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Found 16 results

  1. @mattshotcha (and everyone in general) Is this a bug or intentional? The flare stuns Jason AFTER the Rage icon in the corner turns red, but BEFORE the on-screen text appears.
  2. Plase eliminate the do not stun with rage because the game loses all the grace of survivor and Jason it's very easy to kill the lobby.
  3. When Jason is in Rage mode, he can bust doors and walls instantly. But should an angry Jason be able to get up from stun mode quicker?
  4. COUNSELORS (Teenagers) SHOULD FEAR JASON We all know that our dear Jason has become a barbie no one is afraid of him anymore, nowadays if u are playing as Jason, and in case u are against some experienced players of counselor this is what will happen. 1.Counselors will be provided with an absurd amount of medical kit and stun weapons. 2. Escaping will be a secondary goal to them and Trolling Jason will be the main goal. 3. Jason will be stuned SEVERAL TIMES, over and over again, seconds after the last stun and will continue without stopping. 4. Meanwhile, the counselors will be using the "wonderful new emotes", to dance and troll Jason while he is stunned. 5. In the middle of that, arround all those counselors, if u grab someone, u will be punished with more stuns, if u try to kill someone with M1 they will keep healing themselves over and over again. IT'S NOT FUN ANYMORE PLAYING AS JASON Obviously, there's a chance that u play against less experienced players, who don't have the knowledge of how to turn the game into a hell for Jason, and during those matchs the game is actually balanced, people are worried about running away and not forming a gang to kick jason's ass. My ideas is: 1. Drastically reduce the stamina recovery the longer you are close to Jason 2. It's ridiculous that Jason can be stuneds several times in a row should be a waiting time for two consecutives stuns or more, like 15 - 30 seconds. 3. Emotes should cost a lot of stamina, Emotes should be used for communication or in safe places, NOT AROUND JASON, COME ON! 4. After the police arrive, all pocket knives should become unusable, this would avoid trolling on the road, and i rly think that should be an Skill Check to use pocket knifes the difficulty should be according to your "repair stats", characters like Vanessa they already run a lot, pockets knife shouldn't be good with those fast counselours. 5.The gamen need to be more about "hiding and trying to escape from Jason", than "running in circles around him" One more thing, i would like that one dev play as Jason against the best players here in the forum, just to taste hell for a second ? srry about my engrish :~~ No toxic comments pls, i'm just talking and giving suggestions about my opinions, no one is obliged to agree with me, xoxox ;**
  5. TLDR at the end. So I'm sure it has been mentioned countless times since these updates have hit, but I've gotta ask. Why is Jason less dangerous now than the councilors? Why can I get stunlocked, and every person I grab just happens to have a pocket knife? Why aren't pocket knives actually rare? I've been running into players regularly who have more than one, which is awful considering the increased difficulty of actually landing a grab since a previous update. I seem to recall the devs saying over and over that Jason is supposed to be "overpowered" yet the only way he poses any kind of threa now is when someone happens to lack a damn pocket knife and is caught by themself. The only way to play around that is to melee people instead, but unfortunately the hitboxes are all kinds of awful and councilors can both start with and have increased healing from med sprays, which should also be rare. The med sprays only matter if you manage to damage someone, because the odds are higher that you'll simply get stunned over and over, even in combat stance. Before posting this I played a match where I was literally stunned every single time I got hit and every person I grabbed had a knife.; actually, in the last 4 games I've played as Jason, only a single person I grabbed didn't have a pocket knife. As for melee in general, Jason's mask can be knocked off very quick by melee characters with the right perks, and if a decent group sticks together and has the sweater, it's incredibly unlikely that you can play against it. Between the stuns, horrid hitbox, the inability to use sweeping attacks to hit multiple people, and the fact that you can get ganged up on without any repercussions as a councilor (because the poor decision to remove friendly fire was made) it's near impossible to play against a group of people unless they're absolutely awful. Now you might say that Jason shouldn't go after a group, but when all of the survivors have managed to come together, you're left with no choice. The game is so in favor of councilor now that I've lost almost all enjoyment for playing Jason. The main draw of this game is Jason and to kill or be killed as him, so I can't help but wonder why the hard earned money I spent backing this game by buying the underwhelming Steelbook edition and DLCs went towards decisions that made Jason so laughably weak? Don't get me wrong, it's possible to do very well as Jason, but if you're playing against a good group of individuals or even a very average group that sticks together, chances are high that you won't accomplish much. I'll keep playing the game, but I definitely won't have Jason as my preferred spawn anymore. The short version is that the game is highly in favor of councilors and they have far too many options to utilize against Jason. Pocket knives and med sprays should be rare, and the healing perks are absolutely broken. The ability to stunlock and grief a Jason player is depressingly easy to do and makes him a non-threat so long as you have one or more get out of free cards (pocket knives and healing sprays). Melee in general is too much for councilors, and it's near impossible to play against a half decent group that sticks together and intends on using the sweater strategy. Jason isn't a threat 1v1 in most cases and is simply a joke vs groups, which isn't always avoidable.
