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Found 62 results

  1. Corpse Grabbing would be a unique mechanic in the game itself! why? it would feel like the hitman/splinter cell games where hiding corpses mean no evidence or even to jumpscare and increase the fear for counselors since Jason did in fact do these things in the movies as well so it would be realistic to his character as well.
  2. The Tough Guy (Vic from Friday the 13th Part 5 as an example for a tough guy) Movie Trope: The Tough Guy Counselor Stats: Composure: 8/10 (Blood and a Dead body did not affect him but Jason does affect him.) Luck: 2/10 (Doesn't have the best of luck in the world.) Repair: 3/10 (Not a total genius with repairing.) Speed: 5/10 (Equal to Kenny in speed.) Stamina: 5/10 (Can hold his own in a run.) Stealth: 2/10 (Isn't the sneaky type of character.) Strength: 10/10 (Hit's the gym and knows how to fight.) (All 35 points used up.) Pros: +Strength and Composure him a monster in keeping Jason at bay since one hit could leave Jason on the floor. +Stamina and Speed make him a danger because he would be circling Jason easily but not that fast like Brandon or Chad. +The Tough Guy character is good for protecting other Counselors similar to that of Tommy or Adam. Cons: -Stealth leaves him open for Jason to easily find him. -Luck forces players to use weapons with high durability. -Repair makes him not the most reliable at fixing anything. Overall: This trope counselor is meant to be the "fight me bro" of the F13 gaming community, He is the protector or a potential anti-protector depending on the player of course but with the stats, it takes skills and time to use such a character rather than trying to troll or bully Jason since the luck would surely not help with weapons.
  3. Hello whoever will be reading this, first of all: I'm not native english, meaning there might be spelling mistakes or bad form of sentences but I'll try my best. To start off: I want to list some bugs and weird things I encounter quite often. I will name them and then go more into detail. 1. Blackscreen at the start of Private matches I often encounter a blackscreen at the start of the match (only in private ones). The Host is then forced to restart the game fully because pressing the escape key will not work. The Non-Host (no idea what to call it) can leave using the escape key since the menu pops up normally. My idea: Some Maps are incompatible with some Jasons or something else. I've tested and it seems that Jason Part 8 always works on Higgins Haven and Jason Part 2 works on Jarvis's House. 2. Jason Kill through open window Now when Jason grabs a counselor and he is close to a house with windows he can throw the counselor through the window, breaking the window and killing the counselor. Sometimes though, he can throw a counselor through an open window, still killing the counselor, which doesnt make sense. An Idea to fix it: Add a tag to check if the window is open, so when Jason is close he will not see the small circle or something like that. 3. Jason or Counselor swinging through doors or walls The title says everything, basically you stand really close to a door, whether as Jason or a Counselor and you can just swing through hitting other players if they are close or in the action/animation of locking the door. The pros for the Counselor: They can stun Jason with a bat if he is breaking open the door. Pros for Jason: He can hit them in general or stop them from locking the door. My idea to fix this would probably be, adding some trigger or hitbox or whatever to prevent damage. 4. Jason getting stuck when grab Now for this one, I don't have much information, I didn't encounter this bug often. Let me explain what happens first: You are Jason, you grab a counselor and then once the counselor is raised so Jason can move, the movement keys dont work, meaning you won't be able to move and you'll have to wait until the counselor escapes. Because I didn't encounter this alot of times I can't really tell where/when it happens, but I'm sure it has something to do with the collision. Hope this helps. Now let's go over to the suggestions I have. 1. Environmental Kill: Impaled by Pitchfork Basically, in the barn on any map I sometimes see Pitchforks lying on the ground and I am disappointed there isn't a kill involving it. My idea: Jason has the Counselor, preferably in the barn, he throws the counselor on the ground, takes the pitchfork and impales either their head or belly. 2. Jason Part 10 and Jason Part 11 Now don't get confused by Part 10, I mean Jason before he gets his "upgrade" to Jason X. And then also Jason Part 11 from Freddy vs. Jason. 3. Environmental Kill: Harpoongun Basically there is a harpoon gun lying down somewhere, either in the barn or somewhere close to the water on like a stranded boat or something, and when Jason is close with a Counselor he grabbed, he just I guess kicks them further away (like the throwing axe kill of Part 8), grabs the harpoongun and shoots them in the face. 4. Bots in Private matches How I came up with this: If you have only one friend to play with and it feels kind of "Boring". Now this one, practically shouldn't be a problem at all, you got AI/Bots, you got a private match where you can invite friends. Now my idea would be adding a "Match Settings" tab/button for the Host where you can set whether the Bots should be activated. Then how many Bots (filling up the empty spaces or a custom amount) and what difficulty. This would be it so far, I might add a few things if I forget them or edit things that have been fixed by the next update. Yours faithfully, Coony
  4. As the example video shows wouldn't it be much better to have the audio tapes as well video tapes? I mean it would look far more interesting to see easter eggs and much more even like subtitles and other such things who else agrees? And who will disagree with this suggestion?
