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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Campers, This is a thread that I have been meaning to do for some time but have not previously got around to it. Many times I have new players ask me for advice in game or I see new players lamenting that there isn't more information given in regards to tutorials and strategies. They get the generic, break windows, trap phone first, trap four-seater, don't play Part 7, et cetera but do not actually hear much in terms of specific strategies for specific situations. What I would like to do with this thread is pick a specific scenario or strategy about once, maybe twice, a week and discuss different approaches to dealing with it. Think of it as a playbook where we can share ideas and specific approaches we use for a given situation. This thread will not be on any one specific topic but something that evolves and changes weekly. CONTENTS LIST (quick links): Juking Ferrying Parts Dealing with Counselors in Cabins Avoiding Spawn Kills Defying the Meta LaChappa versus Deborah Comparison Keys Items - Lost and Found Countering Looping Escape - Risk versus Reward Avoiding Detection Sense Testing Playing Tommy Jarvis Prioritizing Counselor Kills Surviving the Night Advice Using Throwing Knives Jason's Grab / Shift-Grab Advice Maximizing XP Gain Jason - Aggressor versus Controller Counselor Stats Non-Metagame Trapping w/ Jason Stamina Management Perks Advice Doors Open or Closed Effective Counselor Communication Patch 10/25/2017 Mechanics Testing Videos _____________________________________________________________ Counselor Overview: A.J. Mason Counselor Overview: Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson Counselor Overview: Jenny Myers Counselor Overview: Fox Counselor Overview: Chad Kensington Counselor Overview: Tiffany Cox Counselor Overview: Adam Palomino Counselor Overview: Vanessa Jones Counselor Overview: Kenny Riedell Counselor Overview: Deborah Kim Counselor Overview: Eric "J.R." LaChappa Counselor Overview: Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein Counselor Overview: Mitch Floyd Counselor Overview: Victoria Sterling _______________________________________________________________ The Sense Basics You Need to Know Weapon Information from Bomber In Spite of Sense - Making Stealth Work Offline Bots - Training Suggestions for New Jasons _______________________________________________________________ Man Behind the Mask: Part 2 Jason Man Behind the Mask: Part 3 Jason Man Behind the Mask: Part 7 Jason Man Behind the Mask: Savini Jason Man Behind the Mask: Part 6 Jason Man Behind the Mask: Part 4 Jason Man Behind the Mask: Part 9 Jason Man Behind the Mask: Part 8 Jason Man Behind the Mask: Part 5 "Jason" Roy Burns ________________________________________________________________ Sound CUES and VHS Static Info Improved Door Breaking / Phone Trapping by Tommy86 How Fast are the Vehicles? Fixer's Guide to Play Teamwork - Use It Hockey Mask Help - The basics of being effective Forcing Damage w/ Windows (by Tommy86) Block+Grab Combat Strategies (by Tommy86) Block+Knife Combat Strategies (by Tommy86) ________________________________________________________________ FOR MORE INFORMATION : My Mixed Ideas and Feedback Kodiak's Help Thread The Punk Pirate's Guide (Weapons and Combat) VoorheesGt101 Video Guides This first week, I got my inspiration from @Tekdrudge. The topic was regarding shift-grab and if it was skill or luck. See topic here: WEEK 1 - The Juke (let us talk about the fine art of leaving Jason in the dust) Ok, some might say this is self-explanatory. Don't run in straight lines or git gud or some other such nonsense. New players, and some veterans, have issues with avoiding the aforementioned Shift-Grab. People can be pretty salty about it. There are things that will help offset the skill of the players who have mastered this technique. A. Bear in mind perspective/point of view. A Jason approaching from the rear has YOU as a foreground target. Moving in a linear direction away or perpendicular to Jason's perspective makes you an easier target. Counselors that are walking or jogging are easy pickings in these situations and running counselors are not much better off when moving perpendicular to Jason's perspective. Moving away is slightly better when sprinting because you *possibly* can open up enough distance when he comes out to Shift-Grab you - he might miss. Either way these are less desirable techniques in my opinion. B. Closing the distance of YOU as a foreground target is used by a lot of people. They are trying to throw off Jason's perspective and make him overshoot the target by doubling back on their own path. This can work against short-range Shifts, but it is still essentially moving in the same azimuth (from Jason's point of view) and simply closing the distance quickly. A good Jason can still easily snatch you. C. I recommend using a triangle pattern: You change your foreground presence by moving diagonally. This adjusts your range from Jason in the foreground and makes him consider more than one axis of movement (you are not just moving back and forth or left and right). Figure 1: Moving directly away. Probably the worst option. You are only adjusting your position in the same direction of movement as Jason is facing. Figure 2. Moving perpendicular to Jason. Bad (it gets worse the farther you are away because Jason has more time to steer the hit). A simple Shift approach, leading you like in a shooter game, and Jason has you. Figure 3. Better than 1 or 2 because you are closing the distance between Jason and reducing the time to react. Best used on extremely short Shift distances to throw off the Jason player. It is OK. DO NOT TRY AGAINST A LONG SHIFT. You're just making it easy for shift ninja Jason in my opinion. Figure 4. This is what I do. I change my position both in the foreground and laterally. I move primarily in diagonals and they are strung together in a quick series of adjustments. Don't run any one leg more than a second or so. After the end of two diagonal movements you make a break (horizontal seems best). I would recommend breaking back towards the original center-line for your axis of advance (complete the triangle). This will often throw off Jason's Shift approach and get you out of the grab swath. Remember you can also invert and/or reverse this tactic to make your counselor very unpredictable for a Shift-grabbing Jason. Additional Info: Juking on rough terrain benefits the counselor. Jason has a tendency to get hung up on rocks, trees, building corners, and just about anything else. As you are running/jogging be expecting the Shift and thinking about which way to initiate your juke to put the most obstacles between you and Jason while keeping up your erratic evasion.