  6. Okay, I haven't seen anyone else post this; but I here's how we can fix Jason getting knocked around like a doll. To prevent Jason from being put into an infinite loop of stuns, Jason should get the following buffs. 1. Combat stance will keep Jason from being stunned entirely. However, blocking will negate damage. If Jason is in combat stance, he's obviously ready for a fight. If he's ready to fight, he's obviously ready to take a hit. Currently, the only way to negate stuns is by blocking, but fighting a swarm of counselors and trying to time your blocks and strikes is incredibly difficult. After all, only one good hit is all it takes to knock you down and let everyone else get away. If Jason doesn't block, but is in combat stance, he should still take damage. This way, blocking is still useful, but avoiding being stunned to hell and back will be much easier for Jason. 2. When Jason enters rage mode, the chance to be stunned should be reduced. He's already busting through walls; why would some wrench stop this powerhouse? Some people have suggested that he takes less damage, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. Suggestions are always great. Any other thoughts? After I beat Jason around for a while with extreme ease, I felt like it was kind of sad. Jason is a king of horror, yet some Chad with a wrench is making him look like a bitch? That doesn't sound right to me.
  7. What do you guys think of a game mechanic whereby if a counselor is idling near a downed Jason's upper half, he could reach out and grab their leg, breaking it in the process and knocking them over. At this point he would rise to his feet (like a fast recovery), and the unfortunate counselor would be in limping mode. I think this would make trolling counselors pay dearly for teabagging / dancing over a stunned Jason. All opinions appreciated!
  8. Really looking for some solid advice on the best way to hit jason to stun him. I use bugzy mostly. And I'm pretty good at evading and tricking Jason, and distracting him so other counselors can repair stuff etc. Anyways I seem to only stun him when he's distracted with someone else, or if he grabs someone. Sometimes I spectate other counselors and they are so good at stunning him and hitting them before he gets a chance to grab them. Like they time it so good or something, any tips ? Should I go into combat stance and try to stun him? Reeally need some hitting Jason tips, thank you.
