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Found 6 results

  1. Despite the recent nerfs to Jason and buffs to the counselors, I still find the online component of this game enjoyable to play. Yes, having Jason's grab and melee range buffed again would be nice, but until that happy day comes a change in tactics is required to effectively play the game as Jason, and frankly, it's a change that actually makes you feel even more like everyone's favorite hockey mask-wearing killer...using stealth and, above all else, patience to take counselors down. Abilities such as sense and stalk are often used by Jason players, but they use them more as blunt hammers as opposed to a surgeon's scalpel. Using your abilities in conjunction with a little bit of deviousness can yield great results. For example, last night I was playing Jason on the Packanack map. I turned on sense and saw that on the other side of the lodge were two counselors on the porch. I activated stalk, walked into the lodge, hid out against the wall opposite of the counselors and just waited. Eventually, their two glowing red silhouettes made their way over to the window by me, and I continued to wait until the 1st counselor opened the window and began his climbing animation, at which point he was committed. Then I just walked right over and grabbed him - actually making him scream and surprise in the process, which was great - and then tossed his ass right out through the same window he had just crawled in through. It was immensely satisfying, and it was probably similar to how such a scene would have played out in a Friday the 13th movie. Yes, Jason has been weakened unfairly, but at the same time I don't think a lot of players are using his abilities to their maximum potential. Instead of just barreling after counselors right out in the open, experiment with being sneaky and patient. That match consisted of a bunch of counselors that stuck together, and I still managed get 6 out of 8 kills. Anyone have a story about a particularly sneaky kill that they've managed to pull off as Jason?
  2. IIt's been a month since I made a thread about this, I wanted to update it, since I've seen a few threads about it. Now before I get told to use the search button, the recent threads have been sent to my old thread It's been weeks since someone has said anything. So no point in using that one or sending others to it. I've made a few threads before this one talking about buffing or changing the stat, I got a few good ideas to give the stat other affects, much like luck. I'd like to see the stat get a few changes to bring it more value late game. I'd like to see what others think about. Any ideas are welcomed. This would be after Jason gets changed.
  3. I mean, it becomes usless after jason gets sense literally 50 seconds after the round starts. I feel that high stealth characters should have a really high chance to not be seen at all on sense.
  4. Stealth has no impact in the game. On paper it sounds helpful. But it really isn't. If you didn't know, stealth reduces how much noise a counselor makes, and reduces the white blimps that Jason can see. I used to play AJ, since I like her ninja playstyle. I had an epic for Lightfoot, and I still saw my icon make a white blimp. The stat is not consistent, I always make white blimps when I'm jogging, jogging, not running. AJ and Tiffany have the highest stealth, but are considered to be one of the worst counselors. Why? Because they have to much invested into stealth. "You can juke Jason with stealth." Ok but as Tiffany, which will still not help you. There is no juking in this game. The stealth stat needs to be looked at. Give it another benefit. As it is, stealth is one of the most lackluster stats.
  5. I was wondering for quite a while on how stealth effects indoor stealth. When I first play Jason I went around Cabins and one of them lit up red with sense. I went inside to check who was in there but I see nobody. Then A.J. Mason stupidly says "DON'T FIND ME" really loud, was already too late and I caught her. I really hope they make them whisper instead of blatantly being loud. Second thought is, does stealth effect the Cabin lighting up? I mean I personally don't feel a difference. I mean if Cabins require your sense to come closer because there's a high stealth character then that brings stealth a new level. Maybe because stealth is maxed Jason has to come inside with sense to order to realize somebodies here. But if there's a very unstealthy Councillor with them the stealth is ruined.
  6. So here's the thing,i like Harry Manfredini music,he did a fantastic job,but because of the fact that a music play each time Jason is in the proximity of a player,it makes it impossible for the player controlling Jason to be stealthy or truly surprise counselors. As soon as that music is heard peoples are instantly warned of Jason presence nearby. So the solution would be to ask peoples in a lobby to turn off their music volume before starting a match. Just imagine this kind of situation,a counselor go inside the Higgins house and check around,that player suddenly hear footsteps above,but is not sure if it's another player or Jason (of course it's Jason waiting patiently for a player to show up),so that person goes up and get surprised by Jason and get caught. Now at the same time this happen another counselor is moving toward Higgins House when he/she suddenly see the other counselor being thrown trough the 2nd floor window from inside,the counselor is surprised and now know that Jason is inside that house. Now you see,that's much more interesting and tense for a scenario compared to players constantly being alerted when Jason is nearby. So like i said,turn off the music for the best of experience.