  5. Just one quick one for some suggestions on additional XP gains for the game. (Sorry if they exist and I don't know about it). - Extra XP for escaping as the driver and having passengers. E.g. 25xp per passenger. - Saving someone from Jason's grasp - giving someone an item i.e weapons, med spray etc. Thought a few cooperative actions would improve counselor gameplay and reward players who actually cooperate and not just escape on their own. Thoughts? Other related suggestions?
  6. I've had many problems with the Roy and Pinehurst Update.. so I would like to give my opinion on this. Yes, We can all agree that Jason is meant to be a pretty powerful entity and challenge to go against. But here's my problem. Remember before the update airedLIVE, when the Dev's put this in the Patch Notes? Reduced the number of Pocket Knives and Medical Sprays that can spawn per match At first, I was pretty fine with this change. I thought that maybe they were gonna remove maybe 2 or 3 pocket knives from the entire Camps as a whole, and I thought that it was a pretty balanced nerf for the counselors according to what they said. Now, when that update went LIVE with Roy (Part 5 Jason.) Words cannot describe how furious I was with the update. There's one fucking thing that pisses me off with the fucking devs, which is the fact that they never ever fucking clarify with any of the bullshit they say. How the absolute FUCK are you gonna put " Reduced the number of pocket knives that can spawn per match." But not " Tremendously Reduced the number of pocket knives that can spawn per match." This update pissed me off because now, finding a pocket knife is a fourth of the equivalency of finding a fucking Pamela Tape. Now with virtually no pocket knives in the match, how the hell do you expect me to survive the fucking game? There's rarely even anyone to help save people because a lot of people in this game are very uncoordinated and don't want to fucking work together. You even had the godamn nerves to give Jason a buff with the pocket knives, just to make me waste my stamina EVEN MORE because I fear Roy and Part 6 Jason limping me with only 2 hits from pocket knives. Let's not forget that the infamous pre-nerfed Jason grab has ONCE AGAIN, made a debut in the game. I've even seen NEW PLAYERS as Jason get 8/8 multiple times against lobbies of players level 50 and above, that's pretty godamn terrible. This game is supposed to be BALANCED, not "Oh we favor this side-- Actually no we're fucking retarded, we like this side instead." I understand that not all people are good at Jason, so sometimes you have to resort to buffing Jason, but you don't have to fucking buff him to the point where he's virtually fucking all of us over. As a developer, your job is to make sure that both partiesare happy at the end of the day. Dead By Daylight recently made a mistake, which is buffing the survivors to the point where using skill isn't present anymore. Now when a fucking Nurse or Hag or Trapper picks someone up when they're on the pallet, they can instantly stun them and not have to time it perfectly, which removes skill from the game; They also did the same with Flashlight Saves too. My message to the developers of Gun Media and Illfonic of Friday The 13th: The Game, is: Fix your godamn game, and get your shit together. You need to really wake the fuck up and really think about how other players will react based on the poor decisions that you so choose to make. Edit: It also appears that some players are reporting that all the counselors have a nerf to Stamina. This is one of the reasons why I almost always am exhausted as Deborah... What a fucking shame Gun Media... -Qcici
  7. So this is something that community member Laphin brought up and got me to think about. I always thought Jason needs something still that makes him more sneaky or scary in a way that he isn't yet and while stalk was a great addon, I agree with Laphin who suggested that Stalk should be with Jason from the start of the game. Whether it's kept as an ability or somehow reworked as a passive, I would be fine with either and that's up to you and the devs. So what do you think? Feel free to comment no matter what option you choose.
  8. Should we have the ability to pick to play Jason or Counselor exclusively in public matches? I personally think we should. I like to play counselor but I love playing Jason because I focus on giving people a genuine Jason experience by playing stealthy. For me, that's where I find the most fun in the game. I'm not against playing counselor and I gladly will but I really dislike having to sit through 2, 5, 10 or more counselor games when it might not be what I want to do. Sure, I can play bots but I think all of us who are reasonable can agree bots is not the same as MP. Nothing beats real people and reactions. I know an argument is that queue times may be longer or whatever but based on evidence, I would disagree. If you look at other games that let you choose which side, one side is usually a bit longer but not enough to be hurtful to the experience. I would gladly wait an extra 30 seconds or less, to a minute. I'm here to see what you guys think. I think randomness should be an option in private matches though. The 3rd option is for people who are neutral or have an idea here that isn't presented. If you pick option 1 or 2, please feel free to comment still.
  9. I've been working on a mock expansion for the game every now and again in my free time. As "features" are completed, they'll be added here as both suggestions and examples of concept. Please enjoy. Misc. Placeholders: More to come! *Similarity to any other previously offered suggestions is purely coincidental.
