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Found 3 results

  1. (This is from my perspective after death) Jason (@malloymk) is chasing Tommy ( @Cokeyskunk), who hides under a bed. Jason comes in and bashes the bed, which should count as a Seek and Destroy kill. Instead, @Cokeyskunk is removed from the match and forced into spectator mode. All of this, and Jason is NOT credited the kill, as well as stuck in place until someone came to hit him (cut for time). @ShiftySamurai, @[IllFonic]Courier, @GunMedia_Ben, have any of you come across this? @AdmiralJT He didn't leave. He was instantly forced into spectator mode, as if he came into an active match, instead of the normal after death spectator view. He was heard by us after "death", with no leaving in between. @Alien_Number_Six That one has been happening a LOT lately. @Alien_Number_Six (again)... Maybe. It's weird because, when you watch it, you see Tommy go flying as soon as Jasons animation begins, before contact with the bed is ever made. Even so, why would it kick him as if he left and came back INSTANTANEOUSLY, with no left/joined messages in between or silent spells? He was in the room talking as soon as he died, so it never kicked him out, yet put him in the wrong spectators viewing screen. THAT is the bigger mystery than the death itself.
  2. Spectating sucks! This is less suggestions and more feedback. Here's some reasons why spectating sucks: It can be boring as shit There is absolutely nothing to do but spectate You can't even customize your counselors or select Jason kills If you're not in a game with friends or people with mics, chat options are pretty limited Folks have been quitting after dying to find a new game The XP is not enough incentive Again- you're forced to do nothing but spectate Here's a list of random shit I've done to kill time while spectating: Put laundry in the wash Put laundry in the dryer Folded said laundry Killed time on my iPad Went outside Read the forums Checked Facebook Read the news Ate too many potato chips Contemplated existence Nothing My point: This is only week 1 and I'm bored/tired/sick of spectating. I know I'm not the only one. Someone wants me to play Jason 1000 times for a trophy but sit at my PS4 doing nothing for an incredibly ridiculous amount of time to even consider it. If the game requires some external companion for entertainment than it has a real, potentially gamebreaking (or at least playerbase killing) issue. The developers need to look for suggestions- reach out to the community or find suggestions and solutions internally. This is definitely something that will have a negative impact on the game going forward if it's not addressed promptly.
  3. We can all agree that sometimes spectating is not an exciting, nor interesting, place to be. So we all want or need something more. I was thus stricken with an idea, because what is Friday the 13th? A classic 80's hit. The entire franchise IS the 80s. What about an "Arcade" mode you can click on if you're bored? Now I'm not talking full length impressive super amazing games. I'm talking minigames that are like Atari/NES level at best. Perhaps even make it so players can pick up extra experience from playing?
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