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Found 10 results

  1. Does anybody know if Rydog's Stamina Guide on Steam is still accurate? Here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938559619 Here's what the guide currently looks like: Stamina 10 counselors (Tommy) have 130 Stamina. Stamina 9 counselors (Tiffany, Vanessa) have 125 Stamina. Stamina 8 counselors (Brandon) have 120 Stamina. Stamina 5 counselors (Jenny, Kenny) have 110 Stamina. Stamina 4 counselors (A.J., Adam, Chad) have 100 Stamina. Stamina 3 counselors (Deborah) have 99 Stamina (this is the only one that is a bit weird; the difference between 3 and 4 Stamina seems to be very minor). Stamina 2 counselors (Eric) have 95 Stamina. When updated with the new counselors, I believe it would look like this: Stamina 10 counselors (Tommy) have 130 Stamina. Stamina 9 counselors (Tiffany, Vanessa) have 125 Stamina. Stamina 8 counselors (Brandon) have 120 Stamina. Stamina 7 counselors (Victoria) have 115 Stamina. Stamina 5 counselors (Jenny, Kenny, Fox) have 110 Stamina. Stamina 4 counselors (A.J., Adam, Chad, Mitch, Sheldon) have 100 Stamina. Stamina 3 counselors (Deborah) have 99 Stamina (this is the only one that is a bit weird; the difference between 3 and 4 Stamina seems to be very minor). Stamina 2 counselors (Eric) have 95 Stamina. Assuming Rydog's Stamina Guide is still accurate, would my guess be correct? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  2. Hello Everbody, I’m going to share my experiences with this game and let you know what my ideal fixer counselor is. Please be advised all comments are my opinions only. Please feel free to disagree if you wish. I got this game this past Christmas and I have been playing it almost nonstop ever since then. I have found this game to be incredibly fun to play. After playing for a while though, I have noticed that a lot of players in the public lobbies almost always choose counselors with a low repair skill like Tiffany, Buggzy, and Vanessa. Especially Vanessa. It is a rare day when I don’t see two or three Vanessas in a public lobby. I remember one time when I saw six Vanessas in the same lobby. I know Vanessa is a speed demon and that’s why she’s popular, however, even though she can repair objectives, she’s lousy at it. A lot of times, the Vanessa players don’t even bother to repair the objectives. In most cases, they’re courteous enough to pick up a part like the battery and drop it so you can see it on the map. But then they just leave it there and the part just sits there, gathering dust. In my opinion, repairing the objectives is one of the major goals of the game. If you don’t do that or at least try to do that, you’re giving Jason a huge advantage. Somebody has to do the repairs and that’s why I choose to be a fixer counselor. I believe there is only one ideal fixer counselor and I’m going to explain my reasoning. First, according to my standards, in order to qualify as a fixer counselor, one needs a six or higher repair score. That gives us the following: Deborah, Eric, Mitch, AJ, Adam, and Fox. Now, I’m going to engage in some gender discrimination and kick the males off the list, leaving us with Deborah, AJ, and Fox. The reason being is because none of the men can use the sweater and I always like to have that option on the table. One of the sweetest things I can hear over the walkie is a Tommy Jarvis player saying, “I’ve found Jason’s shack! Who wants to kill him?” I always respond by saying, “Dude, I am so there!” The next quality I believe is important in a fixer counselor is stamina. In my opinion, stamina is like a life bar. If Jason is chasing you and you run out of stamina, you’re dead. It’s that simple. Because of that, Fox would be my ideal fixer counselor with a stamina score of five. My second choice would be AJ with her score of four and of course, my third would be Deborah with her score of three. Now this is not to imply that AJ and Deborah are bad fixer counselors. They are not. AJ has incredible stealth with a score of ten and I’ve had a lot of success sneaking her around the map fixing objectives. Deborah is the absolute queen of repair with a score of ten. I’ve repaired objectives with her in less than five seconds. However, I believe that Fox is the best of the three because of her stamina score. Now a word about perks. If you choose to be a fixer counselor, I believe there are two absolute must have perks. The first is Thick Skinned. Imagine that perk as a suit of armor. It will allow you to tank traps, jump through broken windows, and endure Jason’s knives and slashing attacks with minimal damage. I have an epic Thick Skinned perk with a twenty percent bonus and I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it. The second is Marathon. Because fixer counselors generally have low stamina, this perk is like a bar of gold to them. I have a rare Marathon perk with a twelve percent bonus. According to Rydog’s calculation in his excellent counselor stats report – please Google it if you wish read it – equipping my Marathon perk on Fox raises her stamina score from a five to an eight, making it equivalent to Buggzy. On AJ, it raises hers from a four to a six. On Deborah, it raises her from a score of three to five. The third perk is optional. Right now, I’m using Preparedness because I like to know where all the objectives are right off the bat. However, picking a perk like Medic or Nerves of Steel would be good choices too. That’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think
  3. There were an interesting couple of questions that came to me recently. What are your thoughts?
  4. Hello, (I did not see a thread started, relating to what strategies are used for Jason since we all know he needs a buff or a downgrade from counselors) Strategy #1: Be honest...Do you Slash? How do you go about slashing your victims? Placing traps? Taking out Power? Throwing Knives? Strategy #2: Stalker...How often do you use it? Do you do the norm, placing traps, powerboxes, and throwing knives? How do you use stalk? Morph ahead of counselor and wait? let them run farther ahead, activate stalk then shift? Morph to...per say the phone? Activate stalk immediately and wait until they leave the cabin? Strategy #3: The Norm...or just kill people to relieve stress Strategy #4: Shifter...I would love to see someone actually get great grab kills after shifting nowa days. Do you have your own strategy that I didn't put down? (There is probably multiple) I usually mix Strategy #2 and #3. I love using Stalk to my advantage but I love making little kids scream and rage quit once I kill them. How do you go about juking? Will you slash until they are limping? Do you just get pissed and slash kill? Do you run away *wuss*?
