then less hit points makes it all around easier to just kill you and for people to win that way. In conclusion however, even though you cannot run, you have a faster shift making it so that situation is solved and dealt with. Your less hit points is made up for by not being stunned as easily, so those who try to remove your mask are obviously going to die. The biggest issue is going to be your traps and map control but that can be easily avoided if you just pay attention. -------------------------------------------------- Hope you guys enjoyed the time to actually read this. Remember this is all an opinion so feel free to share your own thoughts below. Jason regardless is an over powered character, its what is needed in order to fight of the councilors. However, there is always still a variation and opinion of how people play and who they like to play as or don't. Know as well, Jason's may change in the future with nerf's or buff's who knows. So the date of me writing this has been 6/28/2017. Also expect to see a few more posts from me on other tip's and trick's with the game that I have discovered while playing. (Others may have discovered them as well... but I found them without videos sooo... yeah).
  7. So, the beta ended. I was able to play a lot of games, even with the server issues, and I think I'm more than capable now to freely talk about what I like and what I don't like, and give feedback based on my experience. Sorry if something is badly written, English is not my mother tongue and I still have a few mistakes. First things first, I love the game. I can't explain how much I enjoyed the beta and I want to make that clear. Yeah, I'm going to criticize A LOT of things, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoyed the experience. And you're going to notice that I'll talk about the BETA and not the GAME itself. Let's get started... CHARACTERS +Counselors +STATS -COMPOSURE: Reduces fear build-up and makes easier to escape from Jason's grab. Pretty self-explanatory. A good stat, but his secondary use was completely useless in the Beta. There's no way you can escape from Jason's grab if he doesn't lose time looking for an environmental kill, even with Jenny Myers (10 Composure). A "good" Jason will just grab you and instantly spam his Choke to kill you. -LUCK: Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats. By far the worst stat in the Beta. It doesn't matter to increase weapon durability because we can't fight Jason in the Beta, it's impossible (and I will talk about it in the Gameplay section). About the minor increase to other stats, I can't really tell if that worked in the Beta because there's no way to notice them, and, if they worked as intended, they were RNG. In my opinion, RNG shouldn't exist in something so important in the game- -INTELLIGENCE: Increases repair effectiveness. Very useful stat. Makes repairing a lot faster and easier. The main problem with the stat is that there's only four things you can repair in the Beta (Gas, Battery, Phone and Electricity) and that there's no real drawback for low intelligence counselors for repairing. A 10 Intelligence counselor will repair something in 5-10 seconds and a low Intelligence one will do it in 15-20 seconds, so it's (almost) not a big deal. -SPEED: Increases overall top speed. Good stat. Simple. Working as intended. Useful. Moving on. -STAMINA: Increases overall stamina pool and reduces the stamina cost of actions. Hands down the BIGGEST PROBLEM of the counselors. Before the 25th Patch, every single counselor besides Vanessa and Tiffany had two choices: 1, walk all the way from one camp to another to save stamina so you can run if Jason appears, or 2, jog/run from one camp to another and lose all your stamina halfway. After the 25th Patch the problem was kinda solved, everyone could move from camp to camp and at least save half of their stamina, but now there's counselors with more Stat Points than others. Before the patch, everyone had 35 Stat Points. After the Patch, Vanessa and Tiffany have 32, Kenny has 36, and everyone else has 37. Even so, the Stamina System doesn't convince me in its actual state, neither as counselor nor Jason. I'll talk more about Stamina in the Gameplay section of the post. -STEALTH: Reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason's ability to sense. A good stat overall, but 80% useless because of Jason's Sense ability in its Beta state. With A.J. Mason or Tiffany, both 10 Stealth characters, sometimes you could evade Jason's Sense and sometimes you couldn't when crouching/walking/hiding, so I have to suppose that Stealth, Noise and Sense evade are RNG. I've tried a lot with different characters. I've evaded Jason with Vanessa hiding in a closet but he caught me when I was doing the same with A.J. . I sincerelly don't know how it works, so I'm going