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Found 3 results

  1. If you could customize your own Jason: 1. What skin would you use knowing that the weapons are limited to the skin? 2. What strengths would you pick? 3. What weaknesses would you pick? 4. Why, Why and Why? Discuss why you chose the skin/weapon you chose, how the strengths make up for your personal weaknesses as a Jason, and how your weaknesses wouldn't affect you much based on your game play. For me it would be---- Skin: Savini - While there is no horizontal weapon movement, I like the longer weapon range on both Part 6 and Savini, even if I don't have Savini IRL. Some say that Savini's custom kills are a little underwhelming put personally, I do not care. Strengths: +Shift - Most important strength in game IMO. I'm also a mediocre shifter and need as many chances as I can get. I love the distance and it works SO WELL with Stalk for those Jukers. +Morph - I love controlling objectives and always knowing what's going on. Morph on top of shift would really help with a quick clean up of capture and kill. No Jason has these two strengths together and I long for it. +Destruction - I love doing my early game prep and destruction not only helps you make cabins unsafe for counselors faster, but it helps you do your prep work of breaking windows and doors in and around the phone cabin and juking spots faster. And who doesn't love getting to hunt down counselors faster? I had a hard time choosing Destruction over sense, traps, and knives, but I think that so long as they are not weaknesses, they are powerful enough not being a liability. Weaknesses: -Defense - My combat stance game is way more than good enough for me to care about lesser chance of blocking and people do not try to kill Jason frequently enough for me to worry about it. I've never been killed as Jason, only one attempt has been made, and it didn't work. -Stun Resistance - Same as above for combat stance. -Run - I used to think that this was a much bigger liability than it actually is, and I'd much rather take this weakness than any of the others as the good shift can make the lack of run easier to compensate for. I can't do -Knives as I like them, I can't do -Sense as I've had people get away and even survive the night that way, and I can't do -Traps since open objectives are accidents waiting to happen. What about you?
  2. Hi guys! I know that Skills´s Strengths bonuses are mentioned in the @Kodiak guide/tips (as the in-game menu) and in several other threads in this forum. However, I did not find answers to the practical details like: measured, quantified, tested and confirmed bonuses and advantages. so...I made this thread because I want to reunite all Skills Strengths/Bonuses and Weaknesses/Disadvantages. At first, I'd like to know specially the difference between a Jason's normal Shift and the J9 / Savini´s that have Shift as one of their strengths/advantage. Do their Shift have more speed or longer range/duration? or both? Traps are easy: Default: 5 traps; Strengths: 7 traps; Weknesses: 3 traps What about the other skills? Did someone tested these or any other Strenghts x Default x Weknesses Skills? ________________________________________ All + STRENGTHS and - WEAKNESSES: +Can Run (self explanatory) -Cant´Run (self explanatory) +Traps: 7 traps -Traps: 3 traps +Morph -Morph +Weapon Strength +Grip Strength -Grip Strength +Throwing Knives +Sense -Sense +Shift -Shift +Water Speed -Water Speed +Destruction +Stalk -Stalk +Stun Resistance -Stun Resistance -Defense -Less HP ____________________________________________________________________________________ If anyone has measured or will measure some of the above differences, please share. I´m counting on your collaboration I´ll be editing this topic as I get the information and I will be completing the descriptions already known, too. Cheers!
  3. I apologize if you consider this a "duplicate topic" but I figure with the new Jason stat information recently released I could post my own new Ideas. Here are my ideas for the remaining DLC killers that could be added and their stats. Part IV: The Final Chapter Weapon: Meat Cleaver +Can Run +Water Speed +Sense Cooldown (Part 7 Jason is the only other Jason with a sense cooldown) -Morph -Defense -Traps (I figured -Destruction would be too annoying so I replaced it with -Traps) Part V: Roy Burns Weapon: Curved Machete(AKA Panga Machete) or Meat Cleaver +Stalk Duration +Sense Duration +Morph -Can't Run -Less Hit Points -Stun Resistance Jason X Weapon: Future Machete +More Hit Points +Weapon Strength +Stun Resistance -Can't Run -Defense (Has more hit points than other Jasons but has a harder time blocking attacks in combat.) -Sense Cooldown Uber Jason Weapon: Upgraded Machete +Defense +Grip Strength +Destruction -Can't Run -Water Speed -Traps Let me know your thoughts. EDIT: I have considered the possibility of Pamela Voorhees being added to the game in the future. While I don't think it is going to happen, I will create what I think her stats should be to give the devs something to think about. Here we go: Pamela Voorhees Weapon: Hunting Knife +Can Sprint: High stamina, but no stamina loss from running. Can toggle walk/run/sprint like counselors can. +Bow and Arrow: Starts with a bow with 4-8 arrows that do more damage than throwing knives and have a longer range. +Former Counselor: This one's a big description. Pamela was a former cook for Camp Crystal Lake. She sabotaged attempts to re-open the camp for years. She has kept some souvenirs from her employment at the camp. She has a keychain with all the keys to the cabins on it. Instead of chopping a door down, she takes a few seconds to try keys on the door until she finds the right one. This takes less time than Jason chopping down a door. If a door is barred from the other side, once Pamela unlocks the door, she opens the door slightly slides her hunting knife through the gap and lifts the bar up. Pamela can also climb through windows, but she takes damage from broken windows the same as counselors, so the player must decide if climbing through a broken window is worth chasing a counselor. Additionally, while Pamela cannot interact with vehicle components and cannot pick up counselor items like keys, health packs, etc., she can drive a vehicle after it has been repaired and started by counselors("Oh hi. What are you doing out in this mess?") for potentially duping counselors with false hope of rescue by other counselors, or for vehicular homicide. Mrs. Voorhees can also pick up all the same weapons that counselors can. While she cannot walk through walls like Jason, she can still chop down walls and doors if she finds an axe or machete. Regardless of what she picks up, she always carries her hunting knife on her belt and cannot lose it. The grab kills would either be contextual to what weapon Pamela was carrying at the time or would always be the hunting knife. -Mortal: Pamela has the fewest hit points of any killer and can die much more easily than others. She still has far more hit points than counselors and her attack speed is as fast as any Jason. -Grip Strength -Rage: Pamela cannot break through walls and doors with her own body like Jason. Pamela must find a machete or axe to cut down doors and walls. She does get a boost to all of her other ability cooldowns though. Just for fun, here's my take on the original boogyman. Michael Myers +Destruction (Chopped down a door in Halloween H20 pretty quickly.) +Grip Strength (Can crush skulls in Halloween 4, 6, and 8.) +Stalk Cooldown (Unlike every Jason with a +Stalk, which is a longer stalk duration, I give Michael something different. His stalk is the average duration, but he can use it more often.) -Can't Run (Obviously) -Defense (He gets hit all the time and doesn't ever really block anything in the movies.) -Stun Resistance (When Michael goes down, he's usually down for a while.)
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