  10. New Ranks

    Hiker 0 Camper 10 Scout 50 Tenderfoot 150 Second Class 350 First Class 500 Outdoorsmen 1000 Venturer 1500 Eagle Scout 2000 Senior Scout 3000 New Counselor 4500 Junior Counselor 5000 Senior Counselor 6000 Camp Counselor 8000 Head Counselor 9000 Camp Owner 10000 The ranks are all based on being counselors and such what is everyone feedback on these ranks?
  11. After reading these threads: http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/162172617956866431/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1621726179571067292/ I had an idea for something extra to get the sweater to work: How about a news article that must be found with an interview of Ginny from Friday The 13th Part 2? As I wrote in the second thread it would seem to fill in a blank of what happened to her and would add a method of the female councilors in the game knowing how to use the sweater instead of just putting it on suddenly and Jason bows down to be killed by Tommy Jarvis. It makes Jason harder to kill and adds another thing that must be found. Thoughts on this idea?
  12. Hello, I have been an active user and early adopter of this project. I pre-ordered the game and picked up all the skins packs and the savini jason. I have all the available DLC except for the special emotes. All of this being said, I cannot believe where this game has gone development wise. After the beta it really took a turn for the better and it felt like things were really starting to go well. I was pumped to be playing as one of my favorite horror icons in a modern game. Skip forward towards now and all I can recall are nightmarish, bug infested, underwhelming counselor matches, and bed pounding frustration at Jason's entire mechanics. In my dreams I see a massive killing machine in a corner being pummeled to death by teens with nothing but seemingly endless amounts of pocket knives, shotguns, flares, and the occasional (not really) fire cracker. This isn't even the beginning of it though. Lets's move onto the development schedule itself. I've literally lost track of all the pushed back dates, missed windows, late launches, and horrendous connectivity issues. I was fine with Gun Media and Illfonic making the release date a year later because I knew they would take the time to really capture the feeling of Jason in the game. I was fine when they announced single player bots wasn't happening until after the game was released, I mean AI counselors is quite a feat for a game like this right? Then came the inevitable delay for summer/early fall updates . But what broke me? After they promise a Christmas/early winter update they fall though the Christmas break window and fail to keep yet another promise to their loyal fan base and earlier adopters. I don't mind a few delays here and there, but at the end of the day Gun Media and Illfonic ARE A BUSINESS. you have customers and people looking to purchase a valid and complete experience, and this product is just unacceptable. If you don't want people complaining about the state of the product and the timing of releases, patches, and updates, DON't SET A DATE YOU CAN MISS. I understand that you are a growing and learning company, however, bad business is just bad business. Once I see Jason X, the new maps AND a MASSIVE Bug fix, and Jason rebalance (reWORK at this point) I will think of clicking on the desktop icon and playing your game (product). Here are some suggestions I have created to help create positive user experiences and game development: FIX COUNSELOR SPAWN RATES [ The shotgun, flares, and pocket knives aren't candy, don't just hand them out ] Listen I don't mind having a few (1-2) instances in-game as Jason where a counselor has a pocket knife and escapes my grasp. However , 7-12(no I'm not joking) times a game is INFURIATING. Then couple this issue with 1 gun spawning in map and on Tommy when he arrives creates a hell for ANY Jason, reguardless of grip strength, shift speed, morph, or stalk duration. Not to mention just the pure amount of weapons available to counselors on all the maps. Poor J-Man can't even walk 2 feet without getting a frying pan, wrench, baseball bat, axe, or 2x4 to the face! 2. RE-BALANCE OR REWORK JASON. Jason after release was INTIMIDATING. He was not to be played with. If you saw Jason as a counselor it was run like hell, hide for your goddamn life, or fight with all your might, if you have the luxury to be cornered. If you hit Jason it was a relief like you've never experienced before. You felt genuinely glad to have lived to see another cabin or house. Jason didn't fear a group of 7 counselors wielding everything but the nuclear launch codes coming at him. He was Difficult to hit, you couldn't just wait for him to grab you and let your teammates knock you out of his hands, you were mashing E (or your controller) so hard you were breaking your bones. Jason shouldn't be auto stunned the second he is hit from a stick or axe, or if he is create a bubble of time so counselors can't hit him instantly while he has a pal of theirs in his grasp. One idea on how to fix J7 for example is to create a "perma-stalk" ability where no counselors can hear Jason or his music UNTIL he's been seen BY THAT counselor. if two counselors are in a building and one doesn't see him, they can't hear the music or his footsteps. I know you guys have heard enough complaints about 7 and I know you said you were working on it, but hear me out when I say this: The community is being extra loud about J7 because he is the weakest link. a team or product, is only as strong as it's weakest point or link. 3. CREATE A NEW FEAR Jason needs to be scary, unpredictable, inhuman, strong, huge, and 1 step ahead of counselors. He was never lacking in defense OR offense in the movies. He had a weight with him. A subtle, yet very effective, horror about him. He wasn't some doll to be dragged through the mud. Jason was a massive harbinger of doom, not an Eric Lachappa. Instill fear, don't remove it. Sincerely, CTK [Kyle]