to blame RNG and Jason's Sense in its Beta state. Please I'd really appreciate if someone corrects me if I'm wrong. I'll edit the post ASAP. -STRENGTH: Increases weapon damage reduces the stamina cost of combat actions. Like I said when I talked about Composure, counselors couldn't fight Jason in the Beta, so I can't say if it' s good or bad. I guess it's good, but I couldn't test it in a 1v1 situation against Jason, because in the Beta that was instant death. +PERKS I'm not going to talk about every single perk like I did with Stats. I think most of them are good and some of them are completely useless. I'll group them in three: Stamina, Item and General perks. -STAMINA PERKS: Aquanaut, Marathon and Restful. Besides Aquanaut (which isn't useful in the Beta map), Marathon and Restful are extremely good because of the current state of the Stamina System and if it doesn't change they will be used together 100% when the game releases, restricting build variation and creating a Build Meta, which I personally think it's bad, at least so early in the game. -ITEM PERKS: Firecracker, Hypochondriac, Medic, Pyro and Slugger. Good perks but they depend in the item usefulness. I'll talk about items in the Item section. -GENERAL PERKS: Level Headed, Low Profile, Scout, Spatial Awareness and Thick Skinned. Good perks too, but I have to talk about three of them: -Low Profile: It's badly explained and creates confusion. The 50% chance of evading Jason's Sense only happens while crouched. -Scout: Could have some use if Jason could use bear traps like the counselors, but not in the Beta. -Spatial Awareness: Stumbling is not a big deal in the Beta. Doesn't briefly slow or stuns you so no one bothers about it. +Jason +ABILITIES -MORPH. Jason is slow and has to kill 7 people in a big map, so I think he really needs this. -RAGE. It states it heightens Jason's other abilities, but I don't really know how. I suppose its cooldowns, but I can't notice it. Bursting through walls and doors is really useful. -SHIFT. Jason's "Chase ability" and I'm not going to lie, I don't like it. It's difficult to control and it breaks Jason's immersion (in my case at least and in its actual state). You rely on this skill to catch people on the run and make a good grab or attack the moment you exit the Shift. I'll talk more about this in the Gameplay section. -SENSE. Jason's most unbalanced ability in the Beta. You sense people fear and noises around you, and I think Jason needs this to find counselors, but in the Beta you don't sense them. You basically see them marked in glowing red through everything. +DIFFERENT JASONS In the Beta, Part II and III Jason were kings because of their ability to "run". Part VII Jason is EXTREMELY slow and relies on Shift even more than the other two, making him the worst Jason in the Beta. ITEMS -Firecrackers: They're supposed to distract Jason, lure him and mask your own noises, but with Jason's Sense actual state, they doesn't have much use. -First Aid Spray: They're useful, but they could be even more if Jason attacks more than he grabs and/or if we could use it on other players and gain experience by healing them. -Car fixing items (Battery, Gas, Keys): Nothing to say here. -Walkie-Talkies: I think they're useful and they were kinda glitched in the Beta. I could hear other players from the other corner of the map because they had walkies but I didn't have one. I think there should be less of them too. -Bear Traps: Good and useful items but their usefulness is "capped". First, Jason can't use them, and I think it'd add more tension to the game and give the Scout perk some use. Counselors place them in front of locked doors and covering the whole entrance to the barn. There isn't a lot of strategic points to place them. -Pocket Knife: By far the best item in the Beta and the only real way to escape from Jason's grab in its actual state. -Weapons: There are several weapons counselors can use to fight Jason, but you can't fight Jason in the Beta. I think they're good, some weapons deal more damage than others and some have more stun chance than damage. GAMEPLAY The gameplay experience overall is decent, but lacks pressure and possibilities. I'll divide this section in three: Counselors, Jason and General. -Counselors We have a list of objectives to escape: Fix the blue car, Fix the yellow one, Call the police and Call Tommy. The cars were ultra glitched in the Beta, but I managed to escape twice, and the experience is good, a lot of teamplay. Police is by far the easiest, faster and safest way to escape in the Beta. The two final days of the Beta were basically everyone rushing the phone, looking the outside of the cabins for the generator and escaping, ending in a 5-10 minute game. I think this should be changed, because it isn't fun for Jason and even for the counselors. You just