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Found 2 results

  1. This is for the developers: if you were to add invisible retractable counselor guards (like the cow guards that trains used to have), you could push counselors out of the way of moving vehicles without causing any damage to them. While the vehicle is stopped, the guard would be retracted into the vehicle. Before moving forward, the forward guard would slide out and push counselors aside, before the vehicle starts moving. The physics would need to be toned down, or turned off, for when a vehicle hits a counselor at speed, but that should be extremely easy to account for. The same goes for moving backwards. The guard has no effect on Jason, so he can still stop the vehicle. This should completely eliminate all TKing via vehicle. Obviously there will be some tuning required, but I don't see any situation that can't be overcome.
  2. Made this thread so people can pass over ID's to Gun Media to have trolls and cheaters banned from this game. Just post like this below... Platform: PS4 ID: TimaephieLP Reason: Troll who team kills and stops other players from enjoying their game. This player killed a mate of mine for no reason, he shot him with a shotgun when he was trying to run to the police. He then teabagged and acted stupid thinking it was funny. Please ban this ID on the PS4 Gun. It's already bad as it is trying to find a match with matchmaking. Then having to put up with teamkillers and trolls doesn't help with the experience on this game.
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