  13. I have a list of reasons why I'm disappointed in how and why it's become not fun and almost a chore to take on the role of Jason and how this inadvertently created a trolling culture in the sessions 1) GRABBING IS USELESS there's almost no reason to try and use any of the grab kills you buy with the xp points anymore because there's so many pocket knives available. I've completely stopped trying to grab victims because they'll have two sometimes 3 pocket knives on their person. Which brings me to the next point. 2) MELEE IS ALMOST USELESS Jason's swing animations are so slow and jerky that more then 90 percent of the time if you swing at the same time as a counselor, the game will show favor to the counselors action and "stun" Jason every time leaving the counselor unharmed. Maylee kills only work if you are directly on top of a counselor from behind, DIRECTLY ON TOP and if they are directly in front of you because if they are even slightly adjacent, it'll miss, every time. 3) THE CLOSER YOU STAY TO JASON THE SAFER YOU ARE. The troll culture in the sessions have found out about the extremely slow tank like functionality of Jason controls and have saw fit to making a game of running around Jason in circles because the reaction time to anything Jason does is extremely slow you almost certainly will not be able to swing or grab them. 4) TRANSITION ANIMATIONS ARE SLOW. I just don't understand why it takes almost a minute with no control over the character whenever he grabs a projectile. This makes me not want to grab projectiles sometimes, the sessions are only but so long to go through this Everytime you pick one up one up and it's a little annoying. I understand the choppng of the door motions is supposed to give the counselors time to leave but why does swinging individually without seeing the R2 icon result in several jerky unsuccessful swing attempts that take far too long to regain control of his swing. STUNNED JASON IS DISORIENTING whenever Jason is stunned the camera forcibly changes, breaks into a cutscene animation then changes the angle you were probably in completely. So temporally you don't know if the person you dropped was in front back or to the side of you until you reorient the left joy stick. In these short sessions, time is of the essence and that seems very unnecessary to me. 5)TELEPORT AND GRAB IMPOSSIBLE Seems perfectly logical that if you can successfully control the teleport morph to land directly behind or even in front if you're skilled enough, that you should be able to grab them coming directly out of a morph. I've never seen this successfully done by any player. I believe this is because of the impracticality of the slow transition animations and jerky grab options. It seems these two functions should be seamless but they work completely against each other which is odd because we've literally seen him do this in the movies. ALL THE FAN FAVORITE JASON'S ARE USELESS. I respect and like the fact that each Jason's weaknesses and strengths are taken from his evolution from alive to walking zombie but you guys were WAY to literal about this and it whereas the later Jason's I'm there movies were considerably more powerful and unstoppable, their functionality in the games make them way more harmless. You shouldn't have to pick Part 2 Jason if you want to successfully kill skilled players as counselors simply because he's the fastest and most human. I'm noticing Everytime a seemingly new player gets chosen to play Jason and they pick THEIR favorite Jason from a film they find out quickly that what he was in the movie and what it translates to in the game are two different things and they wind up quitting the session after discovering that they are completely useless .
  14. Only in private match remove penalty for team killing and re add the team killing off and on check box back!! I have been saying it but falls on deaf ears if it MY private match should be MY choice!!
  15. If anyone already has a thread like this, my apologies, I haven’t been on this thread these past few months due to college. So I’m a little locked out the loop. Here are some map-specific dlc ideas such as new characters or skins. Now I’m taking into account that many of these ideas likely won’t go through until at least a couple of years down the line, when the developers have the time and funds to do these things. Much of the credit for the skins goes to @bewareofbears for coming up with this idea in a previous thread. Packanack: -Terry’s outfit for Tiffany, Scott’s outfit for Adam, Paul’s outfit for Kenny, and Ginny’s outfit for Jenny since she is our “Final Girl”. Or.... -Ginny herself as a dlc-specific counselor for Packanack instead of Tommy. Instead of a shotgun, Ginny would automatically come to the map with Pamela’s sweater along with a map, radio, and pocket knives. Another male character will simply fill in the role of killing Jason for Tommy. Or if she is summoned, she will be the only female character allowed to use the sweater. It’s the most iconic part of her character after all. -Paul. We can have the chance to find out if he lives or dies. - A new kill set for Part II Jason includes him throwing his pickaxe into a counselor’s face and knocking them down the down the steps similar to how he killed Mark and him showing his pickaxe into a counselor’s stomach, like how he killed Vicki. Crystal Lake -Alice’s outfit for Jenny, and Steve’s shorts and red bandanna for Kenny. Kenny is automatically shirtless with this outfit 😉. -I don’t think Alice or any of the characters from the first movie would be added as dlc characters since they’re all...y’know canonically dead at this point. But if there were