fix it, call the police, move to the north cabin and camp them until police arrives. When this happens, there's no reason to keep searching for items and exploring, just wait 5 minutes, stall Jason and run. Tommy Jarvis is listed as an objective to escape but it didn't felt like that in the Beta. Lore-wise, Jarvis comes to help the counselors and fight Jason, but in the game's actual state the Jarvis player joins and feels like it's another counselor with more stamina and a one bullet shotgun, because fighting Jason is impossible in the Beta. Also, his voice line doesn't help. He is supposed to fight Jason and insult/provoke him, but the moment he sees a dead body he's like "Oh my god! Jason is killing people!?" and you're like "NO SHIT SHERLOCK!?". Running from Jason is a game of jogging, crouching to recover some stamina, jog or sprint a bit again and dodge Shift+Grab combo. It isn't fun at all. You don't feel any pressure. Also, if Jason focuses you, it's IMPOSSIBLE to lose him, even with Vanessa. You can sprint the whole map from one corner to another but you'll never be able to lose him because of the actual state of Jason's Sense. Hiding. Like I said in the Stealth section, I feel like sometimes it was useful, and sometimes wasn't (which is good, but I think it has a big problem of RNG and Jason's Sense Beta State). Again, if someone can explain how Stealth and hiding exactly worked in the Beta, please enlighten me. Fightning Jason in the Beta was instant death. Counselors take AGES to swing their weapons and we can't almost control the direction of the swing, and while we are swinging, Jason just attacks or grabs us, stopping our animation and killing us if he grabbed. We have a combat stance, dodges and blocking. Swinging in combat stance is the same than doing it normally, or at least I can't notice any difference. Dodges felt clunky and were useless against Jason, I think because of hitbox issues. I think blocking was working as intended, but it was useless anyway. In the case you have a 1v1 situation against Jason without grabbing, block all you want, but you're gonna fall eventually because Jason swings instantly and without any recovery and you take ages to swing and recover. Also, if you're grabbed by Jason, it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to escape, even with 10 Composure counselors. Mash E all you want, the moment Jason hits the grab kill button you're instantly dead. Interaction with other players is almost non-existent. Besides working together to fix the car, there's no point in trying to help your teammates from Jason. The only way to stun Jason and save a grabbed teammate is that Jason loses time searching for an environmental kill, because if he decides to do the Choke Kill (for example) he activates his I-Frames and the kill animation instantly and you are either arriving or in the middle of the 21847198651 years you take to swing your weapon. Also, you can't heal injured teammates, only throw the healing spray to the ground, which I think it's silly. We have very few actions granting experience. The only ways counselors can gain experience in the Beta are: blocking a door, placing a bear trap, Jason stepping in the bear trap, fixing battery/gas/phone/generator and hitting Jason (I'm not including the experience from escaping). We need more ways to gain experience and ways to interact with other players, and this I think it's high priority. In-game voice comms are great, but it also has a problem: Trolls and open mic-people. In the Beta, we couldn't mute people in-game and I encountered a few trolls than annoyed me a lot (Music, screaming...) and people who doesn't know that there's an option called Push-to-Talk and I could hear their whole house. This shouldn't be a big problem in any other game, but in Friday the 13th The Game Jason is supposed to Sense noises, and voice comms are supposed to generate noise, resulting in Jason's attention. -Jason Jason gameplay experience is less complex than the counselors. Just chase and kill everybody. Let me clarify, that isn't bad, is what it should be, but in the Beta it felt kinda frustrating sometimes. First, after joining the game, you are FORCED to immediately Morph to the phone and guard the area until Morph is up again or you've scared nearby counselors, because if you don't, you'll probably have a 5-10 minute game. Chasing counselors isn't fun at all, especially with Part VII. There's NO WAY you can get to counselors without doing a Shift+Grab/Attack combo OR surprise them behind a a corner when they walk (and this doesn't happen often). Yeah you can eventually catch them if they are out of stamina, but when the jog-crouch-sprint was discovered, it was impossible (I'm talking about Part II and III, VII will never catch anyone even if out of stamina). When counselors are out of