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Found 12 results

  1. I got told by some people that this has been in the game since release in May 2017, but You drop either your weapon or inventory item buy your feet, grab it again, and you can get out of the sweater animation easily? Got inspired to do that by @hab007GE. Honestly, I've done this lots of times when killing Jason with the Tommy player to get out of the animation, stun him, and have the Tommy player press the on screen button. Surviving the night if Tommy dies or escapes, i use it at the last 5 seconds of the game, if his mask is off, stunning him where he's dropping to his knees repeatedly just for laughs. im pretty sure I've pissed of a lot of Jason players doing that.
  2. Everytime I play the Offline Bots mode, I notice the bots would never do the boat and car repair not even go after the sweater from Jason's shack. Could this be adding content ? or this can be a patch fix ?
  3. There were an interesting couple of questions that came to me recently. What are your thoughts?
  4. Okay so I thought about this one night and what if when you collect the sweater there's a 50/50 chance that you can be possessed by Pamela and Work together with Jason Killing the other counselors? therefore adding more suspense that it isn't always a guarantied victory getting the sweater to kill an unmasked Jason.
  5. OK does anyone remember the last Friday movie when the girl killed Jason ( not really ) well she used Pamela's locket. Now you know when you are ready to kill Jason and either tommy doesn't hit Jason in time or he misses. Also when the one with the sweater uses the sweater when Jason is already stunned by someone ( annoying ). We should get a second chance this is how it should go when someone fails. When some one fails and the sweater magically disappears for some odd reason the key to a chest in Jason's cabin should fall then a female counselor can pick it up and get a second chance at killing the killer :). I think this is fair seeing how Jason gets tho kill counselors left and right. ~|}ecep~
  6. After reading these threads: http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/162172617956866431/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1621726179571067292/ I had an idea for something extra to get the sweater to work: How about a news article that must be found with an interview of Ginny from Friday The 13th Part 2? As I wrote in the second thread it would seem to fill in a blank of what happened to her and would add a method of the female councilors in the game knowing how to use the sweater instead of just putting it on suddenly and Jason bows down to be killed by Tommy Jarvis. It makes Jason harder to kill and adds another thing that must be found. Thoughts on this idea?
  7. I think it's really unfair that male counselors can't use the sweater, they are at a disadvantage, I use the sweater every match, like a defense mechanism, so I'd be more interested in playing as a male, if they could use the sweater or perhaps have a male exclusive stun, like perhaps males can use the machete in the shack by pressing Y, and it automatically stuns Jason, it locks on, and Jason has no choice but to be stunned. Regardless, male counselors should be able to use the sweater, I don't think it's weird if they say, "Jason, mother is talking to you," because Jason doesn't care about physical appearance, it's not like Ginny from Part 2 resembled his mother, Jason just cares about the sweater, not who's using it.
  8. Pamela sweater ability not working, happened about three times already, me and other counselors were about to kill Jason. The female counselor with a sweater could not activate the sweater ability. Host leaving is ruining the game for everyone, everybody is tired of putting 15 to 20 minutes of gameplay in, just for it to all go to nothing because the host decides to leave. This game really really needs host migration
  9. just played a few rounds with a group of 6 or 7 friends (incl myself), and one random player, and we have tried to pull of Jason kills, we came close all 3 times, we managed to get everything in place, the problem is when it comes to activating the sweater, Jason players tend to use their shift ability to get away and the sweater is then wasted... on one occasion the sweater was triggered just as Jason activated shift, and whilst he re-appeared where he had been standing, it was not possible to knock him to his knees as the hit with the baseball bat knocked him flat on his back, what I would propose is that the sweater should function in a similar fashion to Jason's abilities... instead of being a one use item, the counselor wearing it should be able to re-use the sweater, but give the mesmerise function something like a 60 - 90 second cooldown... the whole process of killing Jason is quite complex and difficult, which I am not faulting, this makes it all the more rewarding when players manage to achieve it, but I do feel it may need to be re-balanced in some way if not the way I am suggesting the changes I propose would still allow Jason players to Resist the sweater ability, and if Jason manages to kill Jarvis, or the counselor wearing the sweater, then Jason cannot be killed, and so forth anyone else have any thoughts on my idea? or any other ideas to add to the pot?
  10. Has anyone else noticed Pamela's sweater not working when you try to use it? I'm playing on PS4. Before the patch this was working fine, but now it seems I can't engage the animation to stun Jason. Pressing the button required to activate to sweater does nothing at all for me.
  11. Only female counselors can wear Pamela's sweater to stun Jason to make him vulnerable to death. Males need a method as well, otherwise I don't see a benefit in playing a male. Here's my idea: Just like in Part 4 with young Tommy, male counselors can find a shaving kit(a bag with razors, trimmers and whatnot). There is only one and would always spawn at a single or two-room cabin with no bathroom, or somewhere else far from a cabin such as the boat dock at Camp Crystal lake, or even one of those camp sites. Just like with Pamela's sweater, it does not take an inventory slot, instead this is a waist pack(aka a "fannie pack") that is worn on the waist. The men would then find a bathroom at a cabin with working electricity. At the sink in the bathroom they shave almost all of their head to look like Jason. Then when Jason gets near they press Q to say "Jason! Remember, Jason. Jason, don't you remember?" Just like Tommy in part 4. Jason is then vulnerable just like with females and Pamela's sweater. Gender equality. Fair is fair. Make it so.
  12. I bought the Savini skin blindly to support the game. Per my taste, the Hell Jason is a disappointment. It's especially disappointing after hearing the scrapped Teen Jason concept. I loved the Mrs. Voorhees shemagh idea. On the upside, knocking off a mask is probably a little more gratifying than "Hold this thread as I walk away." Anyone else prefer the proposed sweater mask idea?
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