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Found 77 results

  1. Lets be honest here....if we are having the these login errors and have to resort to offline mode to fulfill our entertainment with F13 the Game wouldnt it be easier to allow us to earn experience points via Offline mode or give us our levels even in offline mode? Thoughts on this @mattshotcha? Isnt it likely to happen? Like mirgating our levels to offline mode?
  2. Fair Play


    A buddy I work with has recently been plagued with a nuisance of a drone. It hovers over his home from sunset into the late hours of the night. There's no reason I can think of as to why it is hovering in that spot. He lives out in the middle of nowhere. Any suggestions?
  3. A few ideas i had for the current state of f13 the game that wouldnt break the no new content rule: Rage mode Rage mode is fine, i like the fact that Jason cant be stunned while hes in rage mode, but i feel like he should not have this buff when his mask is off, as in, he cant walk through doors anymore and can still be stunned. HP bar The only thing Jason's hp bar correlates to is the time it takes to get his mask off, thats it. When his hp is low, his abilities should have less of a recharge time, he gets stunned more easily, his grip strength should be significantly decreased, and his overall damage should be reduced. This wouldnt affect the amount of hits it takes to break doors as thats tied to the weapon (or at least maybe it should be?) Bear traps Should be able to be disarmed with ANY ITEM, this includes fire crackers and health spray, as a Jason can just spam them around the car with no avail, the draw back to this would be to make them harder to spot. You cant use the keys or phone fuse on them, obviously. Or if thats too busted you could opt to do it for the weapon youre currently holding but it breaks. (Or make it so it can only be set off with the machete/axe) Counsoler buffs Increase hitspeed, and hit boxes on their attacks. Decrease recovery UNLESS stamina is low. Increase overall stamina recharge rate. Please. Grabbing as Jason Should be done by pressing multiple buttons and not just one. For instance you have the standard A/B/X/Y, press one and it gives you a random 3 button prompt to do the kill. This doesnt apply to environmental kills, these are still one button. This could even correlate to Jasons health: Mid- 4 buttons Low- 5 buttons Mask off- 6 buttons Or you could even make it a buff or nerf on the jason list depending on which one is being played. killing Jason If you knock jason on his knees during the trance when you have the sweater, he shouldnt be able to resist out of that, instead make it a 15 second timer for Tommy to deliver the final blow, or 30 depending on the jason or fairness Tommy Jarvis If a player ESCAPES he should not be able to come back as Tommy Jarvis, leave that to players that have been killed ONLY Or make it a priority thing: If a third of the players have escaped then a Tommy J can spawn. But it should always prioritize death over escapes. Im also thinking that maybe Tommy shouldnt be able to escape unless all of the other counsolers have died or escaped themselves, since your main goal as Tommy J is to protect the counsolers or kill Jason Final notes I hope someone reads this and takes some of these ideas into consideration. I really do enjoy this game and would love to have it live on for a long time despite the content ruling. Thank you!
  4. As it is the month of October, I'm watching 2 horror movies a day. I was hoping to get some suggestions from some of our movie experts here on the forum. Excluding the movie franchises that we're all quite familiar with, do you have some recommendations that one should see, based on your own experiences? Thanks in advance.
  5. I havent seen it brought up but will the Kill glitches be fixed? And what I mean is when a jason player grabs a counselor and goes for lets say...a environmental kill it gets them into a force choke type animation and counselors are marked dead but they really arent, and so you got to chase them again, and so I havent heard Matt or Gun or the F13 official twitter addressing this issue because I would love to perform a enviro kill without this specific bug making it complex.
  6. I am reaching out to the grilling enthusiasts. The 4th of July is coming up, and I want to throw something new on the menu. Any suuggestions? I'm already doing beef sliders, barbecue chicken, hot dogs, smoked sausages, Cajun style catfish, beef and chicken kabobs, and crabs. To those that celebrate it, have a pleasant and safe Independence Day.
  7. Ok....so Adam Green is involved with GunMedia for his Tommy Tapes and so they got his contact so why not get a gaming license from him? I mean Hatchet is a "Cult" Horror hit with fans and it involves Kane Hodder who now has experience with Motion Cap so why not? I mean it's basically a redesign of the F13 Game with a different system such as 1 Killer (His appearance never changes), New Victims (not Counselors), Settings (Swamp) and well Heroes because with this we can have a new style of kills! We can all see Victor Crowley is different from Jason in terms of movement and mobility so this would be a fast paced of who lives and who dies faster. I mean if the rumors are true about GunMedia pushing to make a Halloween Video Game why not also a Hatchet Video game?