stamina, they tend to stumble, which I suppose it's some kind of punish for counselors and an advantage for Jason, which is good, but in the Beta stumbling didn't do anything. Didn't briefly slow nor stun the counselor, and if it does, it isn't noticeable for Jason and he can't take advantage from it. And, as Jason, seeing people jogging away from him like they're doing excercise instead of sprinting and screaming is silly. Like I said before, I don't like Shift, just because if I want to play a teleport+attack combo killer I'll play Dead By Daylight's Nurse, which is EXACTLY this. I want Jason to be unique, and every Jason to have his own playstyle, but in the actual state of the game Jason feels like the Nurse from Dead By Daylight. That's the harsh truth. Sense in its actual state isn't fun. Rather than use the ability and think "Where can they be?" it was like "Lets see where they are". I think I don't need to explain more. Environmental kills feel extremely situational and doesn't happen often. I've already said that counselors are unable to escape if they are grabbed, but that changes drastically when looking for environmental kills. You have almost NO TIME to search them before the counselor escapes, so if you don't happen to grab him just right to one, you are forced to immediately do a grab kill if you don't want him to escape. Also, in the case of the back-break one when you throw them to a cabin wall, you can't do it in any point of the wall, you need to search for a very specific point to perform it. -General Gameplay Procedural generation its just for items, generators and radio. The map itself is always the same, three camp hotspots with three cabins, the middle big house, the barn and the graveyard, always everything in the same place. Jason's shack and the cars always have two potential spawns, same for the radio and generators/phone. I feel like the cabins are always the same in the inside too. I'm not critizicing anything, just explaining how it is, and I will give my suggestions later. This kinda leads to the second topic. The forest feels empty. There's absolutely nothing you can do or interact with in the forest. Yeah, the forest is Jason's domain and you're kinda fucked if you stay in the woods, but I also think there's a lot of wasted space in there. Easter eggs are very good and add a lot of life to the game. I loved how the community were exploring every single corner of the map looking for ways to kill Jason, Pamela's shrine, her sweater, the graveyard. The more easter eggs, secrets and hidden mechanics in the game, the better. Jason player being chosen randomly I think it's a HUGE mistake. There are two "factions" in the game, Jason and the counselors. There's going to be people who likes to mainly play Jason (like me), people who likes to mainly play counselors, and people who likes to play both equally. With the actual system, you're basically forcing a counselor player to play as Jason or vice versa. In my case, for example, I've played around 60 games during the whole Beta test (sadly because I suffered the server issues more than others) and I've been able to play Jason only 10-15 of them. Don't misunderstand me, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoyed those games, but I personally prefer to play as Jason and I couldn't enjoy him as much as I wanted. Also, this could lead to problems with premades. I've played with a friend a lot and sometimes one of us was Jason and the other a counselor. We played fairly, we muted each other in discord. But other people may not be like that, and ruin the entire game for the counselors by giving Jason indications. SUGGESTIONS In this section I'll post my suggestions to improve the game based on my own experience from the Beta. +About fighting Jason and combat: - Add recovery time to Jason's attacks and grabs so he can't spam them and punish him if he fails, giving counselors a slight chance to fight back. - Speed up (maybe a 20%?) counselor's swing animation and grant us the ability to control the direction while swinging. - Reduce Jason's swing speed. +About counselor stats: - Stamina needs to be reworked or changed. I sincerely don't know how, but counselors besides Tiffany and Vanessa need at least more stamina. - Luck needs to be changed. +About Jason: - My biggest suggestion is to give every Jason a unique chase ability which isn't Shift. Maybe a charge or a weapon throw. - Zombie Jasons needs something to not completely rely on Shift. - "Human" Jasons should run at least like a counselor with 3 Speed, so he can perfectly chase people without stamina or jogging and doesn't rely on Shift for the entire chase. - Sense needs to be reworked so we only see sounds, not counselors in glowing red. Houses with sound inside could be marked as red like in the Beta. - Give Jason the ability to use