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Found 17 results

  1. Normally i only play offline,but am thinking of playing online just to see if i can get any of the Pamela/Tommy tapes.I don't really want to go to YouTube for this,kinda would like to find then and have them for my system.Was wondering if anyone would want to play online with me,just so i can play as a counselor and try to find some of the tapes.Currently i have none of the tapes,so anyone willing to play would be a big help.If interested,my PSN ID is RanmaruMori13,just send me a message if you're interested in helping.Thanks for your time.
  2. I've noticed since the new update you can't pick up Pamela tapes if you have them all, which is good. However, I found out today I also can't pick up Tommy tapes. The counselor just shuts the drawer like they already have it before you can pick it up. Anyone else get to experience this joy?
  3. Looks like someone asked on Twitter about the Pamela Tapes(see attached image) and their response was, "We don't do tips or spoilers Troy! But there maybe a trick to finding them..." I know in the last Twitch stream with Randy he mentioned the drop was extremely low which implies it is random. So is this just their Twitter support speaking out of turn or maybe didn't get a memo? If their is indeed a trick what could it be? People are already coming up with theories about wearing the Pamela sweater and searching drawers for it to spawn in. Either way with news of this, looks like their are some more secrets in the game to be unlocked.
  4. I was wondering, is it common to collect all the Pamela tapes easily or is it difficult? It didn't take me long to collect them and many others I know barely have any.
  5. I think if you have all the Pamela tapes and you pick up another Pamela tape, it should become a Tommy tape. Or, only Tommy tapes should spawn in drawers if you already have all the Pamela tapes.
  6. So I can't exactly remember where, but either on the F13 game website or one of the loading screens in-game, there's a sentence along the lines of "Having difficulty escaping Jason? Unlock the priest in the graveyard by finding the secret Pamela (or tommy but I think Pamela) tapes" Anyone have any info on this? I've scoured the internet with no avail. Maybe they removed the feature? Haven't seen it on a loading screen in a while either and I can't find it on the game site anywhere or in the forums
  7. Is there anyway to tell the difference between a Tommy tape and a Pamela tape before you pick it up? I ask because I found a tape in a drawer, I have all the Pamela tapes, but it didn't give me a Tommy tape. If there is a way to tell the difference, I'd like to know, so I'm not taking Pamela tapes I don't need from people.
  8. I have seen people discuss this in regards to the fuse but something i was thinking about to make the game a little more challenging would be if all items/collectibles and weapons spawned randomly all over the map. Rather than having the collectible tapes being solely found in drawers it would be cool to find one just laying on the dock or on a bench by a tent. Same with the repair items/health spray/weapons, i think it would create for a more fun and difficult match if you never know wether you will find an item in a cabin or along the path in the woods or near the dock.I personally think that with the current way that items spawn it becomes more often than not predictable for players to know where they need to look for items to escape just minutes into the match. I hope this is something that devs consider for a future update
  9. I’ve had all 20 Pamela tapes for about a month now. However I still can find them and even pick them up. I usually try to get someone else in the lobby who needs one to get it. But instead of finding Pamelas Tapes still, can they be Tommy’s instead? That would make more sense to me.
  10. Since the release of Jarvis tapes I've been wondering if they could make tapes about Tina and what happened to her after part 7.
  11. This topic only for Xbox Gamers. Did one of you find any pamela tapes on XBOX ONE version (not pc, not ps4). I never find any in publick match, and no one who I talk in lobbys the same situation. Looks like developers just "forget" add this content to xbox version. If someone find on XBOX ONE version can u post u dashboard pictures with pamela u find, coz maybe me just unlucky person. Thank you.
  12. Ok so im max level on friday with over 360 hours played, not a single fucking tape. What matters makes it worse is that i have my spawn preference on counselor and i have recently started playing in public matches. That rumour of tapes only spawning on a friday is obviously false considering i have been in games with people finding tapes, (usually on a wednsday) one of my mates found a tape in the first draw he opened (it was a game of just me him and jason). Ive literially tried everything, turning on radios, sweater, mask different characters and still not a single tape and yet were expected to find 20. Any suggestions on how other people got them? Thx
  13. Level 101 for weeks, no tapes, when all of the sudden, a 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. binge scores me THREE Pamela Tapes! https://www.youtube.com/embed/3mFx6HKQdi8
  14. Anyone know if it's possible to get the same tape twice? I finally found one then another about 20 games after. I only have the one. So I wasn't sure if you could end up finding the same one twice. Thanks everyone.
  15. Anyone know if it's possible to get the same tape twice? I finally found one then another about 20 games after. I only have the one. So I wasn't sure if you could end up finding the same one twice..
  16. I've been level 101 for about a month, and I have yet to find one Pamela tape. Obviously I'm either doing something wrong, or they're glitched for PS4. Can anyone confirm for me they're available on PS4, and if so, tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  17. Hey all, I have searched all over this forum, Reddit, Steam forums, etc for a definitive answer to this question, Are Pamela Tapes unlockable in both types of matches? Most people seem to be under the impression from what I have gathered that they only can be unlocked in Public matches which makes sense. A group of 8 can just keep creating games, searching every drawer on the map, exit out, and repeat. Since Quickplay on Xbox still has some minor issues, most players usually use the LFG feature which is mostly all Private matches which also adds to the rumor that maybe they are only found in Public/Quickplay matches. I know the percentage is supposed to be low but when I know multiple people who have maxed out their levels and still haven't found one, something must not be right. This is starting to sound like the same thing that happened about them only appearing on Fridays. It was a massive rumor that spread which eventually had to be squashed by the Devs. I am wondering if the same can be done here. Any way we can get official word if Pamela tapes are only found in Public matches or can they be found in both? Thanks for reading! Loving the game and can't wait for the next update! Corky
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