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Found 11 results

  1. I'd like to see an event where there's like an 1000% increase in Sacred Branch spawns. C'mon Gun, let's have some fun! @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Randygbk @ShiftySamurai
  2. In another thread talking about memorable kills, the death of Sheriff Garris was brought up. So, I decided to watch it again just to see him putting that good beat down on Jason before dying. I remembered him kicking Jason and using a rock, but upon rewatching it I saw something. Something glorious... That's right. Sheriff Garris hit Jason with the Sacred Branch!!! I mean I can't believe Jason didn't die right there. I guess Jason got lucky that it broke, as apparently the poor Sheriff was not worthy of it's power so he discarded it on Jason. Such a shame too. The Mighty Stick layed Jason out.
  3. There's been talks of what Jason's can be added and if they should make some more new Jasons like Savini. Well, what about this Jason? Start around the 4 minute mark if you want to get to the point. That's right, Friday the 13th: A Nude Beginning. Made during the the original franchise films run. Never knew such a thing existed until watching the Cinema Snob's Ft13th reviews over the years. Does anybody want this "Jason" included? I'd like him to be included with like 5 weaknesses and maybe the strength can run. And those 5 weaknesses can be the worst ones possible. That way part 7 no longer has to be considered the worst Jason. This post was made in the spirit of Friday the 13th. And to hopefully gets some laughs showing off what has to be one of the, if not worst Jason incarnations ever.
  4. At the end of Scarface, Tony Montana went on quite the rampage while being heavily coked up until being taken out from behind. Would his arsenal of guns and coke fueled rage be able to inflict enough damage vs. an undead Jason? There's a good chance Jason would lose some limbs like in JGtH. Early incarnations of Jason probably wouldn't stand a chance so I'll leave this to any Jason starting from part 6. No Uber though, unless the nanobites upgrade Tony's swearing lmao. The fight would take place in Tony's mansion with Tony seeing Jason downstairs obliterating the hit squad on his surveillance. I'd see Tony decimating him while hurling insults, but then thinking Jason is dead leaves him only for Jason to pop up from behind a little later and kill Tony. If Sosa's shotgun hitman kills Tony first, Jason will definitely kill him for stealing his kill. If Jason says hello to Tony's little friend, he may become a one legged slasher in a killing contest. At which point Jason might try to possess Tony's body if it's JGtH Jason. Oh god that would be something. I would be curious to what Tony Montana would say to Jason. He did have quite the talent for cursing lol. Damn you @jameson87. This topic is because of you and your "coke through the nose" laughing.
  5. The greatest achievement a wielder of the Sacred Branch can do. I've yet to, mainly due to the rarity of Savini Jason. If anyone has, I'd love to see a video of it.
  6. The stick. Ignored by many, used with pride by me. Does anybody else realize the greatness of this god tier weapon? Nothing instills more fear in Jason than a counselor that brandishes the fabled weapon of legend. Now you may be thinking I'm crazy, but truth be told only the worthy can wield such a weapon correctly. As such, the masses make lies of what appears to be just an ordinary branch. (This is what happens when I wake up after less than two hours of sleep, so I'll try to dream about that one time I demasked Jason with a tree branch)
  7. We got Pamela tapes. We got Tommy tapes. Well I think they exist, just super rare lol. I believe other sets have been bounced around, but I've got a couple I'd like to see in good humor. 1. The Chad tapes. I mean who wouldn't want to listen to The Chad as he talks about Chad stuff? These would be really common like at least 3 on every map. 2. The Jason tapes. Yes you're reading this right. You collect a tape and play it just to hear nothing lol. I mean maybe sprinkle in a few of good old "Ki ki ki ma ma ma" here and there, but you get the point of this being a joke. I say Pamela tapes rarity for these. Please forgive me if either of these have been mentioned before.
  8. With the known news of the upcoming Legendary Perks, it just dawned on me that there should be one added that lets you start with none other than the legendary Sacred Branch itself. Now I know this addition could seriously risk breaking the game if all the counselors started with the Bane of Jason, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.
  9. I'm talking about Charles "Don't fuck with it" Jefferson from Fast Times at Ridgemont High after his car was totaled. If he was at Crystal Lake and believed Jason wrecked it or worse saw him do it, would that be enough to overcome Jason? Or would it only give him an initial advantage? The football scene in the movie is hilarious. If you don't know what I'm talking about:
  10. How bad would this be? Jason, Craig, Smokey, Deebo, etc. I'm thinking Leprechaun in the Hood territory. So stupid, but hopefully stupid funny.
  11. Where is my brethren that understand the sanctity of these blessed obstacles of evil? And that evil is Jason. This wretched deviant has dark powers that allow him to seemingly disappear and reappear after covering considerable ground. Out in the wild you are in danger. Fear not though as the beast cannot enter windows for some reason we've yet to ascertain. This means he must go through doors. These mythical doors dispel whatever dark magics he is employing and force him to show himself. Now there are many guardians that use their powers of good to fight him through doors, though the evil one can counter doing the same. I commend these brave souls putting up the good fight. Some may even trap behind the door to catch Jason off guard. The problem with this is that the sly devil may know your scheme and use this "shifting" ability of his to possibly turn your well intentioned trap against you. What I do, to truly try and preserve our most Holy doors is to trap the front of it. This will make the heinous monster have no choice but to step in the trap if he wants to desecrate your bastion of defense.
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