bear traps like the counselors. +About Counselors: - We need more things to interact in the map to give experience. - We should be able to heal our teammates. - Stumbling when jogging/sprinting without stamina should briefly slow or stun the counselor. - Tommy Jarvis voice lines should be more aggresive towards Jason. He is supposed to fight him and he shouldn't be afraid of him. +About gameplay: - The buildings and the graveyard should be completely procedural, not the same buildings in the same places every game. Every building should be completely procedural in the inside. - Add one or two more cabins or a useful building to use some empty space in the forest. Maybe a nursery cabin? - Counselors shouldn't be able to see the map in the case it is 100% procedural. Add a new item "Map" to grant them that. - A couple new items to give some more variety. - Add a new item "Toolbox" which should be needed to fix the phone. I think this should be a good way to stop the "Rush Phone Meta". - Phone, Radio and Generators should potentially spawn in every cabin, not the same three every game. - Let us choose what we want to play before the game: Jason or Counselors. And that's all. I'll add more suggestions if I think new ones. I'm eager to see what do you guys think. We all want this game to be the best game possible, and we can help with our feedback.
  8. Please note that my suggestions are all from a counselor perspective as I have yet to play Jason during any sessions. The stamina system needs a complete overhaul. As it stands, stamina runs out way too fast and recovers at a snail's pace. I played the middle-of-the-road-stats guy during most of my sessions and my stamina would drain to nothing just trying to get from point A to point B. I still don't understand why it drains from normal movement. Sprinting should be the only thing that drains that meter. Furthermore, why does it recover so unbelievably slowly? I shouldn't be waiting minutes to be able to sprint for seconds. That just makes no sense. If I'm not moving, I'm not actually playing, am I? Savvy players are going to pick the athletic girl out of the sheer frustration of using anyone else. Potential solutions: - Keep the stamina drain rates as they are, but boost stamina recovery way, WAY higher. As in that meter shouldn't take more than 10 seconds to fill up. - Eliminate stamina entirely. I know that's going to seem unfair to Jason players, but considering how his short-range teleport practically turns him into Nightcrawler by the end of the match, it's not really that unbalanced. - Counselors can get stronger during the match the same way Jason does. Remember Metal Gear Solid 2 where you could increase Snake's ability to hold onto ledges by training him? Why not have the stamina drain slow/recovery rate increase the longer a match goes on for counselors? Eliminate being seen/heard if you're in hiding. I'm aware you couldn't originally be seen in gameplay videos and people starting making comments about it, but really...why even bother hiding if Jason can see you? I know you put a lot of thought into the hiding system, but it's pretty much a free kill for him at this point if you even try. Nerf Jason's short range teleport. As mentioned in the stamina section, by the end of the match, Jason is teleporting like crazy. I realize what this is supposed to invoke. This is the idea of the horror movie monster showing up around any corner, but as it stands, he can just teleport right up next to you over and over and over again. Potential solutions: - The short range teleport needs to have a high cooldown even at endgame. Give the counselor a chance to get away. - The short range teleport shouldn't be able to work period unless the teleport puts him somewhere he can't be seen, like behind a tree or wall. Not everyone uses microphones/People are going to use Teamspeak. The communication system reeks of closed circle game design. What I mean by that is that you designed the game based on your ideal of how it should be played, not the reality of how players are actually going to play it. There are going to be plenty of players who don’t use microphones at all with their headsets. There’s no way for them to communicate with the rest of the group. And that’s not getting into the people who do have microphones, but aren’t going to play by the rules you laid out. I bet the walkie-talkies looked great on paper. But people playing in a group are going to use programs like Teamspeak, Discord, Skype, etc. They’re not going to engage the game the way you want them to. Potential solutions: - Add a text chat to the game. This might seem unbalanced, but it’s really not. People who have to stop to type aren’t moving or doing anything else. It would make them sitting ducks for Jason if they do it when he’s around. - Add vocal commands that can