  5. I'll start by saying that pre patch, there was NO doubt in my mind that the best Jasons were the ones who had the better shift and not running ability. Post patch, however, I have had a lot more success with running Jasons. Here's why: Morph With the pre patch grab, it was very easy to catch up to people and grab them. Now it is much more difficult because of the nerfs. Weirdly enough, I think the slower shift is better in many respects because it keeps pace with the counselors and burns stamina. The better morphs will shoot you straight past them and make it difficult to set up a kill. Discussion I still have a lot of room to improve as Jason, but I was wondering what you all thought of this. I'm pretty lost with the undead four haha.
  6. My suggestion is that the player has the ability to choose when to use the walkie-talkie. Perhaps a button could be mapped that would switch the player from the local in-game chat, to the walkie-talkie chat. Three reasons why i believe this should exist: 1) If players arent playing the objective and are just having fun, making jokes, and being loud on voice chat. This play style is totally fine with me, but it would be nice to choose if I want to listen to it through the walkie-talkie for the remainder of my game. 2) Sometimes it can be very overwhelming when you pick up the walkie-talkie and 6 other people are all screaming and you cant hear the game itself. There are a lot of audio cues in this game and sometimes the chat audio overpowers them. 3) My last and most important reason for the purposed change to the walkie-talkie system deals with the proximity chat function of the game. It can be very confusing when you have a walkie-talkie and the player you've teamed up with does not. Trying to stratigize with someone locally and not confuse the person across the map on their walkie-talkie (or vice versa) can confusing and frusterating. Furthermore it can be difficult to hear the person your working with locally if people on the walkie-talkie chat are being loud. Also, while this is a co-operative game, sometimes its in the best intrest of players to work in smaller groups of two. For example, the boat. If ive been working with another player to get the boat parts, I dont want to have to broadcast to the other players that we have the parts and are about to leave. They rush the boat and we all die lol. Overall i think my biggest argument for the change to the walkie-talkie system is strategy.
  7. I need help to deal with cars. How exactly Jason deals with cars? He can stop cars from behind? Touch a car is enough to stop it? I am frustrated with a technique that is beginning to become popular among car drivers. The counsellors are driving in reverse toward the exit ... When Jason appears, they stop and move forward toward the opposite exit. And repeating this until Jason losts. I have not yet succeeded in stopping the cars in this kind of maneuver. I think It takes a combination of Shift and Morph. But it's been difficult for me to use the morph exactly for the spot I want on the road. Several times Jason appears off the road and I miss valuable seconds. How you have been dealing with this kind of situation? How Jason works against cars? It seems like I'm playing really bad... lol
  8. So I've been in a few games where I was the only person who was not Vanessa. Vanessa is really fast and has excellent Stamina. However Vanessa may as well be wearing a Flashing Siren on the top of her head because almost complete lack of stealth. If she's moving... like... at all... Jason can here her and will find her and anyone she's hanging out with. By herself she is useful. A Team of her is not. At the end of the day you can pick whoever you want... but... maybe let's not all pick Vanessa?
  9. Solium Infernum is without question the best strategy game from 2009, and my personal favorite game of all time. It's a Play By Email turn based strategy game with very original gameplay mechanics. If you like thoughtful strategy games, I can't recommend enough! Taking place in a Dante/Milton version of Hell, you are an archfiend. Hell has been ruled by Lucifer since the fall... Until now. Satan has vanished. Is he dead? Is he hiding? Did he repent? No one knows, and really, no one cares. What matters now is that the Infernal Throne has a vacancy. You plan to claim that throne. However, it won't be as easy as just waltzing up to Pandemonium with a big army and declaring yourself the king. You have rivals. But what makes this game more than just another turn based strategy with a cool skin? How you deal with people. You see, The Devil might be gone, but the Inferno isn't about to descend into anarchy. The Infernal Conclave acts as a kind of demon parliament, and they're running the show in The Dark One's absence. They're also the ones who are going to vote in the next lord of Hell. They have rules every fiend has to follow. You can't just conquer your foes. You need a Vendetta. A reason to attack them The Conclave will recognize. Then you need to actually set the conditions by which you mean to win the Vendetta. This mechanic alone makes the game wholly unique, and it's full of other interesting mechanics. This makes the game play far more Machiavellian than a simple war game. It's all about politics. The artwork is fantastic, (and there's plenty of it) and the flavor text is amazing. Right down to the characterization of the demons as haughty, but deep down regretful monsters. The artifacts are all cool to look at and use. The game really makes you feel like a demon from hell. It takes some getting used to, but I can't recommend this game enough! Please check it out. It's only flaw is the small community that plays it. Help me make it bigger. Check out the game here: http://www.crypticcomet.com/games/SI/Solium_Infernum.html If you need some convincing, check out this incredibly fun to read AAR by RockPaperShotgun here: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/tag/gameboys-from-hell/ I've got some cool stories myself. Join me in the darkness brothers! (And sisters)
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