any possible way for a willing dispension of disbelief, then Alice could replace Tommy as a summon. She comes in with an axe instead of a shotgun because.... -If Pamela is ever going to be added in as a killer or for “Paranoia Mode”, then Alice would be the only one allowed to kill her as a homage to the first movie. Shotguns are not in this mode for obvious reasons, unless one wants the game to be over in thirty seconds. Pamela also picks up whatever weapons she can find and many of hers kills are similar to her kills in the first movie. -Another variation of this is Part I Jason as a DLC Jason lurking in the lake. He’s not playable but if you have only Pamela as the killer, Part I Jason could kill you for his mother if he swims up to the boat. He can only kill you in the water however because of the game mechanics, and he’s, well, still a child. Higgins Haven - Chris’s outfit for Jenny. It comes full circle. Vera’s outfit for Deborah and Chuck’s outfit for Mitch. Whatever Ali or Lobo wore for Adam. -Chris as an actual counselor for those who want the real thing. She comes in with an axe and is the only one who can kill Jason instead of Tommy. Jarvis House -Trish’s Act Three outfit for Jenny. -Trish herself is a second summon. If both Jarvis siblings are present and all the necessary steps have occurred, a special cutscene will involve them beating down and killing Jason together as they pretty much did in the final chapter. -Jim, Sara, and Ted as dlc counselors. Jim gets a specific emote where he dances exactly like he did in the film. -If he drags them upstairs, Part IV Jason will throw a counselor out the upstairs window similar to how he did Tina . If it hits one of the cars, the car is irrevocable damaged. Other suggested kills include how he killed that creepy coroner Axel or the nurse. The corkscrew kill is added as an environmental kill and him throwing the pig splitter into the counselor’s chest, like Sara’s. Grendel Map( Now this is speculative territory”) -Jenny gets Rowan’s outfit. Vanessa gets Kay Em’s while Tiffany gets Janessa’s outfit. -Or everybody gets space military outfits. -Uber Jason could possibly have all his kills from the movie. -Sgt. Brodski replaces Tommy. I mentioned in a thread months ago how if he kills Jason the same way he did in the movie, he will die with Jason but whoever plays him gains massive points. - Kay-Em is a character dlc. Her strength and luck should both be extremely high. Any other thoughts and ideas on dlcs and maps are welcome.
  16. Hi, Here are a couple of suggestions to enhance the gaming experience and make it, in my humble opinion, more true to the horror root of Friday the 13th, and less about mindless point scoring via shift-grabbing *sigh* (more on this in a moment). 1. Morph and Shift disabled in REAL mode: In REAL mode, Jason's only two abilities would be Sense and Stalk. Whoever plays Jason would have to track their victims on foot, and rely on the luck of the map as to whether they are nearer to or further from phone lines, electrical boxes, etc. The Jason player would need to rely on cunning and stealth more than just teleporting mindlessly like a demi-god . . . (this is probably a good moment to suggest that the stalk ability's duration ought to receive a much longer duration across the board, but still draining faster if you are walking). This would result in a dramatic change in gameplay, as well as atmosphere for the counselors because right now it's just a formulaic thing of "uh oh, better stay away from cars and phone lines because BAM, Jason is going to appear right there and that's it, yadda yadda shift grab shift grab LEAVE during Jason kill. I strongly believe that this change could reduce leaving-rates from online players because if they actually get tracked and found by Jason, it will feel more warranted and organic instead of "why the f*** can Jason teleport anyway ?!?! Screw this !" I know that this is the mindset of a lot of counselor-players. 2. Make room furniture assets moveable by Jason: We are all to familiar with the utterly ridiculous spectacle of a counselor running around the sofa and gaming Jason, who cannot do anything about the obvious furniture clipping. This should not be allowed. The idea should be, if you're in close quarters with Jason, you're as good as finished unless you get lucky. He should be able to trash a room if he wants by pressing interact with an item of furniture, and it ought to be able to hurt counselors if it hits them. From a coding perspective, this would involve a static room object becoming a dynamic, moveable entity that is a damage-incurring projectile of sorts, if Jason so chooses to press interact. (You can decide how he would trash the place - I envisage him swiping a piece of furniture to one side, left or right, in order to get at his next victim. 3. Jason less likely to get stunned / more hit points Because this mode would make Jason-encounters more fleeting, he ought to be less susceptible to stunning by counselor attacks (baseball bat, iron bar, etc) but still susceptible to fire crackers, etc. Also, he should have more hit points before his mask falls off. The idea here is that yes, Jason is avoidable because now he tracks you on foot, but along with that, HE IS TO ABSOLUTELY BE AVOIDED. This will create a greater sense of fear on the part of the counselors. I have no time for this ganging up on Jason b.s and then (the most plebeian of all things) dancing like an idiot while Jason just gets stunned over and over - whoever does this should probably just stick to playing COD online. Those are my suggestions for the so-called REAL mode. Let's stay true to the roots of Friday the 13th and deliver a more suspenseful experience to the gamers because cracks are beginning to appear in this shift-grabbing facade and people seem to be getting frustrated.
