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Found 9 results

  1. I tryed to reach out the support because i cant play the game and couldnt ever start it. i stuck on the Main screen Database Connection not possible. i didnt see ever more, never played a round. First i thought the servers are just down because of the copyright but after the Humble Bundle sale i realized i could play the game maybe with friends but i get still the database not connected screen and its the only game i have this problem. so i tryed now multiple times to reach out the support but they simply dont awnser after they send me the form with the 3 questions. can anyone say if this state of support is normal or what is happening?
  2. Dear Gun Media, Would you consider opening a GoFundMe page (or the like) for a monthly quota for maintaining dedicated servers? I know times are tough and financial hardship is seemingly imminent for some. But players would perhaps opt in for donating specifically to keep the server sessions dedicated (possibly including maintenance and or additional patches and updates). as they're more reliable, less laggy, and will not be interrupted by host-migration. Please consider this proposition. Fellow players such as myself are highly appreciative of the current content that's available and would thoroughly enjoy the sustainability of your game in the foreseeable future. -F13 Fan
  3. Starting a topic to show Gun/Illfonic that us true fans are STILL HERE! This game was (IS) everything this could be to honor the franchise (bugs be damned). Share stories of how much this means to you. Show them the negativity is far outweighed by US! We make less noise than the downers (why post unless demeaning others right?). Share your love here and respark their fire that kickstarted with their dream and our faith!
  4. So it's been months since i pre-ordered the physical PS4 copy through backerkit and while the team promised that the orders were being sent out and they only had a handful of orders that needed extra work, i haven't gotten a single update on my order and that was LONG ago. I simply want to ask for either an update on my order or a refund, but i can't find a single form of communication where i can get some help on this! I get that some orders take time, but it's been half a year already and it's stressful not knowing if my $60 bucks actually are getting me my order or if it just went into absolutely nothing!
  5. Hello. When we can receive xboo one x support for the game? specifically 4K and HDR. Thx.
  6. Hello, Would it be possible for you in the upcoming updates to set up support for AZERTY keyboards? It's actually rather disturbing to have to switch between QWERTY and AZERTY.... I dont know if the question has already been asked. I have not found any topic on the forum...
  7. I have recently bought this game, played for like almost a week and got banned from xbox live. Is there any way I could get any help with at least getting the game back or a refund so I can go buy it agin? Its tthe only game I care about on Xbox right now
  8. Hello guys, i just want to ask how i can contact the support, it seems like they ban hardcore trolls, but how i can show them a video? I had just a match with 4 premades assholes (4 french guys all friends in steam, the trolls were Orwell, Xénophée, AKU and SQUIDAMOUCHE), i messed up to recording the first match... I knocked Jason out for a couple of times, and his 3 friends tried to kill me or blocking my way all the time. After Jason killed me, they was just playing around, fighting a bit, let one of his friends escape then killed the other guy after a long time. They were dumb enough to team up with their Jason buddy again, i tried to repair the boat and this guys started to attack me. Now they called Jason on TS/Discord and helped him to stop me.... after he killed me, he teleport away to killing the other guys too, he didn't even attack his friends near the boat. So he letting 2 of his friends escape with the boat and just kill his last friend then. (sorry for my bad english) I am not a funkiller, some trolls are really funny if they do not exaggerate it.... but is hate guys who just tries to destroy the fun of other players.... thats a mess. Those guys do ghosting, teamkilling, teaming up with Jason and more shit.... and they just said something like "Lol fuck you! It is forbidden to play with friends" after the first match. (just skip to 5:50 if you dont wanna see the whole match)
  9. So a while back I decided to back the game on backerkit, and supposedly I should have received DLC codes for Savini Jason and counselor clothing. Yet all I got was the game code, with no other codes or anything. Please help, I have been emailing support but I just keep getting automated responses. I am on PC in AUS region if that helps. Also, here's a screencap of the purchase order I got
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