  8. Open map in Manhattan city. Open world map (online function). Search to increase arsenal walking to hospital get the surgery tools for easy cutting your victims, taking nail pistol from toolhouse. Getting a nail bat from street thugs Making a "what if" story mode and killing everyone and how the storyline changes. Give a gautlet mode challenge where Jason must kill non stop before they call the cops if cops are in the area kill them behind and take their Batton. Taser to throw to the water and electrify the swimmers. If used against Jason his delay will last short or longer depending. If Jason has rubber gloves it can grab the taser the victim has to deal with Jason and forcely making taser herself to death. Jason learning to make more traps by watching bullies. Making killing themselves and act as an accident. If the chase starts there's will be a time limit for Jason to hide or back to his base. In a open world map they will be a timer of how long survived and the actions they do during that time and how slow down Jason. After being rescue the players hide inside a reinforced cop car and all available players inside the card become the cops. If Jason manages to kill and only one cop remaing Jason must kill quickly before he calls for back up. The difficult increase from 1-2 remained cops 2-3 for reinforced police 3-4 and last the swat team. For each team arrival the main avatar will move automatically to the next reinforced car. If he manage to kill all cops there will be a delay for back up timer and the players back to the main avatar must get out from the cop car by force and if somehow manage to go to front seat by force they can drive hacking the motor. Now they must drive around while the others manage to open the door locks by force or window. Jason must hit the windows more times to get throught and the better car are the harder to get in. Then make a game mode about Freddy vs Jason. Two killers 25 survivors two comes one goes. No need to explain further about this. If you like my suggestion give me a reply as thanks. And the custom skin option if how creative the players do with Jason clothes putting dripping blood; a blooded handprint in hockey mask; make the meele weapons and long range weapons different like different types of knifes in the map (military, customer, knifetaser, cooking knife, bone saw, etc.) A whole new skin can be Jason having mud and plants around his body, one like a real zombie with worms and bugs all over his body and make Jason use gasoline to make a firewall and cut their escape or blowing their car. Thank you for reading this message and suggestion. PS. I wish to get some $ for accepting my suggestion since I need of money but idk how copyright works in these days. So I let you decide if you want to reward me, give me credit and how much to your staff. Thank you for listening again. Anthony V.
  9. These are a list of things that should've been in the game from the very start! Please not, if some of these are in the game, please tell me and tell me how to do them. I mean no hate, only help. Thanks, Tom. 1. I'd like to be able to turn down the ear rape cutscenes. 2. I'd like to choose which server I join. 3. It would be nice to have an inbuilt report system. 4. It would be nice to see a different type of game mode, plenty have been suggested. 5. It would be nice to have a working mute system. (Mute doesn't work during lobby or start of the game). If you have anything that you feel should've been in the game from the start feel free to reply.
  10. Some of us would love to have seen our stats for the game....like the player highlight on the main F13 Game website? I want to know how many kills I got, how many times I broke down a door, how many matches I played and so on and so forth! So why not a separate website where we can see our statistics? Who agrees and who don't?
