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Found 5 results

  1. What's your funniest surviving against teamers moments? On Xbox One, For Me, I'm playing on Higgins Small, being Vanessa, finding out a Chad and a part 3 jason were Teaming, I survived the whole game against them and after the game ended, they both left the game after I got on the mic and told them they were trash. The chad player was in party chat telling the jason player where every player was. But he escaped, didn't run over players.
  2. People who play quick play, do you have any videos of you or friends getting revenge and taking down teamers? Share in the comments? Even though I don't do this to anyone else, I had to share this. this match was from last night, finding out two vanessas were teaming in a previous round, so I messaged the jason from this match and he had friends do the same to them. They left after the match ended. Tommy player finds out that Jason and his friends are teaming with me, suicides at 11:04 to avoid death.
  3. Since the release of f13th on the switch, have you played multiple matches and had teamers on there? Me, playing 17 matches, only two matches, I only saw two people teaming. I've haven't seen frequent teaming on the switch version yet. I also saw that the Window Dive glitch came to the switch version, even though it got patched on ps4, x1, and PC version.
  4. What I wanna know is why some people still team up with Jason in F13th? Honest answers!?I do agree it's ruining the game for those who want to level up, but it's getting out of control; making those who like the game uninstall and move on to other games. Have you gotten revenge as either counsoler or Jason and made the cheaters leave? Lol I have made them quit!
  5. Much of this game, I actually like. Glitches and all. Sometimes the glitches simply have me ROFLOL. However, I thought it would be cool to make a thread about what YOU would do if you created the game. What things would YOU do to make the game better? For me, I would NOT allow duplicate counselors. This would make Jason much harder to kill (gang-up kill) and for people to accomplish the objectives. Having 4 LaChappas to put cars, boats, fuses etc together is clearly problematic. Add a "Prestige Mode" - Some players are simply losers. They spend all their time in life getting to 150 rank then start team killing with the car or teaming with Jasons. This is a total dick move. It's not even trolling it's just you being an asshole. A Prestige Mode would reset all of your stats and unlocks and give you a badge for going through the process again. You would have to go through earning badges and everything all over again. As a reward, reach 150 again and get a different award to go prestige again. Maybe even award a Savini Jason for Going Prestige X amount of times. Only allow 1 Savini Jason in a Lobby - This should be a no-brainer. Truly randomize fuse house, Tommy's radio and other item placements. I think many of these things can be done without issues with the lawsuit too. They'd really be "tweaks" and not additions to the game. What kind of changes would you make to the game if YOU were the developer?
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