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Found 1 result

  1. While watching Randy play in the stream in the other night. He would mention things would always be open to changes. But whenever he directly addressed the nature of Jason play lately. His opinion is that Jason really hasn't been nerfed, but the counselors have just gotten better, which has made it harder for Jason to have easier games. I just wonder if anybody agrees with that logic? While it may be true for the seasoned counselor players. How does that explain why Jason players haven't counter improved against even new counselors? Seasoned Jason players or even noobs for that matter? While he did mention it comes down to the skill level of the players. It just begs to question. There was literally one point in the stream where a Tommy and Chad were outright trolling Jason. Tommy was literally running right around and right on top of Jason and he couldn't grab the Tommy directly in front of him. Randy kept saying the mistake the Jason player was making was relying on grab constantly and instead he should've used his melee weapon. Melee isn't all that reliable either, especially up against objects, walls, etc. He would talk about how his prior grab range was actually a bug that was fixed. Same for trap stacking not being intentional. While I've never cared or argued one way or the other for trap stacking. I'm surprised given the evidence was right in front of him of Jason whiffing Tommy directly in front of him now that he thought melee would be the obvious and easy counter. I don't want to be a jerk and question his skill set of the game. I just hope the overall dev team sees more. Also, if there is a topic about that stream the other night, feel free to close this.
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