  17. Is there any way we can have the player name display bigger? It is so hard to read the player’s name even when they are standing right in front of me. If they are speaking, it’s easier to tell since I can look at the scoreboard. But it is so tough trying to squint my eyes to see who is who. Just me or....?
  18. suggestion for another game mode.. The game mode would be "Michael Myers based/Inspired" It's a game we played when we where kids.. basically what happens is.. Jason is the killer right.. so lets say he kill someone.. that person.. will come back to life.. as an undead.. basically with pale undead skin.. and that person will have a weapon to help kill counselors with Jason.. (The original game is anyone that dies goes and helps.. but the number of returning players would be up to you guys..) The return character or returning 2 characters.. are kill able unlike Jason.. they would have some kind of either life bad or die like a regular counselor would.. except they would go into some hurt state.. since they are dead... that way those undead counselors can die... and the others can have to only deal with Jason.. After the two undead counselors die.. there wont be any more.. (but that's up to you guys) This would be a reference and nostalgia to people's Child hood, and Part 9 Jason goes to hell..
  19. Hey guys and girls, new user. Who else likes the ideas of good open ended topics? Excellent game! The waiting between deaths during a match can be dreadful. Sometimes plays are really on the lines of seeming not worth watching. Now I'm not personally digging on anyones capabilities BUT I WONT GO THERE. Virtual Cabin 2.0 upon death. Thoughts? Share!
  20. So Ive been at the max lvl for about 3 months and was wondering if Gun had ever mentioned any plans for end game in their progression system. (Yes I know its not an important part of the game, Im just curious) As its stands, once you hit max lvl, you stop getting the bonus CP dump that you would normally get per lvl. Now this isnt too bad of a thing because at 101 you probably have the perks you want at the rarity you want. (Unless you have terrible RNG like a lot of people). For me I usually always just spend my CP at 500, trying to get epics, however if it hadnt been 2x XP I dont think I would have gotten part 4's kills anytime soon. I was just wondering if Gun would implement some kind of prestige to get the CP dumps again or maybe make it so every so many matches max lvl players get a dump. If I remember right CP is set per match at 75, I cant really remember. Just wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat as me or has any other suggestions. With prestiging they could add special customization options, but for me thats not needed, Id just like the boost of CP back for future Jasons and the like.
  21. is sacrificing a pocket knife the only way to deactivate a trap? I feel like they should make it so you don't need a pocket knife to deactivate a trap especially when you have those jason's who put 2 traps at the phone fuse, and a trap at each of the cars making it almost impossible to escape.
  22. Hey I thought it would be a cool and good idea to have the items respawn because there would be lots of times where someone fixes up a car escapes with a person or 2 people escape and someone happens to have the GAS, or the KEYs, FUSE, like those items literally making it impossible to escape leaving you with like 10-15 minutes stranded trying to evade Jason idk I think it would be a good idea also make it so you can deactivate traps without using pocket knifes I hate JASON leaving traps at phones box, car doors, gas and battery placements its sooooo annoying DAMN YOU JASON's that do that haha
  23. Snow?

    Wouldn't it be more unique to have a snow like weather for the game?! Jason chasing the counselors in the dead of a snowy night!? or Counselors have to find a warm cabin or else they start to freeze and become slower?
  24. Hey all!! First I just wanna say that I think the game is off to a great start & I'm really happy that you guys are continuing to work on it. There's a few things that I thought would be cool if it was in the game. I really enjoy the game & thanks in advance!! • After you die & you are waiting, I thought it would be cool if you were able to modify your loadout, getting ready for the next round. Whether it be selecting a new character, changing or buying perks, whatever the case maybe, that way when the round is over, it can just roll on over to the next one. • I know maps are kind of limited for the time being, but maybe having the option of map voting? (Just a thought) • Be able to carry a weapon while also carrying items like the battery, propeller, gasoline, etc. I know it kind of takes away from the realism but counselors are already at a HUGE disadvantage (especially if you are the last one), it would just be a little better to have the option of somewhat defending yourself while carrying said items. • Last thing, maybe allow more ammo for the shotgun, I'm not saying unlimited but more than 1. Maybe find a box of ammo in one of the cabins. You could also incorporate a rare or epic perk, that enables or increases your chances of finding additional ammunition. Just thought it was odd for Tommy Jarvis to leave his house & go to the camp to help the counselors & he only brings 1 shotgun shell (especially when he's going there to fight Jason Vorhees) or there is only 1 shell at the camp in general. If counselors cannot carry a weapon while carrying the battery or gas, then we should be able to have more than 1 shell.