  11. Do you all think if we we're able to create our own counselors, it would create more immersion in the game? I think it is a great idea! Here's a post on Reddit with facts of how this could work:
  12. Why not have a handbook for the game? give us information that was never revealed before and what do I mean? I mean Counselor backstories before going to the camp grounds or their actual ages,birthdays,relationships,talents,sexuality, and etc same goes for information about the development of the game and all the easter eggs within it, the discussion about the Controversial Pamela/Tommy Tapes and much more! I wouldn't mind actually paying for it or not just information like this would reflect the dedication to the community. Just a Suggestion for everyone who is a fan: @wes @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai
  13. This is just a thought of a new game mode that I think could bring the thrill of Friday the 13th:The Game to feel a lot more exclusive, I've had this idea in my head for a long time and mostly cause I've took notes from a separate game which is why I say it's called Realism though could be changed to something else in the future. My Idea is that if players were in a REAL Jason situation then certain elements from Camp Cliches and Horror Movies may tend to happen sort of like its a movie of its own. Please read this and leave your suggestions in the comment section. As mentioned above this would take a more realistic aspect of Friday the 13th the Game Where its all based on your characters and how you play as Jason. Counselors Counselor Selection should not be a option for the player,The player gets randomly chosen as one of the counselors making them have to play a specific role to make themselves useful also there would not be two of the same counselors running around. there are more then 10+ counselors in the game there is no need for everyone to want to play as Chad to be a dick or everyone playing as Vanessa because she's fast. This is where Realism kicks in You are not all gonna be one counselor you will all be separate individuals with different stats requiring teamwork. Maps won't mark items or Fellow Counselors. When you pick up a paper map are you really supposed to be seeing where Items are left or your friends are located? No of course not. This is where the map system would be changed so fellow counselors would either stick together or keep distances. Items should not appear when picked up (Battery,Gas,Fuse etc.) since that isn't realistic. Imagine this you found the gas,you leave and find counselors to tell one of them to pick it up and when you come back it's missing.Not out of thin air but maybe another Counselor saw the gas and picked it up without realizing you were gonna call to get someone to carry it. Now onto the topic of counselors on Map Screen.The map is not a "find my friends" app and shouldn't be treated as such so if you're really alone you're gonna have to go hunting for your friends. Also I noticed the map screen also shows objectives being done (Tommy Called,Fuse in Phone,2-4 seater ready etc) This would not be shown in Realism mode and the icons for the Car or the Boat would be shown either along with the icon for when the cops show up.this brings you to stay in the middle and ask things like "are the Cops on this side or the other side?" also Mini Maps would be removed causing you to have to look at your map constantly if you wanna find the right way out. Perks no longer are available. Let's face it as Jason what are some big problems? Thick Skinned Counselors with Swift Attack and Heavy Hitter. This is a bad thing. People should not be allowed to have the upper hand on Jason because they have perks. Realism requires you to rely on the Counselors skill themselves which mean you should pay good attention to some of the counselors stats just to make sure you know if you're ready to take on Jason or not. Walkie Talkie Malfunctions/Battery. Lets take a look at some Walkie Talkies the last time I had one they didn't work so well which is where I came up with the idea that Not all walkies are gonna work. I mean for all you know Counselors put those walkies in there because they knew it was busted and didn't think Jason would come and make you search through drawers, Or The Battery was dying and the charger wasn't at the exact area which requires you to look for different walkie talkies so you can keep communicating with fellow Counselors. Team Killing Required. Remember this is supposed to be reality so if Jason was to come back from the dead to kill Counselors why would you hit someone other then to be a troll. Team killing is added because it makes you feel realistic and be careful when you swing for all you know you could see Jason using a counselor as a human shield. Counselors are weaker to weapon hits! Lets all admit what would you do if you were swinged at by a ax or a machete or the pitchfork. You'd probably hold your wounded area and try to get away. This is where Jason can be smart with his decisions. Throwing Knives and breaking windows wouldn't make the counselor hold a wound of course until they are in the dying state but a direct hit from Jason should make you feel in pain,No you're not gonna have a bleeding icon which if you run out you'll die but its more like a caution of going up against Jason as well. Counselors should be afraid of what Jason can do to them.that should happen in even Quick Play but the more I play,the more it feels like Jason is a punching bag that everyone just gangs up on him. Realism solves this because no perks like thick skin and weaker counselors mean they are choosing between living or dying. With a little ingame research I found out it takes a counselor with no perks Four Hits to drop dead,I say reduce it to three One hit leaving them in the dying state while the rest of the two gives them changes to rush and find items or hope for another counselor to save them. Certain items are hard to find. Let me explain this a