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Found 6 results

  1. As we know, the only music the player playing as Jason gets to hear is Part 3's music. This is a bit of a problem since each Jason has it's own theme music, including the NES Skin of Part 3. Considering how many people play offline for extended periods of time, it would be nice to make it so that the player who is using Jason could hear the correct music.
  2. Can anyone tell me if this in an intended feature or a bug I am seeing on PC? When I have a walkie talkie and I am inside a cabin and another player with a walkie talks I hear their voice, but it sounds like they are in a giant room and there is a big echo/Reverb sound effect on their voice. As soon as I am outside their voices sound fine, but when inside I hear this effect. It does not happen if another player inside my cabin does not have a walkie. Their voice comes through normal. Is this a bug or is this just how the game works on pc? Is anyone else seeing this issue?
  3. Play as Jason is always fun but hearing Pamelas voice can get played out. there should be an option to turn her voice off who else agrees?
  4. Hey there, I've noticed it a lot this week especially that all the females share a lot of AJ's voice lines, especially when being killed, find a dead body or randomly during a match. Is this a known issue to the devs? Has anyone else noticed this error on PC? It's quite annoying when you're Fox or Vanessa for example. Would be great if this bug can be fixed in due course.
  5. so i have a brand new Ibuypower PC and i noticed when turning the game on if i want to swap my game sound from speakers back to headset, I get nothing if i swap it back then i still get no sound. And my headsets a hyper cloud x-2 anyone else having this issue ? I don't want restart my game just to have sound
  6. I really enjoy that this game is using sounds to indicate what's going on for the player but I've not yet found a good summary of what every sound actually does tell you. e.g. The Ki ki ki Ma ma ma, when does that happen and how should you act on it? Or when you fail a step in the mini game for the propellar, does Jason hear/see that somehow via sound or on his map? Anyone care to spread some light in a list form for the sound effects as Jason and as a Counselor? (and don't think, guess or wish, please only reply what you 100% know)
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