  25. Suggestions for Additional "Heroes": Tina Shepard, Creighton Duke, Kay-Em 14 Here are a few ideas for additional heroes in addition to Tommy Jarvis. Some of them have not been fully fleshed out yet but I'll leave the rest of that to you all. All of my suggestions here would always yield to game balance, all in presence, power, and duration. I think all of these characters should have the same stats as Tommy Jarvis, minus any adjustments that may need to be made for game balance. These are only ideas that are in scratch but have the potential to be implemented into full plans with enough imagination, ambition, and balancing of abilities, .... and whether or not you can get the original actors to come back or not. Here goes: 1. Tina Shepard - (The telekinetic girl from Part 7) I think this character would be the easiest of the 3 to put in the game. She comes from a time when Jason was still hanging out around/near crystal lake, and is the least out of place of the three, unless you found her telekinetic powers to be super out-of-place, in which case, I can't help you. Here could be some of her abilities/attributes. She may need an ability box like Jason's: -When she spawns in, she gets different music than Tommy Jarvis. She gets a jingle made from the song that plays all throughout Part 7 that can be heard in the background of this clip here: https://youtu.be/vvRHvb-EFfk?t=246 -Inverted Fear Mechanic: Trust me on this, you'll see where it comes into play later. This characters powers were only available to her when her emotions ran high. When she first spawns in and her fear is low, her abilities aren't as powerful as they are when her fear/emotions climb up. Yes, she will stumble more, but her abilities below have greater range, longer stun time, and include more items than available otherwise. Yes, give her a flashlight, but it's up to the player to know to NOT use it except to keep other counselors fear-level low, or just to see in the dark. As her fear goes up, her abilities can be triggered from further distances, include more items (to levitate and hit Jason with) and have longer stun time. -Context/Environmental stuns for Jason: A. If Jason is standing on any porch with a roof, she can press a button and bring the awning down stunning him, just like in the movie. Any counselors under said roof would be severely injured or killed. Jason's presence under any awning would be required for this to be triggered so that players can't team kill counselors by bringing down awnings with only counselors under them. B. If Jason is standing within a variable (depending on her fear) number of feet of any power box, she can press a button and telekinetically shove Jason into the box, shocking him and stunning him for a balanced time. This permanently disables the power box however, making it irreparable by any of the characters. You have to weigh whether or not this is worth it since the affected cabins will drive up fear which is bad for counselors, but great for Tina as she becomes more powerful hanging around in dark cabins, even if terrified. I thought of this when trying to think of a way to shock Jason using a power line in water, which there are no power lines in the game that I'm aware of. C: If Jason is near a campfire or fireplace, and a gas container is nearby, whether in someone's hands or not, she can press a button and use the gas to soak him in the face and body, causing him to fall back into the fire, both stunning him for a balanced period of time, and dealing enough damage to his HP pool, getting him close enough to damasking that it will be worth consuming the gas container for it which will naturally eliminate the possibility ONE escape method, either the two-seater, the boat, or the four-seater. This will generally be for if you're going to seriously kill Jason, but if the gas is consumed and the "Kill Jason" attempt fails, knows that 2-4 players may end up stuck on the map with their only other possibilities being calling the cops or waiting out the timer. More on killing Jason later: D: If Jason is near an otherwise moveable object including but not limited to Gas, Battery, Keys, Weapons, Propeller, Counselor Traps, Dead Bodies, Decapitated Heads, Tina can push a button and telekinetically throw it at Jason for a knock back or stun depending upon how heavy the object is, and how high Tina's fear is. The higher the fear, the more likely the stun. Once an object has been telekinetically thrown at Jason, it cannot be thrown at him again. When Tina's fear is low, she will only be able to throw lighter objects like the propeller, weapons and heads, while heavier objects like the gas, the battery and dead bodies will require higher fear and won't have a prompt until her fear is high enough. While the keys can be thrown at Jason, they only ever bounce off having no effect. It will be up to the player to know this and not make a mistake. Throwing objects at Jason while he is raising a counselor up for a grab-kill will stun Jason and free the counselor just as if he were stunned otherwise. -Killing Jason with Tina: Same procedure as with Jarvis EXCEPT... there is a trade-off... When Jason has been hit and is on his knees ready to die, Tina will NOT need an Axe or a Machete to kill him, BUT, Jason will need to be ON one of the two docks on the map... AND her fear will need to be at or close to 100 in order for the icon to pop up for her to summon her father from under the dock to jump up and pull Jason into the water. The End. I know, I know, her Dad coming up and getting Jason in the movie was so dumb, but if you're going to kill Jason they way she killed Jason,... you have to kill Jason the way she killed Jason. 