bit. In every bathroom on every map you'll most likely find a first aid spray and most cases you'd find a Flare gun in bigger cabins. Flare Guns should not be in every big house this makes it feel like you always have a distant weapon ready.Realism would make it so only Few houses have those items like First Aid.This isn't a hospital either and since no one will have the Medic perk it means First Aid will become a bargain deal with other counselors. (that's all I'm thinking about for Counselors at the moment leave suggestions in the comments for more good ideas!) Jason Only knows of his Shack - Jason shouldn't know where everything is (Fuse Box,Car or Boats,Generators etc) Just because he's a killing machine doesn't mean he knows everything.He's gonna make mistakes like the counselors but he at the end of every match always manages to find his way home this is the only thing I think Jason should be aware of because you know what they say "Home is where your heart is." Jason only knows when Cops are coming - this is a down perk for Counselors but a big perk for Jason because he would know the Cops are coming at this amount of time (5 Minutes like usual) so that puts the Jason Player under hot water because for all he knows Counselors could be hiding at the exits or sticking together to escape.This is a big sign for Jason as he now is aware Counselors have successfully called the Cops now I must hurry before they escape cause like Counselors Jason will not be allowed to know which Side the Cops spawn on.Also when he lays bear traps down that doesn't appear on his map so he has to guess which Bear Trap went off. Stalk is 100% on - this is something I took notice from Youtuber Laphin Hyena as he mentions Jason can't be Jason when people know he's coming. Jason's music will not be played at all when appears or gets close to a counselor Unless their fear is all the way down then they'd hear Jason's music and go "Oh fuck,he's around here somewhere making the player even more scared" to the point where they wouldn't know weather to hide out or keep running, if a Counselor soon gets there composure back then the music fades again meaning this game also relies on a Counselors fear plus Stalk and Sense work together and Jasons can hide out and wait till the right moment when a Counselor comes out a window to scare the pants right off them! Jason would no longer hear that Counselors are in his shed - think of it like this Jason should not have a mommy notification if someones coming and taking the sweater.this isn't the Reboot Jason where he has strings attached to bells telling him that Counselors are coming.This is Jason Voorhees and if he's on the Chase that sweater is gonna be the last thing on his mind.You Really think Jason's gonna care about the sweater when a counselor is right in front of him with a baseball bat? No he'll wanna rip there heart out first before looking for more prey. Sense only works when sound is Generated: You know those little circles you make when Counselors move.Those should be how Jason's Sense works as in Jason would sense the sound coming from the house however that doesn't entirely mean the Counselor is at that location.There was noise there and Jason obviously doesn't like the noise. (that's all I have for now please send in some ideas I would love if Wes or staff of Gun Media or Illfonic saw this and thought of this as a new gameplay mode!)
  14. Im being honest when I say the music is useless it has no "scare" value and kinda annoying....I prefer to have an option to you know turn it off? I know some will like it the music playing when they grab someone but from what I see in communities for the "grab music" majority dislike and majority like it so why not having a fanbase neutral option for us to either have it on or off instead of it just on 24/7? What is everyones votes? Edit: If you think this is bitching you are probably a douchebag who can't even read the post this is a 100% fair suggestion to have an OPTION key me REPEAT a OPTION to have those who dont like it to turn it off. Edit: I think it should go off when Jason uses shift+stalk together and grabs a counselor and have the music play but still with the option to turn it off or on. Just to get some notice from: @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben
  15. The Tough Guy (Vic from Friday the 13th Part 5 as an example for a tough guy) Movie Trope: The Tough Guy Counselor Stats: Composure: 8/10 (Blood and a Dead body did not affect him but Jason does affect him.) Luck: 2/10 (Doesn't have the best of luck in the world.) Repair: 3/10 (Not a total genius with repairing.) Speed: 5/10 (Equal to Kenny in speed.) Stamina: 5/10 (Can hold his own in a run.) Stealth: 2/10 (Isn't the sneaky type of character.) Strength: 10/10 (Hit's the gym and knows how to fight.) (All 35 points used up.) Pros: +Strength and Composure him a monster in keeping Jason at bay since one hit could leave Jason on the floor. +Stamina and Speed make him a danger because he would be circling Jason easily but not that fast like Brandon or Chad. +The Tough Guy character is good for protecting other Counselors similar to that of Tommy or Adam. Cons: -Stealth leaves him open for Jason to easily find him. -Luck forces players to use weapons with high durability. -Repair makes him not the most reliable at fixing anything. Overall: This trope counselor is meant to be the "fight me bro" of the F13 gaming community, He is the protector or a potential anti-protector depending on the player of course but with the stats, it takes skills and time to use such a character rather than trying to troll or bully Jason since the luck would surely not help with weapons.
  16. I've been working on a mock expansion for the game every now and again in my free time. As "features" are completed, they'll be added here as both suggestions and examples of concept. Please enjoy. Misc. Placeholders: More to come! *Similarity to any other previously offered suggestions is purely coincidental.
