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Found 5 results

  1. Not sure if these have been listed but... Would like to see lightening and thunderstorms in multiplayer and not just single. Other weather effects such as wind and snow. Also light or immense fog in areas of the map (or the entire map) either throughout the game or at some point during would be pretty cool. As the night progresses the sky should slowly become lighter as the moon sets. At the end of the match when you "survive the night" you will see the sun start to rise. Different phases of the moon such as crescent, full, or new would also be an interesting addition. Or even a solar or lunar eclupse and super moon. Environment ambient sounds from animals such as crickets, owls, or coyotes. Adding simple animated animals in such as rats, rabbits, squirrels, birds, deer...but this may be asking a bit too much Probably more I cannot think of at the moment but think these would be some nice additions. A few other things that just popped in my head... Create your own counselor but for your skills, you may only select from a pre-made list. A way to shock (stun) Jason with electricity (such as a puddle of water on the ground) Hiding under boat docks as a counselor with jason stabbing you in the head through the planks. A map featuring the ship from part 8...although I'm not sure how this would turn out. Staying alive till the ship reaches Manhattan, escaping via lifeboat, or sending out an SOS (like phoning the cops in any other map).
  2. All I want for Christmas are snow Maps, and a Christmas Jason. Okay, maybe I want a holiday twist on the music, new environmental kills, and a winter clothing DLC. Think of how fun it would be to impale someone with a giant icicle or strangle them with Christmas lights as happy holiday themed Jason music played in the background.
  3. Hi guys, I though it would be a good idea in the build up to Christmas, to have a Christmas theme added to the map and councillors, this could include for the map- Christmas trees with lights, cabins to have Christmas lights , Christmas decorations around camp,snowy weather. One cabin could be done out like Santa's grotto. Councillors could have Christmas jumpers with santa and reindeer,and elfs on, Santa's hats, and hat and glove sets. I think it would be fun and add to the festive season. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  4. With many of the ideas from the movies for maps I had one that I know wasn't in any of the films but would make for some idea. A snow camp. Camp Crystal Lake is covered in a nice blanket of snow and the lake is frozen. The effects would be cool as when campers walked they left foot prints allowing Jason to track campers along with a new way of escaping, snowmobile. The snow mobile will replace the the boat. The snowmobile would be use to cross the lake or the normal way out. Two people could escape on it. And one of the best parts of snow is you'll be able to see blood from the campers who were killed out in the snow making it even better.
  5. With the October movie being cancelled, and the plot points being put out on the internet, I wondered what it would be like if we were put in charge. If your vision for the reboot was to be filmed, how would you go about it? For me, It’s a fine line to walk between what is expected for the franchise and doing stuff just a bit differently. Go too far off the beaten path and we get Jason goes to Hell or Jason X. Stick too close to the originals and have a by-the-numbers film lacking enthusiasm. One of the biggest issues for me is the final girl. When you know who she is a third of the way into the movie, a lot of drama and suspense is taken out of the film. So one of the things I would do is try to make the cast work in such a way that nobody knows who will live or die. That alone should ramp up the suspense even if the plot is simplistic. Jason in this series is already an older teen. We would pick up with Camp Crystal Lake’s owner talking Mrs. Voorhees into working at the camp with him noting Jason could make friends and act like a normal kid for once. Jason would show up a few times but the camera would never have him in frame. Shots from behind, out of focus, far off shots and the like obscure his face. At some point one of the counselors would comment on his ugly appearance and another (our jock sort) would forcibly strap a hockey mask on Jason, who would go along with it because he is trying to fit in. Only now can Jason be seen clearly on film. Soon Jason is talked into taking a canoe ride and here is where things begin to go south. In an subverted homage to the original film a counselor jumps up out of the water, yanking on Jason and tipping him into the water. However as we all know, Jason can’t swim. As a matter of fact he sinks like a stone. The rest of the film would pick up some time after, in the winter, with the teens all dying horribly to an unseen killer. This would play with fan perceptions because they may think it’s Mrs. Voorhees, but also maybe Jason. I mean, we can’t have an F13 film without Jason, right? Also fans have wanted snow for how long now? Our final girl would hopefully be the one you didn’t expect. I’m leaning with the goth chick myself. And we would end with the Mrs. Voorhees vs counselor battle on the frozen lake at the campsite. As expected Pam gets decapitated. The final scene is the girl standing over Pam’s dead body on the lake. then, we get the true homage to the original film. Jason bursts up through the ice, hockey mask and all to drag our final girl under the water with him. Fade to black. Cue sharp Manfredini score.
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