  9. It seems that we only really deal in black and white with this game in terms of some mechanics. Jason is either stunned or he isn't. The following things can "stun" Jason: 1. Melee Weapon hits 2. Firecrackers 3. Shotguns 4. Flare Guns 5. Bear Traps (more of a delay than an actual stun) 6. The Sweater 7. Pocket Knives With counselors, high damage taken leads to a limp. Counselors cannot be "stunned" except by Jason traps (more of a delay, but it deals damage). Essentially, counselors are either fine or they're not. I personally would like to see more varied interactions that could lead to different and interesting strategies. I've mentioned this before, quite awhile back, but I thought I'd get a pulse on what everyone else thinks in this regard. Do you think it would be nice to have varied effects for items and attacks? Here are a couple thoughts I have. Please share yours. I'm curious to see what more minds than one can come up with. 1. Stagger (Melee Weapons/Jason Knives): Melee weapons would have a stun chance and a stagger chance. Just going to throw out some random numbers here: The Branch 20% Stagger chance/20% Stun chance. The percentage roll for RNG would be a single roll. Jason could not be stunned and staggered by the same hit. Stagger would place Jason's kills and abilities (except Rage) on cooldown for X seconds. This would be a delaying effect against Jason. It could give a grabbed counselor time to break free without that instant kill polishing them off; but it would allow Jason to still grab and slash with melee (assuming he wasn't holding a counselor). Jason's throwing knives would have a modest chance to Stagger a counselor (maybe 15%). In this case, the counselor would have their Sprint put on cooldown for a short duration. While Jason would face a Stagger/Stun possibility, counselors would face a Stagger/Slow possibility. 2. Dazzle (fire crackers/flare guns): The crackers and flares could have a disorienting effect. Have the POV of Jason and counselors too close to the receiving end of firecrackers or a flare impact be washed out and skewed (double-vision). Flares could still do a modest amount of damage (for a direct hit) and mark Jason on the map. 3. Slow (Throwing Knives): Small chance (maybe 5%) that a throwing knife impact will Slow a counselor (reducing them to a limp) for a very short time (maybe 3 seconds). Do you all think that we should have different conditions to give more meaning to different items and how they are used?
  10. Ok this isn't a usual OMG Jason grabbed me from across the road stuff (though him grabbing around a doorway while he's stood outside or a couch away from me is a big problem still) its the new Jason grab, when he's holding someone I try to free that person by hitting him yet 3-4 hits later he either: A. Doesn't drop them, kills them B. Does drop them but isn't stunned (even with baseball bat) grabs them immediately again, refer to point A or C C. Grabs me right away, then kills me or D. It very rarely does actually stun him like it used to, like 1 out of 6 times Also there's the fact that weapons seem to be passing through Jason a LOT more than they used to he raged through a door I was waiting to the side, swung my bat it went through him, 3 times this has happened and my friend who was Jason at the time even agreed with me that it did happen. I do like it now that you can't be hit hit entering a window nor can Jason be hit through a door nice changes, but the above complaint, is this a bug or is that just how its meant to be now?
  11. Anyone else notice hitting Jason has become less useful since the new patch? I usually run Chad with an epic sucker punch perk, and I had no trouble stunning Jason before. Since the new patch, I've given him a couple whacks with Chad and Tommy with good stun weapons like the axe, wrench, and baseball bat, and it doesn't phase him. He isn't in combat stance either. Is it just me?
  12. I was playing a match and died, bringing me to spectate mode. While spectating I saw a Jason get shot, fall down, then t-bagged. When Jason got up, the person just got away. This isn't the Jason we all know and love, he wouldn't just get up and not do anything about it. Jason is always looking for a kill, and I say, while he's down on the floor from a stun, if he gets up (not all the way; just picking his upper body up) and someone is near him, you could get an E prompt to grab them and do some damage to them or something of the sort. Thoughts?
  13. Waiting by the door for Jason to finally knock down the door to stun him, he usually will not be far enough from the door to get passed him. Visually it looks like there would be enough room to run left or right, but the character model gets stuck. Any way to either physically have Jason maybe stumble a little back to make sure there is room to run, or just look at the collision markers on the sides of each character models? thanks!
  14. Hey there, I would like to suggest to make the soft stun(he is not able to attacking but can walk) of Jason more visible, because i saw sooooooooo many guys allready who shot me in this stage and nothing happend. You are not able to see if he is stunned or not so you waste such a great shot for absolute nothing.
  15. So I dunno if this is a xbox only issue (Might be) but I can never stun Jason at ALL with the tree branch. And I Haven't seen anyone do it either. Is it bugged or do I have the worst luck alive?
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