2. Creighton Duke & Jessica Kimble - (The Bounty Hunter & Niece of Jason from Part 9) This one's a two-fer, because it has to be, in order to kill Jason. Duke is a tougher one because we didn't get to see him do too much in the movie, although this can be a strength since it allows creativity with respect to what his abilities/attributes could be. First I'll discuss Jessica Kimble then Duke: -Jessica Kimble: When Duke spawns in, so does another dead/escaped character as Jessica Kimble, at the other spawn point, who has no special abilities, and functions just as another counselor with a 5 in all categories, just like Kenny Reidell. She is only useful as an additional counselor, and as a required component to kill Jason if that's what people decide they want to do. The reason she's so mediocre outside of her necessity to kill Jason is to balance the fact that you're bringing back 2 people instead of one, giving Jason as many as 9 people to kill. If Jason kills Jessica Kimble, any chance of chance of killing Jason gone. Once Jessica Kimble is on the scene, Jason gains the ability to grab a counselor and instead of performing a kill, can instead transfer himself to the counselors body which means the following; Jasons initial body will lay on the map, unresponsive. If other counselors see this, they know something is wrong and that they cannot just trust every counselor they see. The Jason player will be playing as Jason, in "Infected" counselors skin, while the counselor who was "infected" will have been killed. The original players name will still appear above the Jason/counselor so as to help further mislead other counselors upon approach. "Hey Bob1234!" *Shift Grab* "Oh Crap!". The Jason player in the counselors body will still be "Jason" with all of his old abilities except stalk which will now be permanently active with no cool down or limit. This means that if Jason kills and transfers to a counselor while no one else is present to see it, Jason will be able to morph, and shift to players without them getting the VHS tape effect on their screen, and will also not hear his music unless and until he begins attacking counselors in the presence of other counselors, and only at that time. In other words, if Jason/counselor attacks a friend, the music begins, you run away, you don't get music as he approaches our chases you seconds later. The idea is that it's hard to tell who Jason is because is his now "in disguise" although, once you're onto who it is, it becomes easier. However, there is another catch: Jason can still transfer from counselor to counselor so long as he is grab-killing to make this feature available each time, so just because you know that "Bob1234" as Buggzy is now Jason, you can still get nabbed by "Suzie5678" as Deb Kim if you're not being vigilant and/or communicating. If Jason transfers to Jessica Kimble, he retains his original appearance as he did when he transferred to his half-sister in the movie, loses all prior damage taken, regains his mask, but his old corpse still lays on the ground to be discovered, and yes it stuns counselors. -Creighton Duke: The only ability I can see giving him from the movies is "Finger Snap/Info for Health". Other counselors can walk up to Duke and let him snap their finger for and for 1/3rd of their current health, duke will give them a vital piece of information to help them in the game. This can only be done for a maximum of three times whether it's done by one player or three. The reason it's 1/3rd of your current health is so that you ARE suffering some kind of penalty, but it shouldn't be enough to kill you. The piece of information given should be randomly selected, can be crummy or useful, and can include but not be limited to: -A map if you don't have one (crummy since you can get those anywhere) -Location of 4-seater (arrow placed on minimap, good for people without maps) -Location of 2-seater (arrow placed on minimap, good for people without maps) -Location of Boat (arrow placed on minimap, good for people without maps) -Location of Phone box (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with one battery (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with one gas (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with one set of keys (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of which end cops will spawn on if called (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with firecrackers (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with pocket knife (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of objective item if dropped more than 20 feet from objective (arrow placed on minimap/map) Killing Jason with Creighton Duke & Jessica Kimble: Same procedure as with Jarvis EXCEPT... when Duke spawns in, he spawns with a short sword that functions like the machete except it has higher durability, maybe more like the wrench. It can be used to remove Jasons mask, but of you break it, you cannot kill Jason. Once Jason is stunned and on the ground ready to be killed, Duke must give the short sword to Jessica Kimble (Duke cannot drop it until then) who must be present, pick it up (It will turn into that fancy dagger from Part 9) and Jessica must use it to kill Jason. The animation should show him being stabbed right in the heart, and an animation of what we saw at the end of Part 9 where those lights shoot out of his chest and giant arms rise from the ground to drag him to hell. At this time, anyone close to Jason needs to use the animation time to BACK UP and get away from Jason or else they will get grabbed by one of the arms and will need to be grabbed and pulled out by other counselors that are out of the way, and will need to mash "E" like crazy to pull you free. Duke and Jessica will move out of the way automatically and will be available to save others no matter what once the arms have grabbed everyone within range. (No tea-bagging this dead Jason!) 3. Kay-Em 14 - (The Robot Girl from Jason X) This one is trickier and I just don't feel like writing for her the same way I do the other people. I think her presence in the 1980's maps will be a weird mix, and I think she needs to stay limited to the Jason X map if and when we do get them. Having Jason X at crystal lake is going to be weird enough. In addition, I'm not sure how to balance this character since she basically shot Jason to death, including his head. It's hard to imagine her as a "stunner" only character with infinite ammo when we know she does so much more. Maybe she will but it's just that she will also be very vulnerable to Jason's attacks, requiring only one hit to die, and every death is a decapitation. Other factors may include: -While she has infinite ammo and can stun Jason with every shot, there is a cool down for her shots. -While she requires only one hit to die, and can only die via a decapitation, she can still communicate with players in game as her head lies on the ground, although, Jason can kick it out of range to some spot where no one can hear her. -10 repair for sure since she is a machine. Other than that, I'm not sure, you guys think about it.