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Found 15 results

  1. Nothing annoys me more when playing this game when it’s obvious people are teaming up with Jason and telling him where you are at, or making him chase you around the full map just aiming for you. As soon as I see someone teaming with Jason I leave. I really can’t be assed with it. Sorry for the rant it’s jusy annoying, any ideas how to deal with it??
  2. This needs to stop being killed and betrayed in matches by other counselors we were killing Jason when two counlors ran us over in the car my friend hasn’t got the secret achievement yet for killing Jason yet as Tommy and our friend was Jason had his mask off was about to kill him when were betrayed ran over it wasn’t just us two they ran over any living counselors
  3. We need new host after one leaves Iv been in 5 games today so far the host left I know there’s other ways to make xp ? but I like playing online better than any other mode I know the new point system was added in but is not helping to deter people from leaving as frequently also there’s too much team killing going on with the car
  4. Remove the team killing penalty and re add the team killing check box back in private match!!!
  5. Removing team killing penalty in private match and re add the team killing check box!! You won’t cause these game is for little 12 year old kids now!!!
  6. Earlier I was playing in a QP session with a full room. 4-5 appeared to know one another, which was cool, and usually means several matches without quits. My problem started though when I realized that items like the fuse, the propeller and gas can couldn't be located. Upon looking at the map I see all 3 items located in the same location.......... Jarvis House. Having already located and installed a battery, I chose to make my way towards the JH and ran across a walkie in a drawer. I pick it up and can now hear the other councilors talking about how Jason is gonna let them kill him, so now I'm figuring I got time. Jason isn't hunting. I go to the JH and make my way upstairs trying to locate the gas. I get up there and find all the bedroom doors locked from the inside with nobody in them. Some asshole dropped the prop, the gas and the fucking fuse into different rooms, locked the doors and either quit or jumped from the second story windows, thus leaving the items trapped behind closed doors. The group fucked up killing Jason, wasting the sweater & stun combo, so he kills everyone around him and I end up surviving with time running out as Jason looked for me. This happened TWICE IN A ROW!! Same guys, Same circumstances. I really REALLY hate some of the people that play this fucking game!!
  7. Everybody knows it and addressing it all the time. Jason needs a buff. We all know there is going to be a balance patch, as this update wasn't meant to balance anything (which is not a 100% true after campingfire apots have been improved, but maybe a bit too much in the favor of the counselors /sarcasm). The teamkilling has been patched out long ago which was a really good thing. It still is. What i want to ask for is the possibility to use the counselors as human shields. Counselors always attack and taunt Jason. What i would like is the possibikity to grab one of those offensive playing counselors and use them to shield Jason. If someone whacks me and the counselor i'am holding is right in front of the attacker he should get the damage and not me. The same with a shotgun blow or the signal gun. Of course in the worst case scenario, for the counselor, he/she dies. The kill whatsover should be in favor for Jason and not end up as a punishment for the counselor that was unlucky and killed his teammate. The next time Tommy Jarvis tries to shoot me, and the counselor is in front of him, i want that the head of m shield explodes. The kill can even be named "Human Shield" a score of 100 points and additional 50 points for being resourceful would be fair. What do you guys think about that? I want the counselors to be more cautious and thoughtful before they decide to whack the shit out of Jason.
  8. Team killing should not be penalized in private match, By penalized I am mean you still loose xp for doing so. If it MY private match should be MY choice it should of stayed a choice in private match like it was were you could turn it off or on by checking the box, NO Just cause ppl are wusses everyone gets penalized!!!! THAT’S SO TRASH!!!
  9. Is anyone else getting really annoyed by team killers and people clearly friends with Jason? I would say in 50% of games I join, there’s at least 1 councillor who is friends with Jason and purposely running me over, or not letting me in the car, etc. Some people need a fecking slap. I have friends I play the game with, and if I’m Jason I’ll kill them like I’m supposed to, why can’t everyone do this? It’s got to the point where I stay in the lobby just to kill them next game, which they don’t like and end up sending abusive messages and reporting me? (I’ve just been banned for 24 hours from communication because of this lmao, I’m guessing telling someone to eat my ass didn’t help but k)
  10. Its really simple,if a player kills another player,then that player will become visible to jason anywhere on the map.Highlight the perpetrator a different color and intensify their sound pings.They will not be able betray another player while jason is own their ass. Will it stop team killing ? No,but it will drastically reduce its occurrence and keep game balance .I have sent emails to the dev's,but to no avail .
  11. Attack starts at 1:30 into the video. I fixed the Police phone last night in a game and while I am in the middle of calling the cops this creep comes along and starts attacking me. I warn this creep over my mic that I am recording the game at the start of the attack but it didn't stop him. A ban would stop him. He even went a far as trying to trap the phone with a bear trap!!! I don't know who this creep is. Someone else was betrayed in the game but I think by a different player to the one who attacked me. This was on Xbox his gamer tag is [REMOVED] It is high time these idiots were banned for a length of time, maybe a month. Of course, when team killing is removed creeps like this will find other ways to be a pain in the ass, blocking door ways and hiding things. Another game I was in recently I fixed the battery none of the cars and I searched lots of cabins but could not find any fuel. I asked of the mic and no one responded even though quite a few people had mics. There were two cars so with the amount of cabins I was in I should have found fuel. Most people were still alive, perhaps even everyone. So fuel to likely lying next to a dead body.
