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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so I have only one friend to play this game with, and we have been trying our damnedest to actually score a kill on the sorry sucker with just the two of us. So far, we have a really good system worked out. We both pick females, find machetes, find the CB radio and call up Tommy. Basically then one of us will seek out Jason and offer ourselves to him by going full Leeroy Jenkins and kamikaze-ing straight at him and trying to land as many machete hits as possible on him to 1) soften him up, 2) get him to kill one of us early so we'll be among the choices to come back as Tommy, and 3) try to get his mask off sooner rather than later. Then if one of us actually gets Tommy, we both meet at the shack with a bat and machete in hand, grab the sweater, lure Jason there and knock off the mask with a series of ambushes, trigger the sweater stun, and then... WE ALWAYS FUCK THE BASEBALL BAT STUN part. This setup has all worked rather well for us so far and we've set the scene countless times to kill Jason, but this is our ONE. SINGLE. INSURMOUNTABLE. BARRIER. We absolutely can not get the fucker to fall down to his knees after we trigger the sweater on him. The way it always plays out is the same: We stun him with the sweater, swing at him with the bat as soon as the sweater girl is able to move, and then...nothing. The hit registers sure, but he just flinches a bit, ignores the stun completely, and is able to move again and kill us. So my question is; WHEN is the appropriate window to try to stun him with the bat? Can it be immediately after the sweater girl is allowed to move again, or do we need to wait a little bit before swinging at him? I've noticed many articles on the matter say something along the lines of " He will eventually drop his guard" after you activate the sweater stun on him. So does this mean I need to wait for him to "drop his guard" before I swing the bat, or does the entire stun duration count as his "guard being dropped"? We always swing at him with the bat as soon as we're able to move again with the sweater girl, out of fear of Jason recovering. But should we actually be waiting a bit longer? Is it really that specific, or are we just suuuper unlucky?
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