  17. I really hope with the weapon swap we get additional weapons along the way and are not limited to what is already available. How cool would it be to play homage to part 7 by shredding down doors, windows, and counselor faces with a Weed whacker! Or smashing a guitar into the head of a Chad like in part 8. Other ideas like a syringe, chainsaw, and flaming machete (Freddy vs Jason homage) have came across my mind as well. There may have been another thread about this already that I couldn't find, so if that's the case I apologize. What do you guys think? Think about your favorite kills and let's hear some of your weapon/kill ideas!
  18. Corpse Grabbing would be a unique mechanic in the game itself! why? it would feel like the hitman/splinter cell games where hiding corpses mean no evidence or even to jumpscare and increase the fear for counselors since Jason did in fact do these things in the movies as well so it would be realistic to his character as well.
  19. Hello whoever will be reading this, first of all: I'm not native english, meaning there might be spelling mistakes or bad form of sentences but I'll try my best. To start off: I want to list some bugs and weird things I encounter quite often. I will name them and then go more into detail. 1. Blackscreen at the start of Private matches I often encounter a blackscreen at the start of the match (only in private ones). The Host is then forced to restart the game fully because pressing the escape key will not work. The Non-Host (no idea what to call it) can leave using the escape key since the menu pops up normally. My idea: Some Maps are incompatible with some Jasons or something else. I've tested and it seems that Jason Part 8 always works on Higgins Haven and Jason Part 2 works on Jarvis's House. 2. Jason Kill through open window Now when Jason grabs a counselor and he is close to a house with windows he can throw the counselor through the window, breaking the window and killing the counselor. Sometimes though, he can throw a counselor through an open window, still killing the counselor, which doesnt make sense. An Idea to fix it: Add a tag to check if the window is open, so when Jason is close he will not see the small circle or something like that. 3. Jason or Counselor swinging through doors or walls The title says everything, basically you stand really close to a door, whether as Jason or a Counselor and you can just swing through hitting other players if they are close or in the action/animation of locking the door. The pros for the Counselor: They can stun Jason with a bat if he is breaking open the door. Pros for Jason: He can hit them in general or stop them from locking the door. My idea to fix this would probably be, adding some trigger or hitbox or whatever to prevent damage. 4. Jason getting stuck when grab Now for this one, I don't have much information, I didn't encounter this bug often. Let me explain what happens first: You are Jason, you grab a counselor and then once the counselor is raised so Jason can move, the movement keys dont work, meaning you won't be able to move and you'll have to wait until the counselor escapes. Because I didn't encounter this alot of times I can't really tell where/when it happens, but I'm sure it has something to do with the collision. Hope this helps. Now let's go over to the suggestions I have. 1. Environmental Kill: Impaled by Pitchfork Basically, in the barn on any map I sometimes see Pitchforks lying on the ground and I am disappointed there isn't a kill involving it. My idea: Jason has the Counselor, preferably in the barn, he throws the counselor on the ground, takes the pitchfork and impales either their head or belly. 2. Jason Part 10 and Jason Part 11 Now don't get confused by Part 10, I mean Jason before he gets his "upgrade" to Jason X. And then also Jason Part 11 from Freddy vs. Jason. 3. Environmental Kill: Harpoongun Basically there is a harpoon gun lying down somewhere, either in the barn or somewhere close to the water on like a stranded boat or something, and when Jason is close with a Counselor he grabbed, he just I guess kicks them further away (like the throwing axe kill of Part 8), grabs the harpoongun and shoots them in the face. 4. Bots in Private matches How I came up with this: If you have only one friend to play with and it feels kind of "Boring". Now this one, practically shouldn't be a problem at all, you got AI/Bots, you got a private match where you can invite friends. Now my idea would be adding a "Match Settings" tab/button for the Host where you can set whether the Bots should be activated. Then how many Bots (filling up the empty spaces or a custom amount) and what difficulty. This would be it so far, I might add a few things if I forget them or edit things that have been fixed by the next update. Yours faithfully, Coony
  20. As the example video shows wouldn't it be much better to have the audio tapes as well video tapes? I mean it would look far more interesting to see easter eggs and much more even like subtitles and other such things who else agrees? And who will disagree with this suggestion?
