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Found 5 results

  1. I looked at the games soundtrack and it lists the following songs apart of it... He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) Friday The 13th XIII Live Before I Die Killer Summer of Heat (feat. Kristine) He's Back (The Man Behind The Mark) obviously plays during the credits and all of the other songs plays on the radio while in-game when those are turned on and switching through songs, however, for some reason Killer is not apart of that playlist. For the record I play on the PS4 and have no idea if that song does play on PC or Xbox. I have seen people say that Killer is indeed apart of the playlist for the in-game radio but never actually heard it play while in the game myself. Apart from the four songs listed above the other random song is simply an instrumental part of a song(no idea what it's called) with guitar/bass and drums playing from what I can tell. I actually made a video with the song in question... I'm really hoping that this song can actually be added apart of the in-game radios playlist because it is such a good song and is perfect for this game.
  2. Scary as hell!!! I loved it! Edit: A channel on YouTube finally uploaded the whole sound!
  3. Hey all - which of these is your favorite tune from the Friday the 13th franchise and why? Hell, pick more than one - I left it multiple options. I stuck to the Paramount franchise because it was easier, but feel free to fill in a post-Part VIII track if you want. there's a ton of greats, and some... not so greats. Some are awesome only because of the scene they are in... I doubt anyone is still rushing out to get songs from FM or Stan Meissner (although "Darkest Side of the Night" is pretty damn cool). For me it's a toss up between "The Friday the 13th Theme" and "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" - those Alice Cooper songs in Part VI are just iconic... I could have picked any of them, but this one is the best. That video! Jason is only in clips but...Alice's costume! And come on.. the disco theme? Try to lie and say you didn't boogie to that number when you were a kid (or an adult - no shame!). Of course, you know I love "His Eyes"... the scene is my friggin avatar... I'll add that too.
  4. The music score when Jason is nearby an counselor is awesome in each model. (When I play as counselor) But why does the JGTH model have the same music as Part 3? Shouldn't Part 9 have an unique theme?
  5. Hello, everyone! I'm sorry if this is a silly question that's been answered a bunch of times in the past, but... how am I able to access the digital artbook and soundtrack? (I received the wallpaper packs just fine.) I pledged at a tier that should've provided me with these items, but I can't find them on Kickstarter or Backerkit. Thanks a lot, M. Sorge
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