  2. When I first started playing Friday The 13th. I used Part 8 Jason. I was too OP with him, so I switched to Part 3 Jason. Still too OP. Then I took a look at Part 4, and I knew right then and there that getting 8/8 with him against coordinated, experienced counselors will be the toughest challenge in the entire game. So I started playing Part 4 and started coming up with some strategies. One thing with this Jason, is that you have to kill as fast as you can. You are literally racing against the clock when playing Part 4. This by far has to be the most stressful Jason to play as. With this Jason you have to rely on your wits more than any other Jason. These strats can help sure, but each game is going to be different, the flow of the match is going to be different. If you want to reach that 8/8 you must be able to read a situation quickly and determine the best plan of action quickly. Use your abilities, wisely especially your shift. First, do not bend over for other players, don’t let them talk you into a cage. I used to do this I will admit but, after awhile I just said f*ck those players. They’ll say you’re bad for slashing, you’re bad for spawn killing, you’re bad for just grabbing. They’ll say all types of stupid sh*t just to box you up, Jason was never one to bend over for counselors so you shouldn’t either. Also, especially as part 4 Jason who has weapon strength, slashing is one of the most essential things you must do. If slashing was so bad the devs wouldn’t have put it into the game. Counselors sometimes will put you in situations where you HAVE to slash. Second, as we all know, this Jason has the worst objective control. First reason why, is that you only have three traps, and you cannot waste them. Use traps as like surveillance cameras and keep tabs on them by looking at your map from time to time. Once a counselor steps in one and heals real quick, you cannot get it back. So you must use them correctly. Here’s a method I’ve developed. At the beginning of the game, DON’T morph to the fuse box, instead Morph to a car. However if the car and the fuse box are right next to each other then it doesn’t matter. However if that is not the case, morph to a car. Here is why you don’t morph to the fuse box as P4 immediately. All it takes is 2 sneaky a•• Deborahs to find the battery, gas and keys in like the first few minutes of the game. I’ve had a game where I waited about 30 secs to morph to the car and the gas and battery was already in the car. It is easier to find the gas, battery, & keys than to find a single fuse in my experience. Unlike the fuse, the keys, gas, and battery can spawn in the houses right next to the car. And in my experience people have repaired at least one car first before they repair the fuse most of the time. So, here’s what I do. Immediately morph to a car, and if there’s a counselor. Chase them away from the area (or kill them if you can) before you place the trap. If you can’t kill them it’s fine. Chase them away from the objective so they end up switching ways on how they want to escape. Leaving that car ignored for the time being. Place a trap, at the GAS and not the battery. Afterwards, make sure to morph to the phone and trap it. Chase away or kill any counselors nearby. Also make sure to gather throwing knives. Afterwards, morph to the final car. Trap the battery. Here’s why for the first car you trap the gas and for the second you trap the battery. Let’s say, someone messes up on the mini game while trying to repair the car, if you were to trap both cars same way, then you would have to guess which car is being worked on and if you guess the wrong one, you waste time and morph. With this way of trapping, if you hear the someone messing with the battery then you will immediately know which car it is, the first car because you only trapped the gas there and not the battery. This is called car baiting. I’m the only person I know who does this. If a car does get started and the driver is a good driver, good luck chasing them with that slow a•• shift lmao. P.S if you see a Deborah or any other counselor who can repair easily. Target them. I’ll finish Part 2 of this post soon. Please give feedback on this.
  3. Out of curiosity, I was wondering what perks everyone likes to use? Why do you recommend those? I have been using Preparedness to start with a map, thick skinned, and my third one allows for quicker strikes. I typically use Deborah as I like to repair things for the group and her stealth is decent, although according to Rydog's guide stealth is pretty much insignificant except for eliminating sound pings when running. Considering switching to AJ though. Still using swift attack and thick skinned. Might try to use something to improve fixing with her or stun length. Does anyone have any character and perk preferences or recommendations? Which Jason do you frequently run and what strategies do you use?
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