either be manually selected or activate automatically in certain contexts. For a great example of this, play some Overwatch. Not only can you manually select things like “group up” or “I need healing”, characters should “behind you!” all on their own. AND they have text chat on top of it. The best of all possible worlds, really. Implement a Vote-To-Kick Function (with Jason being excluded). This is more of a "easily foreseeable" issue, but you are going to have trolls who will intentionally shoot teammates, set off noise makers, mess with doors/windows/traps or generally lead Jason straight to the other counselors. There needs to be a way to boot those kinds of troublemakers so the rest of the group doesn't get frustrated with the game instead. Turn off the friendly fire. The last few times I've played, when a gun was found, people shot other survivors...on purpose! And the police exit was open. Nobody was fighting over who got to use the car or anything. They were just being trolls. I realize you intended there to be a little backstabbing among the counselors, but please reconsider this. This is just inviting trolling. The VHS distortion has got to go, regardless of any other changes. No if’s, and’s or but’s. I cannot understand why this is in the game at all. To hide Jason’s he-shouldn’t-be-teleporting-right-up-to-you-anyway effect? I’ve died in this game not because I played poorly, not because the other player outsmarted me, but because YOU KEEP BLINDING ME. Tutorials, Tutorials, Tutorials. There’s far too little explanation as to what does what in the game. The How to Play is a good start, but I encouraged a friend to preorder, he looked through that stuff and I still had to explain how to play the game to him. That’s not even getting into the multiple times people find flare guns and then instantly use them inside cabins just to see what they’d do. This isn’t a rogue-like. I realize that we live in an age where instruction manuals have gone the way of the Dodo, but expecting people to just figure things out without a single player mode (for counselors) or in the middle of a match where making a fatal mistake removes you from play for possibly 10 minutes or more is asking for rage -> refund. Backfill empty slots with bots. Right now, the game starts when you have five people. It ends up being a slaughter. Also, if someone leaves the match, their spot should be taken over by a bot to keep the total number of players consistent. Hell, I’d love to see like two police bots roaming the map if the cops show up. Jason can kill them, but they can shoot back and also run interference for counselors trying to get out. The last survivor needs to still be able to win (other than by running out the clock). By the end of the game, Jason's an unstoppable monster and the last counselor is pretty much a sitting duck if they've been found. Their stamina is drained out, Jason is teleporting all over the place and at that point, there's little else to do than just give up or leave the match. Why? Because while horror is great in films, in a video game you must absolutely avoid the feeling of hopelessness. People can handle defeat if they've been outfoxed. They can handle defeat if they screw up. But if the game is unwinnable seemingly by design? Then there's little reason to keep playing. *** Don't get me wrong, I'm still having a lot of fun playing the game (when the matchmaking lets me) but these issues put some noticeable dings in an otherwise great idea.
  9. Aight. I've been playing the game the whole day and I think I can start giving my thoughts about it. First things first. The game is super fun. I've escaped, I've died and I've destroyed 7/7 counsellors, never got tired of anything. Now, thoughts and suggestions. 1.- Jason Part VII is a god damn SLUG. Not something bad, I like the way he's intended to be played, but right now it's the worst of the three Jasons. You don't kite him, you just run away from him. Yeah he can shift and hit/grab, but if he fails (which is easily avoidable) they run away. I think he needs another mechanic/skill. I've thought about a "Obsession" like DbD but kinda different, like locking on just one counsellor you're chasing so he "chills" or whatever and he runs slower, or drain his stamina faster. I don't have anything bad to say about the other two. They're fine. You can kite them, but they can get to you eventually. Being said, he's really fast underwater, but in this map people don't use to swim. Hopefully he's better in maps with more water. 2.