  12. I just need to get something off my chest. I didnt play Friday the 13 some time now and I just wanted to play it today, but noooooooo!! I got in 8 different matches and every time, there was always somebody that teamed up against me without any reason. People was working with jason (they were friends) I DIED 8 MATHCES in a row as the first person every time. This game got so toxic in so short time! Nobody plays the game as it should be played.. What is going on with this team killing/trolling trend in this game? I know they are gonna disable team killing soon, but its not gonna stop people to work with there jason friend or just killing us with the car. Give us some sort of report system, I got so tired of this BS today that I just straight up uninstalled the game.... Im sure im not the only one that experienced this BS... BTW sorry for my English
  13. Reporting the users below. http://i.imgur.com/v3VxOmC.jpg Xibi would attack counselors as well as camp the objectives of the map so nothing could be completed while Puluen would warp directly to counselors.
  14. People who team kill shouldn't be allowed to come back as Tommy J. It's bullshit.
  15. First off, I love this game, as you can tell by my ranking. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible. The music, the lighting, it's all gold. From a counselors perspective, every round is a terrifying experience regardless of what level I'm at. Almost like the film Predator. Terrified and overwhelmed when I first started playing, and now at Level 60 feeling like Dutch towards the end of the film. Scared, yet prepared to fight to get out of Crystal Lake alive. There are some technicals hiccups and glitches that people take advantage of that I consider cheating, (I.E. map glitching) but those things iron themselves out over time through the cooperation of devs and the community. However throughout the two hundred plus or so matches I've played there's one thing that is unavoidable at the moment that absolutely destroys a quick lobby.... Team Killers. Team killing is a MAJOR issue. During these instances, without fail one of two things will happen next... 1. Before the round is even finished, the team killer(s) will leave once they've been killed to go find another lobby of victims. Or.. 2. The lobby is closed by the host. It literally sucks all the life out the match and potentially the lobby. You may hear some people on the forums defend Team Killing, saying it adds another layer or that it thematically makes sense. And while you may hear that on the forums, I have NEVER heard any person mid game who was excited about having to fend off an asshole counselor wielding a machete at them. And very rarely if ever in the F13 movies do counselors just start blatantly attacking one another with weapons. I know you implement a betrayal penalty involving XP, it doesn't work....Here's why... I recently was killed by a team killer. I messaged him as I normally do team killers to call them an asshole who is ruining everyone's fun. He gave me the usual charming "go fuck yourself" response. But this time I decided to ask the guy why he does it. I really wanted to know. His response was... "I'm already at a high level, I have all the perks that I need, I don't need the xp, and I love getting people like you angry."......This isn't a normal F13 gamer, this is a troll. A troll isn't playing the game to have fun, they have fun by ensuring others aren't. And a troll breeding ground is being created by allowing people to attack others with weapons. I know that people have the ability to turn off team killing in private matches, but doesn't it make sense that players in a private match are generally going to not kill each other anyway? Or if they are, they're all in agreement that that's what they're going to do? Giving hosts or whole lobbies the ability to kick people IS NOT THE ANSWER. This would cause more disarray. From my time with R6 Siege, I can tell you exactly what will happen... Counselors will be kicked because they're the last one alive and some people in the session will vote to kick simply to start the next round faster...Dick move and not fun. There's plenty of things counselors can do to each other THEMATICALLY to screw each other over that make the game fun and hilarious! If a counselor gets killed by a car, thats fine, shit happens. Driver still loses xp for not being more careful and you move on. Leaving behind fellow counselors as you drive off with the other set of keys and or phone fuse in your possession, totally approve, because it's something that chad would do and still leaves the players alive to attempt to survive the night. If a counselor runs into another counselors bear trap? Watch your step next time. Also, the counselor who sets bear traps shouldn't get a betrayal penalty if a teammate dies. I've seen trolls step into multiple traps on purpose to screw someone else out of xp and it really sucks, not the trappers fault. For the sake of the health of the casual players and the game itself, Quick Match team killing with weapons must be disabled. I cannot stress enough how damaging it is and every player I come across in quick match feels helpless when it happens. The only people who will cease to play quick matches if you don't allow weapon damage from counselor to counselor are trolls and griefers who are ruining the experience for everybody else. And they can feel free to play privately amongst themselves. Thank you to Gun Media and IlFonic for creating such a wonderful game. I hope to soon write a post of things that I love and things that can be improved upon, but this really needed to take precedence. If anybody wants to get in touch or to play with me, I'm on the PS4. My PSN name is Cult_Of_Nash
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