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Found 8 results

  1. WHEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO ESCAPE IN THE CAR... Do you look for others before leaving? Will you run over people who block you from leaving? Will you "bolt" as soon as Jason is near? leaving others about to enter the car Will you stop at the exit and wait for others to jump in if you're alone ? Do you always bring car parts, the moment they're found, to the car as fast as you can? Do you protect people installing car parts? Do you push people out of the way to enter the car? Do you feel entitle to the car if you've installed the parts? Do you always work on the 4 seater first? Do you run away if Jason stops the car OR help fight/distract him?
  2. So me and these guys usually play in a group together. We know item spawns and alot of other stuff about the game. Ever since the last Jason buff we went from like everyone escaping every game to almost no one escaping besides the boat and stuff. I was messing around with Perks for a while to see what's the best way to survive as Jenny. I feel like this Perk build is one of the best Jenny builds. The Perks are Teamwork, Level-Headed, and Restful. All Epic maxed good stuff with minimal to no bad stuff. What are your thoughts? Video with the build! https://youtu.be/ivf9HUSY5HE
  3. Since the game got released, I've mainly used this strategy as a counselor: get to a cabin, barricade all doors/open a window or two for escape/set trap, loot cabin (hide if Jason is near by), book it to next cabin. Rinse/repeat. I'm sure many of you do the same thing to get work towards objectives, while being safe (as possible) from Jason. Recently I've been playing with many people who just run around, no fucks given, looting cabins and leaving doors open. Is there a strategy to this, besides saving a bit of time looking for items? For me, it's frustrating because if Jason is chasing me and I run into a cabin and both doors are open, or even unlocked, it's a huge pain in the ass and could end the match for me. Last night I was in a cabin with another player, and he was acting surprised I was barricading doors. He actually said "oh come on dude I gotta go out through there". Use a f****** window Speaking of windows, I think it's very smart to open as many as possible. This makes entrances/escapes MUCH easier for you and your fellow counselors. Those unlucky counselors will appreciate it. Also, it makes it a bit more difficult for Jason to get you scared by smashing windows if you open them. And if he does, there's a chance if you go out of it you won't take damage. Anyways, that's my rant. Players like this have really been annoying me, it seems like people have started playing at a much faster pace and way less carefully. I know some people don't really care about teamwork, or taking this game that seriously (the "no fucks given"guys) but I don't think this game is fun without the precision and teamwork. But please let me know if I'm missing how NOT barricading is beneficial.
  4. Since the game has been out for awhile now, I think people are starting to complain less about Jason being too OP. It makes sense that he is...in the movies he is a powerhouse murderer. I agree with the devs that it should be that when Jason gets to you, you are pretty much dead meat. But I've definitely noticed people are understanding and mastering skill sets, perks and agressive teamwork. For example, I was playing as Jason in a match last night (part 7, I have it set to random) and 5 minutes in I find a group of about 6 counselors around the 4 seater in Camp Hillbrook. Obviously trying to get the car going. I had set a trap or two on that car, but as everyone knows Part 7 has to use them sparingly and they had disabled them. So there I am with armed counselors going at me with bats, Vanessas taunting me and trying to get me to chase them etc. Maybe you have been in a situation like this. Thing is, part 7 absolutely SUCKS for a situation like this! Grip strength and sense don't mean shit here. His weaknesses just shine. At this point, grab kills are absolutely useless IMO, so I'm doing my best to swing the machete and hack these teenagers to death. Long story short, poor Jason was made a fool of and only killed two players who had not escaped in that car. Maybe that game would have gone down differently if I had been another Jason. I'm not the world's greatest Jason, but I usually get most if not all of them. It takes practice to master different Jasons. In some areas they shine and others they kinda suck. Regardless, my point is that there are these times were Jason is simply out-numbered or at some kind of disadvantage. These players stuck together, knew what the hell they were doing and got out scot-free. Making me feel like I was their bitch lol. I would wager that even the best Jasons can succumb to circumstances like this. Obviously there are different ways to play, and play successfully. But If you don't communicate, don't work together and run around and get yourself scared..YES, Jason will make you his bitch. So please stop the whining to the developers, just play smart and most importantly have fun!
  5. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making this game a reality. I've had an absolute blast this past weekend enjoying it! Let me tell you, having a group of in game friends that use mics, work as a team (as counselors), and have the right (I'm just here to have fun) attitude, make this one of the best games out there IMHO! The heart pounding thrill of playing as Jason (especially when you are still learning to play him as I am), combined with the fun of plotting, planning, and surviving with your fellow teammates was so much fun! Then you throw in the double xp bonus... WOW what a great time!!! Thanks Gun Media and everyone else!!!
  6. As an European playing on EU servers, I run often into a language barrier problem. More often than not, I encounter Russians, French people and the occasional Asian who don't speak a word English. Me, only speaking English, Dutch (and understanding a little German) am unable to communicate even the smallest things like "I have keys, go to Car", "here is gas" and so forth. In a game that's so focused on teamwork and communication. I feel this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. A suggestion I have is to use something similar to L4D2's "look" command. This is a contextual command that changes depending on what you're pointing at. Like for example when keys are on the ground you will say "keys" if you point at it and use the command. Or when Jason's close and you point in his direction it will say "Jason". One way to show the specific item is by the character's voice (this takes some voice acting for all the counselors and voice sound must be limited to proximity similar to microphone chat). Alternatively, what i'm more of a fan of, is a little text bubble above your head with a picture of the object you're looking at in it. For example: Player uses command "look" at keys > a key shows in the bubble above the player's head. Player uses command "look" in Jason's direction > Jason's mask shows in the bubble above the player's head Player uses command "look" at car > a car symbol shows in the bubble above the player's head. Therefore implying "go to car" Player uses command "look" at window > a window symbol shows in the bubble above the player's head, therefore implying "go through the window". Of course, Jason will also be able to see these bubbles visually. Perhaps it needs some tweaking to not give your location away from 100 meters or so. Or Jason being able to see it through cabin walls to not completely obscure him from seeing it. but i'm sure the devs can make it work if they choose to implement it. What do you think of this? Will it work and "fix" the communication problem by providing a "universal language" that can be used? I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
  7. I just wanted to create this thread to let you guys know about how awesome some players can be. I played as Brandon on Higgins Haven. I found 2 parts to the boat. I left those parts to the boat and allowed other counselor with high repair stat to fix the boat. Then suddenly while filling the gas tank... Wild Jason appears before we can get in and we escape to a nearby cabin with 1 other counselor. The repairman manages to sneak past Jason while Jason begins hammering our cabins windows. As the Jason starts breaking the door I hear repairman calling with walkie talkie that he is not going to take off without the one counselor who delivered the parts. So I jump out of the window and run like hell to to the boat with the other counselor. I managed to get to the boat first. Then repairman and I drive out safely. Unfortunately the other counselor I was with died shortly after that. :C It felt so good that the repairman did not just leave the moment he got to the boat. Please share your stories as well!
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