- Grab Kills and Grab Escapes. Let's talk about kills first. I've noticed that if you're not in a "right" spot, you can't execute Grab Kills. For example, I grab stupid Chad 20 cm near a cabin wall, facing it. I can't perform the axe "balls crusher" (Don't remember his name atm) if I don't move to a plain terrain. Seems legit, you wanna crush his balls, throw him to the ground, you have a wall in front of you, asshole, BUT, I can't even do the "Choke" one if I don't move to the center of the cabin. Like, wtf? Now, Grab Escapes. Let's be honest, if you don't have a pocket knife. they're useless. Every Jason with some brain will just smash buttons to instantly kill you. I think that's not fair, and I want to suggest a possible solution: Make Grab Kills to be "casted" instead of being instant. Make the Grab Escape smashing be useful and slow the cast a bit. That way, I think if you're alone, you're going to die if you have low Composure, probably even if you have it 10/10 like Jenny Myers, but if you have homies, they can hit Jason and save you. 3.- Environmental Kills. I really like them, but I really hate how they work right know. Let's imagine I grabbed stupid Chad and I'm facing an exterior wall. I wan't to throw him to the wall and crush his back. To do so, I need to go to the EXACT middle spot of the wall to succesfully perform it, I can't use the whole wall. Just the exact spot. I'd like to talk about other evironmental kills, but I couldn't try different ones. I hope I can be able to do so soon. 4.- Stamina. What can I say. Vanessa is a goddess. I think she's the most played at the moment because of the stamina (also the speed, but come on, stamina). I like how it's intended to work and it's fun and adds intensity to the game, but it also makes it kinda frustrating if you don't have a high stamina character. Let's face it, right now imagine I want to play Jenny Myers. I'm in the bottom left cabins and I want to cross the bridge and get to the big house in the middle of the map. I have two options. 1: Walk all the way and waste 5 minutes to arrive so I don't spend stamina. 2: Run to the house and get exhausted already in the middle of the bridge. It's kinda frustrating. Nerfing Vanessa is a bad decision in my opinion, she's the athletic girl, it's supposed to be like that, so here's my suggestion: Make stamina decrease ONLY when Jason spots you (when the music starts). Maybe increase the base amount would help too, I'm not 100% sure about it. 5.- Stealth and Hiding. Useless. I don't even bother to hide if I'm being chased because he's gonna find me right away. And trust me I've tried with every character I had unlocked, even high Stealth ones. With Vanessa for example I moan like a pig and he finds me really easily. With Jenny the best scenario I had was hiding under a bedroom with a lot of beds, holded my breath and when he hitted the wrong bed I used his weapon-stuck animation to run away (which is kinda useless too, and that's my next topic). 6.- Running away from Jason. I usually play Vanessa and I'm going to tell my experience with her. I've managed to lose Jason a lot of times, but it's really, REALLY difficult. I'm talking about Part II and III, VII is a lot easier. If I manage to make some distance, he immediately senses and shifts near me. I kite the shift-hit-grab (which is easy), and run away. Seconds later, the same proccess. Over a over again, until I run out of stamina, and eventually catches me. 6-7 minutes kiting Jason is my record. Sincerelly, I don't even know a possible solution for this. But the thing is, you can't (almost) never lose Jason if he's focusing you alone. 7.- Escape routes. There's three escape routes for the beta map, Whatever Haven (Higgin's?): Police, 4-Man car and 2-Man car. I won't mention Jarvis because I think it's a bonus objective and not a escape route. I've played around 30 games and I've only managed to escape using the police. I got close to the car escape but Jason killed me (last survivor, the car was fixed and I had the keys). Like in my last topic, I don't know a way to balance this, 'cause if you buff or nerf them, they can break the game entirely. Maybe it's a newbie issue. Beta day 1, nobody knows potential spawn places, everyone plays like a headless chicken. I just want to notify: Police is the easiest, faster and most secure way to escape RIGHT NOW (DAY 1 BETA). Maybe tomorrow or in two days, or in release, when people (me included) knows how to play effectively, this changes. I'm eager to see your opinions.
  10. I know a lot of us have different opinions on movies/comics/actors/directors connected with our favorite masked killer... So let's hear em! Let us share in a healthy debate about what we liked or loved or disliked or utterly hated about the FT13th series! No bashing or actor/director shaming or nasty behavior, please! Are you a Kane-Hodder-as-Jason fan? Or did you prefer another actor's portrayal? Who was your favorite director? Why? Got a favorite movie that stands out in the series? What makes it better than the rest? I wanna know, folks! Let's discuss!!
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