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Found 2 results

  1. I suggest to put sounds for some emotes as for example "cry" emote. I think sounds can make them funnier.
  2. So I'd woken up this morning with the strongest urge to play F13 xD it was oddly a "Gotta get up and play" kind of moment before I remembered we are still waiting for it. The enjoyment of the music the chills the opening sounds provide, and somehow I got to thinking aside from that I'd noticed a lack of ambient noise in the game. In the movies at night you have moments where it's almost eerily still, and other moments where you can hear crickets and cicadas off in the distance. They're pretty prominent in the loading screens, but during game play, even if you're holding still you can't hear them. The virtual cabin you can hear the occasional screech of an owl, the crackle of the fireplace and those thoughts really gave me an idea to suggest; why not have more ambiance to the game? *Outside maybe make the sounds of the surrounding insect and wildlife a little more prominent. Not really enough to outplay the music, but kind of to enhance the idea. When I watched one of the beta plays, the player turned off the music to intensify his experience by not hearing Jason's nearby music. That was when I noticed outside of the sounds of the players grunts and footsteps and of Jason and his abilities, there was really a lack of sound in the background. Maybe add a filter to increase or decrease the sounds of nature to help accentuate the music some! *Indoors could have a lot of possibilities, the fireplaces still crackle, but if you step in a cabin that doesn't have one, you have the same silence. Maybe add a floor creak or two, or the sound of a coo-coo clock or grandfather clock chiming or a door squeak as you open it. If you enter a bathroom or tiled floor area, maybe have the sound of shoes squeaking. As I said these are minor ideas, things that could possibly work for the game after release, I know the major content needs to come first and I am looking forward to playing the hell out of it. I just add in occasionally the ideas that could accentuate the game, minor things that could make it even more fun and immersive to play.
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