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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a specific sound effect file for male and female councilors. You know the sound you hear when Jason is murdering one of your friends in the distance? I'm looking for that sound file. I'm trying to put it into the background of a musical track I'm compiling together for more Friday the 13th the game stuff. I have some vocal files already that work well, but I have no screams, dying sounds, or the kill sounds of bodies turning to broken corpses. If you can help me find any of these it would be helpful. I need clean or semi-clean sound files. Loud music from the game with the sound effects will not help me. Sorry.
  2. I spent some time searching if there was already sound effect focused thread. Didn´t find any, so here it goes. Now that we are getting engine update with better performance i´m sure they can add more sound effects and processing. Tell us your suggestions. What would you add and/or change? Have you encountered buggy or missing sound effect(s)? Share your thoughts. 1) One effect that´s missing is sound of raining on the roof when you are inside a building. 2) When Jason is other side of a wall picking throwing knives or setting traps it sounds too clear, like there´s no wall between at all. The higher the frequency the more it gets attenuated. Counselors screams are more properly muffled when they are heard far away. That´s good, but i suggest that developers would add this muffling effect for other sounds as well. Muffling should get cumulative with increasing amount of obstacles between player camera and sound source. Attenuation should also be depented of the material of the obstacle. Devs coould use real life data if possible. Another example where attenuation would increase realism are sounds heard inside of a car. At the moment sound of wheel rolling on sandy road is too clear. I think it is also same thing with engine sound. 3) The opposite of above would be room gain. Sound pressure rises more in smaller spaces. Example: shotgun bein shot outside vs inside a cabin. 4) When Jason is hitting door with his weapon, it sounds slightly too crispy. Crispiness shoud be toned down a little bit. I´m not suggesting simple bass boost, but some editing for it´s transients. Also there´s no sound when Jason´s weapon first collides with closet door. 5) When Jason first morphs out of his shack and immediately starts walking/running, first few steps are muted. Bigger problem is at stairs where his footsteps are completely muted. I have experienced this only from Jason´s perspective. I don´t know if it affects counselors as well. 6) Simple delay between sound source and player. Example: you happen to witness shotgun getting shot at a distance and then you hear the shot with correct delay. 7) There´s no sound when moving on shallow water.
  3. I really enjoy that this game is using sounds to indicate what's going on for the player but I've not yet found a good summary of what every sound actually does tell you. e.g. The Ki ki ki Ma ma ma, when does that happen and how should you act on it? Or when you fail a step in the mini game for the propellar, does Jason hear/see that somehow via sound or on his map? Anyone care to spread some light in a list form for the sound effects as Jason and as a Counselor? (and don't think, guess or wish, please only reply what you 100% know)
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