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Found 4 results

  1. How bad would this be? Jason, Craig, Smokey, Deebo, etc. I'm thinking Leprechaun in the Hood territory. So stupid, but hopefully stupid funny.
  2. Jefferson vs Jason

    I'm talking about Charles "Don't fuck with it" Jefferson from Fast Times at Ridgemont High after his car was totaled. If he was at Crystal Lake and believed Jason wrecked it or worse saw him do it, would that be enough to overcome Jason? Or would it only give him an initial advantage? The football scene in the movie is hilarious. If you don't know what I'm talking about:
  3. Where is my brethren that understand the sanctity of these blessed obstacles of evil? And that evil is Jason. This wretched deviant has dark powers that allow him to seemingly disappear and reappear after covering considerable ground. Out in the wild you are in danger. Fear not though as the beast cannot enter windows for some reason we've yet to ascertain. This means he must go through doors. These mythical doors dispel whatever dark magics he is employing and force him to show himself. Now there are many guardians that use their powers of good to fight him through doors, though the evil one can counter doing the same. I commend these brave souls putting up the good fight. Some may even trap behind the door to catch Jason off guard. The problem with this is that the sly devil may know your scheme and use this "shifting" ability of his to possibly turn your well intentioned trap against you. What I do, to truly try and preserve our most Holy doors is to trap the front of it. This will make the heinous monster have no choice but to step in the trap if he wants to desecrate your bastion of defense.
  4. The stick. Ignored by many, used with pride by me. Does anybody else realize the greatness of this god tier weapon? Nothing instills more fear in Jason than a counselor that brandishes the fabled weapon of legend. Now you may be thinking I'm crazy, but truth be told only the worthy can wield such a weapon correctly. As such, the masses make lies of what appears to be just an ordinary branch. (This is what happens when I wake up after less than two hours of sleep, so I'll try to dream about that one time I demasked Jason with a tree branch)