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Found 3 results

  1. Why everyone thinks Luck is only useful for weapon durability? Luck is a stat which replenishes Stamina after both trying to fight Jason or break free from his grab. So, it can help a lot counselors that lack Stamina to survive. With that in mind, it must be used together with another stat when thinking which action you will use more. Chad Kensington Chad for example, has high Speed and low Composure. His low Composure is not a good option because the probability of breaking free is much worse. His preferred actions are: fight and stun Jason with weapons, so he can run more from Jason. Jenny Myers Jenny has high Composure, average Stamina and good Stealth. So, by being catched by Jason's Grab, she can break free easily and use the Luck boost to run from him as fast as she can and try to hide. Be sure you get caught in a tight place so Jason cannot kill you instantly. Even though it helps, she does not need to fight Jason that much compared to Chad. Edit: I recommend using combat in open areas. Breaking free from his Grab (no Choke/Head Punch kill) as Jenny is for tight cabins. Luck has much more uses outside weapon durability. You Just have to use it right.
  2. So today I got on the game today to see my thick skinned perk specifically had been altered. I could be wrong but I haven't seen an announcement anywhere for this, and I admit I'm not satisfied as it was completely unexpected. But more importantly my thick skinned was 43% and its been reduced to 18% now. I would just like to know if there is any news on this? I asked on twitter and I was told it was a bug they are looking into seemingly. Despite that, I find it very hard to believe. So is there any news? I'm not looking for an opinion of it being OP or something like that but genuine news as I don't know what's going on, I plan to stop playing this game if developers cant compensate with CP or be consistent. I spent lots of CP that I wouldn't have trying to get specific perks to fit a style and if that combo now becomes useless I would at least like CP to help me pick myself up in a new style. I definitely wont be sticking if this isn't resolved properly somehow or it happens again. I don't mind them having to balance things out if that's what they feel but take into consideration the game has far bigger issues and at least try to compensate players who wasted CP potentially when they could have bought fun Jason kills. Well I will come back, but I am incredibly dissatisfied to say the least. Once again on the twitter they seemed to have implied its an issue that they are looking into. So any news?
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