  21. Just one quick one for some suggestions on additional XP gains for the game. (Sorry if they exist and I don't know about it). - Extra XP for escaping as the driver and having passengers. E.g. 25xp per passenger. - Saving someone from Jason's grasp - giving someone an item i.e weapons, med spray etc. Thought a few cooperative actions would improve counselor gameplay and reward players who actually cooperate and not just escape on their own. Thoughts? Other related suggestions?
  22. I've had many problems with the Roy and Pinehurst Update.. so I would like to give my opinion on this. Yes, We can all agree that Jason is meant to be a pretty powerful entity and challenge to go against. But here's my problem. Remember before the update airedLIVE, when the Dev's put this in the Patch Notes? Reduced the number of Pocket Knives and Medical Sprays that can spawn per match At first, I was pretty fine with this change. I thought that maybe they were gonna remove maybe 2 or 3 pocket knives from the entire Camps as a whole, and I thought that it was a pretty balanced nerf for the counselors according to what they said. Now, when that update went LIVE with Roy (Part 5 Jason.) Words cannot describe how furious I was with the update. There's one fucking thing that pisses me off with the fucking devs, which is the fact that they never ever fucking clarify with any of the bullshit they say. How the absolute FUCK are you gonna put " Reduced the number of pocket knives that can spawn per match." But not " Tremendously Reduced the number of pocket knives that can spawn per match." This update pissed me off because now, finding a pocket knife is a fourth of the equivalency of finding a fucking Pamela Tape. Now with virtually no pocket knives in the match, how the hell do you expect me to survive the fucking game? There's rarely even anyone to help save people because a lot of people in this game are very uncoordinated and don't want to fucking work together. You even had the godamn nerves to give Jason a buff with the pocket knives, just to make me waste my stamina EVEN MORE because I fear Roy and Part 6 Jason limping me with only 2 hits from pocket knives. Let's not forget that the infamous pre-nerfed Jason grab has ONCE AGAIN, made a debut in the game. I've even seen NEW PLAYERS as Jason get 8/8 multiple times against lobbies of players level 50 and above, that's pretty godamn terrible. This game is supposed to be BALANCED, not "Oh we favor this side-- Actually no we're fucking retarded, we like this side instead." I understand that not all people are good at Jason, so sometimes you have to resort to buffing Jason, but you don't have to fucking buff him to the point where he's virtually fucking all of us over. As a developer, your job is to make sure that both partiesare happy at the end of the day. Dead By Daylight recently made a mistake, which is buffing the survivors to the point where using skill isn't present anymore. Now when a fucking Nurse or Hag or Trapper picks someone up when they're on the pallet, they can instantly stun them and not have to time it perfectly, which removes skill from the game; They also did the same with Flashlight Saves too. My message to the developers of Gun Media and Illfonic of Friday The 13th: The Game, is: Fix your godamn game, and get your shit together. You need to really wake the fuck up and really think about how other players will react based on the poor decisions that you so choose to make. Edit: It also appears that some players are reporting that all the counselors have a nerf to Stamina. This is one of the reasons why I almost always am exhausted as Deborah... What a fucking shame Gun Media... -Qcici
  23. Should we have the ability to pick to play Jason or Counselor exclusively in public matches? I personally think we should. I like to play counselor but I love playing Jason because I focus on giving people a genuine Jason experience by playing stealthy. For me, that's where I find the most fun in the game. I'm not against playing counselor and I gladly will but I really dislike having to sit through 2, 5, 10 or more counselor games when it might not be what I want to do. Sure, I can play bots but I think all of us who are reasonable can agree bots is not the same as MP. Nothing beats real people and reactions. I know an argument is that queue times may be longer or whatever but based on evidence, I would disagree. If you look at other games that let you choose which side, one side is usually a bit longer but not enough to be hurtful to the experience. I would gladly wait an extra 30 seconds or less, to a minute. I'm here to see what you guys think. I think randomness should be an option in private matches though. The 3rd option is for people who are neutral or have an idea here that isn't presented. If you pick option 1 or 2, please feel free to comment still.
  24. So this is something that community member Laphin brought up and got me to think about. I always thought Jason needs something still that makes him more sneaky or scary in a way that he isn't yet and while stalk was a great addon, I agree with Laphin who suggested that Stalk should be with Jason from the start of the game. Whether it's kept as an ability or somehow reworked as a passive, I would be fine with either and that's up to you and the devs. So what do you think? Feel free to comment no matter what option you choose.
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