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Found 1 result

  1. I don't know about you, but there are only two people in my ‘real life’ who know or care about this game. So when something cool happens, after we tell each other the story, it pretty much dies with us. I wanted a place where all of us could brag about moments around this game that we're particularly proud of to people who would care and respond. I have two teenage sons. In anticipation of this game, I showed them the first eight movies as a bonding experience and a point of reference for the themes and characters we would see in the games. Now that the game is out, we spend time together taking turns playing a few rounds each on our respective accounts. Recently, while I was getting dinner ready in another room, I overheard sustained chatter from one of the boys during his rounds. The more I listened in, the more I realized that he was carefully explaining game mechanics and tips to new players, and leading a small team around the camp, trying to accomplish objectives and stay away from Jason. His instructions were respectful, clear, and understandable, and people were truly following along and benefiting from what he had to say. He even dropped in a little bit of movie trivia related to what was onscreen. I'm proud of my kids in general, for a variety of reasons, but it grabbed my heart to hear my son as a real person, outside of the context of our relationship. To hear him effectively settle into a leadership role, show empathy for those without experience, and hold everyone's attention and focus all while a maniac was on the loose…it made me swell up with pride. Does anyone else have a story from the game that they're proud of and want to share? Note: I'm hoping this can be a space for positivity. I get that there are frustrating moments but I hope those will be shared elsewhere. Additional Note: embellishments are welcome, but if they're flimsy we'll call you on it.